Pobl sy'n gweddu Rory Stewart

Rory Stewart

Former Annibynnol MP am Penrith and The Border ( 6 Mai 2010 – 6 Tach 2019)

Canlyniadau 1–20 o 4400 ar gyfer rory stewart

Budget Resolutions - Income Tax (Charge) (11 Maw 2024)

Neil Hudson: ...on this for many years and I pay tribute to all the constituents and campaigners who have worked hard on it, as well as the Department for Transport, National Highways and indeed my predecessor, Rory Stewart, who I know gave a lot of time and attention to it. I pay tribute to him for that. Our region is blessed with a beautiful and thriving landscape and a dedicated hospitality and tourism...

Walking and Cycling: Government Support (20 Chw 2024)

Guy Opperman: ..., we will continue that project, which has my hearty endorsement and support. I come to our approach to rural areas, and I speak as the Member representing the largest constituency in the country. Rory Stewart and I used to have a dispute over whose was larger. I told him that size did not matter, but that Hexham was larger. The long and short of it is that rurality in general is very...

Afghanistan: UK Government Policy — [Dr Rupa Huq in the Chair] (10 Ion 2024)

Tobias Ellwood: ...Bennett, the UN special rapporteur for Afghanistan; Ms Fawzia Koofi, the former Deputy Speaker of the Afghan Parliament; the UK’s former ambassador, Laurie Bristow; General David Petraeus; Rory Stewart; General Sir David Richards; General Sir Nick Carter; and distinguished journalists Christina Lamb and Kathy Gannon all have extensive experience and understanding of Afghanistan. They are...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Media Bill: Clause 48 - Regulation of radio selection services (12 Rha 2023)

John Whittingdale: ...outside it. The effect of the hon. Lady’s proposal would be to bring “The News Agents” within the scope of the framework, because it is produced by Global, but “The Rest is Politics” with Rory Stewart and Mr Campbell would be outside the regulatory framework because it is produced by Goalhanger and is therefore not captured by the measure.

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Topical Questions (13 Meh 2023)

Andrew Mitchell: ...two Ministers will be at that forum to represent our country. She asked about the domestic analysis of the SDGs. There was a voluntary national review in 2019, conducted by our former colleague Rory Stewart. He said that it was a work in progress and we are doing quite well. On the wider SDG point, I hope that the whole House will engage with the White Paper, which can help to inject...

Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Bill - Committee (4th Day): Amendment 172 (11 Mai 2023)

Baroness Foster of Aghadrumsee: ...history, because there has been a lot of rewriting of what has happened in Northern Ireland over the past 35 or 40 years. Just this week, Gerry Adams was reported to have spoken in a podcast to Rory Stewart about the attempted murder of Baroness Margaret Thatcher back in 1984. When he was challenged by Rory Stewart about the violence, Gerry Adams said, “We never went to war, you came to...

Official Development Assistance - Motion to Take Note (15 Rha 2022)

Lord McConnell of Glenscorrodale: ...of sustainable finance and development in country across the global South. In relation to the SDGs, I have one specific question for the Minister. It is now four or five years—in fact, it was Rory Stewart, four or five Development Secretaries back, who made the presentation—since the UK produced a voluntary national review on the sustainable development goals for presentation to the...

Ministerial Code (29 Tach 2022)

Chris Bryant: ...the public do not get to know about it, in many cases until many months afterwards. Thirdly, the Owen Paterson debacle showed that Ministers and their offices do not understand the Commons rules. Rory Stewart, formerly of this parish, argued that his meetings with Mr Paterson were fine because his private office would have advised him if they were a problem, but that office did not spot...

Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Rwanda: Visits Abroad (26 Ebr 2022)

Vicky Ford: In 2017, Rory Stewart visited Rwanda in his capacity as Minister for Africa. Harriet Baldwin, then Minister for Africa, visited in 2019. Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon, Minister for the Commonwealth, visited Rwanda in 2021 and Home Secretary Priti Patel visited in 2022. The UK is looking forward to the Commonwealth Head of Government Meetings in June.

Afghanistan Humanitarian Crisis: UK Response ( 9 Chw 2022)

Yasmin Qureshi: The former Secretary of State for International Development Rory Stewart said yesterday: “It’s unbelievable that an international coalition which could find 130BN dollars a year for Afghanistan when fighting there, cannot find 5 per cent of that amount to prevent millions of Afghans from starving. The West abandoned Afghanistan to the Taliban in August. Now it is abandoning Afghans to...

Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill - Committee (8th Day): Amendment 212 (15 Tach 2021)

Lord Dubs: ...say, “Send them in and keep them in longer—six months is too short”, but the public are quite sensible and understand what is going on. I can only refer to previous Ministers, David Gauke and Rory Stewart, who both said it was necessary to introduce the presumption against short sentences. I think we can manage to do that. The amendment of my noble friend Lord Ponsonby, as I said,...

Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill - Committee (8th Day): Amendment 210 (15 Tach 2021)

Lord Ramsbotham: ...congratulate the noble Earl, Lord Attlee, and the noble Lord, Lord Hodgson, on their introductions. I am at one with the noble Baroness, Lady Lister, on this issue. When he was Prisons Minister, Rory Stewart once attended a conference on the issue, organised by Nacro, which as the noble Lord, Lord Hodgson, said, has led on this for a long time. Some brave prison governors risk censure by...

Senedd yr Alban: Supporting the People of Afghanistan ( 2 Med 2021)

Jenny Gilruth: ...of the Taliban regime. I will not repeat what he said, but it was particularly vivid and demonstrated the sheer brutality of the Taliban in action. I am glad to hear that members, such as Kaukab Stewart and Bob Doris, are speaking to Afghans in their community, which I think is hugely important. The fear that Afghans must be living with at this moment in time must be unbelievable. On...

Afghanistan - Motion to Take Note (18 Aws 2021)

the Earl of Sandwich: ...and hospitable countries on earth. We tend to see the Taliban as a phalanx, but, in reality, it is a chequered movement, originally of students and mujaheddin, made up of many different groups. As Rory Stewart found on his famous long walk, there is a new regime on the other side of every mountain and, when the dust settles, warlords will continue to dominate—we must wait to see what...

Hedgehogs — [Derek Twigg in the Chair] ( 5 Gor 2021)

Matt Vickers: ...The last time we had the pleasure of a debate on hedgehogs in Parliament was almost six years ago, in November 2015. During that debate, the former Member for Penrith and The Border, the right hon. Rory Stewart, gave a fantastic, impassioned speech on hedgehogs from the Dