Canlyniadau 1–20 o 32 ar gyfer rwanda speaker:Lord German

Written Answers — Home Office: Asylum: Rwanda (21 Mai 2024)

Lord German: To ask His Majesty's Government, following their press release on 1 May stating that individuals are to be detained for removal to Rwanda in the next nine to 11 weeks, how many such individuals they anticipate will be granted immigration bail in the interim.

Inadmissible Asylum Seekers - Question for Short Debate ( 9 Mai 2024)

Lord German: ...the introduction of the Illegal Migration Bill on 7 March 2023. The Minister will know very well that we on these Benches do not support the Government’s policy on removal of asylum seekers to Rwanda or provisions in the Illegal Migration Act. However, he will be very pleased to know that I do not intend to re-rehearse those arguments today. Today I am seeking answers from the Minister...

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Commons Reason: Motion A (22 Ebr 2024)

Lord German: ...wish. However, the Bill’s outcomes are still to be discussed and debated. The Minister, at least three times during the last three sessions here, said that the Government will not ratify the UK-Rwanda treaty until “all necessary implementation is in place for both” the UK and Rwanda “to comply with the obligations under the treaty Given the position that this House has taken, it...

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Commons Reasons: Motion A1 (as an amendment to Motion A) (22 Ebr 2024)

Lord German: ..., because the reasons we are debating and pressing these very important safeguards on this House and on this Parliament are so important. We are asked to declare, in the Bill we are debating, that Rwanda is safe for refugees and asylum seekers. Yet, when asked when the policy on refoulement—the most principal policy that was pointed out by the Supreme Court—is to be put in place, the...

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Commons Reasons: Motion A (17 Ebr 2024)

Lord German: ...the noble and learned Lord, Lord Hope: it provides Parliament and the Government with protection. Parliament, including this House, is provided with protection by the amendment in declaring that Rwanda is a safe country when we do not have the evidence of it being so. The amendment gives us security. Secondly, it provides protection for both present and future Secretaries of State, whose...

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Commons Amendments and Reasons: Motion B1 (as an amendment to Motion B) (16 Ebr 2024)

Lord German: ...and the treaty are in lockstep. They are locked together not only by Clause 1(2) but by the Minister’s claims that the Government could, through “this internationally binding treaty, show that Rwanda is a safe country, and enable the Bill to deem Rwanda a safe country It is quite clear that the treaty and the Bill are in lockstep. Therefore, what we do and say about the treaty is just...

Victims and Prisoners Bill - Committee (8th Day): Amendment 171A (25 Maw 2024)

Lord German: ...such as prisons that human rights protections are most vital, because the individuals are under the control of the state. It would appear, as in the Illegal Migration Act and the safety of Rwanda Bill, that we are beginning to see a testing period for making controversial changes to our human rights framework. It seems to me and those on these Benches that this particular measure is...

Asylum Seekers: Rwanda - Question (21 Maw 2024)

Lord German: My Lords, can the Minister tell the House the size of the cohort that he described and to whom the offer will be made? What will the status be of those people when they arrive in Rwanda, given the present position of the Bill, the treaty and everything else? I draw attention to my interest in the register that I am supported by the RAMP.

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Commons Reasons: Motion E1 (as an amendment to Motion E) (20 Maw 2024)

Lord German: .... We know very well that there are people in this country, including Afghans, who are on a waiting list to have their cases heard. People whose age has yet to be determined should not be sent to Rwanda while they are yet to be confirmed as a child. The Government have agreed that it is wrong to send unaccompanied children to Rwanda. So, if that is the case, they need to be extremely...

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Commons Reasons: Motion B1 (as an amendment to Motion B) (20 Maw 2024)

Lord German: ...right way. These amendments seek to build on a view that this House has already taken. The fact is that the treaty is locked into the Bill and we are being asked to affirm that the treaty has made Rwanda a safe country. That is not the view of this House. This House made a determination that it should not ratify the Bill until such time as the conditions placed by the International...

Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 (Amendment of List of Safe States) Regulations 2024 - Motion to Approve: Amendment to the Motion (19 Maw 2024)

Lord German: ...come in subsequently? We did not get an answer to that question either. I would put it down as an all bar one answer to the queries that we have put so far. We are having this discussion in the Rwanda Bill and these discussions will be ongoing. If this House continues to be without the information upon which we can judge whether the procedure that the Government are adopting is correct,...

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Report (2nd Day): Amendment 40 ( 6 Maw 2024)

Lord German: ...their applications are making no progress. Could the Minister tell us how many people are in that limbo at the moment? Given that we understand that the estimates for numbers that can be removed to Rwanda range from 100 to 150 to a couple of hundred, we need a proper policy explanation from the Government as to how they will deal with these asylum seekers. If you divide the number that is...

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Report (2nd Day): Amendment 33 ( 6 Maw 2024)

Lord German: My Lords, we on these Benches agree that decision-makers and our domestic courts and tribunals are able to properly consider whether Rwanda is safe for an individual or a group of persons. This amendment would restore the proper jurisdiction of our courts and enable them to grant interim relief to claimants, preventing their removal to Rwanda until their cases had been properly considered....

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Report (1st Day): Amendment 22 ( 4 Maw 2024)

Lord German: ..., similar to the third group, demonstrates the risk to individuals where their safety, due to their individual circumstances, cannot be properly considered under the Bill before they are sent to Rwanda. We have had a focus on LGBT, on modern slavery and on Afghans and other people who have served this country. My noble friend Lady Hamwee raised the issue of modern slavery. Undoubtedly,...

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Report (1st Day): Amendment 4 ( 4 Maw 2024)

Lord German: is not in place, we are going to be asked to do that fictionalising thing, which is to change our minds from what we said before—that we need to see those conditions in place before we can see Rwanda as safe—simply because the Bill is before us. This group of amendments recognises that we need to have those conditions in place before the consideration that this House has already...

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Report (1st Day): Amendment 1 ( 4 Maw 2024)

Lord German: ...Human Rights Council put it last Friday, “international standards on the independence of the judiciary are closely linked to the rule of law and the separation of powers. ‘Provisions of the Rwanda Bill could undermine the principles of the separation of powers and the rule of law in the United Kingdom’”. That is sufficient for us to support all these amendments.

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Committee (1st Day): Amendment 4 (12 Chw 2024)

Lord German: ...could have a judicial end if necessary. That was the purpose of this group of amendments. The second half of the group is much more about what we know in order to make that decision about whether Rwanda is safe. We have heard, “Rwanda is safe, but we’re going to make it safer”. We have heard “It will be expedited”, “We are working towards the treaty” and “We are”—as...

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Committee (1st Day): Amendment 4 (12 Chw 2024)

Lord German: ...the current approach is inadequate, a change of attitudes, and effective training and monitoring”. If you read the Supreme Court judgment, you will know what we have to test in order to prove Rwanda’s safety. That is what the committees of this House have been trying to do. This suite of amendments turns it all around. It says that it is the judgment of the Government, which they would...

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Committee (1st Day): Amendment 4 (12 Chw 2024)

Lord German: ...raised in the Committee in the course of group 1 and will be relevant to any changes that we might pursue on Report. In summary, these amendments remove the absolute nature of the declaration that Rwanda is safe; enable the courts to consider the safety issue; require the Secretary of State, not Parliament, to judge when Rwanda is safe; and ensure that all the measures this House has...

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Committee (1st Day): Amendment 1 (12 Chw 2024)

Lord German: ...widely across the whole of Clause 1 in this debate. Of course, what we are here to do is to discuss the specific amendments before us. However, I start with the assertion that this Parliament finds Rwanda safe. I looked up in the Companion to see what the role is of resolutions of this House, and it is the resolution of this House that is the determination of this House—and the...

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