AS ar gyfer hemel hempstead

David Taylor

Llafur MP am Hemel Hempstead ( 5 Gor 2024 – Cyfredol)

Canlyniadau 1–20 o 3900 ar gyfer hemel hempstead

Oeddech chi'n golygu hemel hampstead?

Members Sworn (10 Gor 2024)

Lindsay Hoyle: ..., Hendon Katie Jayne White, Leeds North West Alexander Forbes McIntyre, Gloucester Johanna Baxter, Paisley and Renfrewshire South Christopher Murray, Edinburgh East and Musselburgh David Taylor, Hemel Hempstead David William Smith, North Northumberland James William Naish, Rushcliffe Martin James McCluskey, Inverclyde and Renfrewshire West Patricia Josephine Ferguson, Glasgow West Tracy...

Bill Presented: Delivery Services (Driving Licence Requirements) Bill (15 Mai 2024)

Mike Penning: On a point of order, Mr Speaker. It has been my honour to be the MP for Hemel Hempstead for the past 19 years. Whenever I have had the opportunity, I have always tried to raise and honour the name of Captain Robert Laurence Nairac, George Cross, my captain in the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards. He was lost, or captured—whatever way we want to describe it—on the night of 14 May. We think,...

Illegal Migration Act: Northern Ireland (14 Mai 2024)

Tom Pursglove: This Government will always, always uphold the Union both in letter and in spirit. My right hon. Friend is right to highlight the importance of this issue to his constituents in Hemel Hempstead and the importance of tackling illegal migration head-on. He can be absolutely assured that Home Office Ministers take our responsibilities to the Union incredibly seriously. The fact that I am joined...

Foreign Affairs - Motion to Take Note ( 5 Maw 2024)

Lord Boateng: flee: roughly 2.7 million people have been displaced by coups and armed insurgency in the Sahel. I know what it is to be a displaced person; I am for ever grateful to the people and community of Hemel Hempstead who welcomed me, my mother and my sister when we fled the coup in Ghana in 1966. It is no easy thing. Linked to the 2.7 million displaced people are 1.6 million children who are...

Written Answers — Department for Science, Innovation and Technology: Members: Correspondence (26 Chw 2024)

Mike Penning: To ask the Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology, when she plans to respond to the correspondence from the hon. Member for Hemel Hempstead of 20 July 2023, followed up on 2 August, 25 September, 20 October, 2 November 2023, and 11 January 2024, reference MP79291.

Loan Charge (18 Ion 2024)

Darren Jones: May I start by congratulating the right hon. Members for East Antrim (Sammy Wilson), for Hemel Hempstead (Sir Mike Penning) and the hon. Member for Motherwell and Wishaw (Marion Fellows)—with whom I have worked for many years on the Post Office Horizon scandal—and the hon. Member for Buckingham (Greg Smith), on securing this important debate today? I thank the Backbench Business...

Animal Welfare (Livestock Exports) Bill: Clause 1 - Prohibition of export of livestock for slaughter (15 Ion 2024)

Matt Rodda: the House. I also ask the Government again to support wider measures to improve animal welfare. I commend the work of the hon. Member for Crawley (Henry Smith) and the right hon. Member for Hemel Hempstead (Sir Mike Penning) who just spoke about the possibility of tackling foie gras. Those are serious points, and the hon. Member for Crawley has done excellent work on trophy hunting. I...

Finance Bill: Clause 25 - Rebate on heavy oil and certain bioblends used for heating (10 Ion 2024)

Nigel Huddleston: ...may have tried to expand the debate strictly beyond the scope of the measures we are debating; for understandable reasons, I will stick strictly to the clauses. My right hon. Friend the Member for Hemel Hempstead (Sir Mike Penning) made some important points about ensuring that we take full advantage of the benefits of leaving the European Union. Of course, we have already made progress...

Animal Welfare (Livestock Exports) Bill (18 Rha 2023)

Daniel Zeichner: going to be the end of my kindness for tonight, because what is inescapable is that the Bill is massively diminished in ambition, just like this Government. I say to the right hon. Member for Hemel Hempstead (Sir Mike Penning), who spoke with real passion, conviction and knowledge—I agree with much of what he said—that the issue for the Opposition is that this could all have been...

Infected Blood Inquiry: Government Response (18 Rha 2023)

John Glen: ...(Jeremy Quin) did an enormous amount of work in getting us to today’s statement and to a lot more, which will come to fruition as quickly as possible. But my right hon. Friend the Member for Hemel Hempstead (Sir Mike Penning) is absolutely right: this scandal has lasted almost two generations, and I am determined to do everything I can to bring it to a conclusion.

Written Answers — Department of Health and Social Care: Hospitals: Construction (24 Hyd 2023)

Will Quince: ...Hospital & St Helier Hospital - Whipps Cross University Hospital - Hillingdon Hospital - Princess Alexandra Hospital - North Manchester General Hospital - Leeds General Infirmary - Watford General, Hemel Hempstead and St Albans City Hospitals - Leicester General Hospital, Royal Infirmary, Glenfield Hospital Leicester - Milton Keynes Hospital - St Mary's Hospital, Imperial - Charing Cross...

Access to Musical Education in School - Question for Short Debate (18 Hyd 2023)

Lord Boateng: .... I cannot say those words without naming three: Leonora Rennel, Iris du Pré and Hans Seelig. More than 50 years ago, in the music block of a state school on a council estate of a new town called Hemel Hempstead, they gave me the opportunities that I have enjoyed ever since. They gave me access to music and the capacity to find in it something that has nurtured me, as I know it has all...

Civil Aviation (18 Hyd 2023)

Jesse Norman: ...former colleague, my hon. Friend the Member for East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow (Dr Cameron)—I think that is a useful development in SNP politics. My right hon. Friend the Member for Hemel Hempstead (Sir Mike Penning)—[Interruption.] That is what I said. I said my right hon. Friend the Member for Hemel Hempstead, as the record will show. I was very sorry to hear again about...

Dangerous Drugs (12 Med 2023)

Chris Philp: ...for Wyre Forest (Mark Garnier) said, reducing consumption will reduce the incentive to supply the drug as well. We expect it to be enforced. I pay tribute to my right hon. Friend the Member for Hemel Hempstead (Sir Mike Penning) for his work on the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016. Some Members asked about the action that followed, and I think my right hon. Friend can take pride in the...

Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva ( 7 Med 2023)

Will Quince: Let me start by thanking my right hon. Friend the Member for Hemel Hempstead (Sir Mike Penning) for securing this important debate on FOP and for his powerful and compelling contribution. As he eloquently and articulately set out, FOP is an incredibly rare and truly devastating condition. He is a champion for people living with it and for their families, and I thank him for that. It is...

Hormone Pregnancy Tests ( 7 Med 2023)

Andrew Gwynne: ...Jacob Rees-Mogg), the hon. Members for Strangford (Jim Shannon), for Leigh (James Grundy), for Wolverhampton North East (Jane Stevenson), for Southend West (Anna Firth), the right hon. Member for Hemel Hempstead (Sir Mike Penning) and, last but not least, the hon. Member for Livingston (Hannah Bardell), who leads for the SNP. Parliament has spoken with one voice and Parliament has spoken...

Written Answers — Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities: Members: Correspondence (24 Gor 2023)

Mike Penning: To ask the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, when he plans to respond to the correspondence from the hon. Member for Hemel Hempstead of 20 April 2023, 13 May and 28 June 2023, reference MP79450.

Fishing Industry (29 Meh 2023)

Sheryll Murray: ...our table, I fully support sensible safety measures being introduced. Indeed, working with the previous shipping Minister—I have told him I will mention him—my right hon. Friend the Member for Hemel Hempstead (Sir Mike Penning), we were able to successfully find grant funding for the voluntary introduction of safety stop buttons for deck equipment aboard fishing vessels. I will be...

Local Radio: BBC Proposals (22 Meh 2023)

Mike Penning: ...of my hon. Friend the Member for Waveney (Peter Aldous), and the road was flooded, I would not have known that had I not had BBC Radio Suffolk on. Similarly, if my bins were not collected in Hemel Hempstead this weekend, my hon. Friend’s constituents would not be the slightest bit interested. It is the localism that matters. The motion before the House is not just “We have had a...

Backbench Business (15 Meh 2023)

Victoria Atkins: It is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship, Mr Sharma. I congratulate my right hon. Friend the Member for Hemel Hempstead (Sir Mike Penning) on securing this debate, and I thank him sincerely for the personal experiences that he has brought into it. For what it is worth, I did not know that my right hon. Friend has lived with dyslexia. I have seen him so many times in the Chamber,...

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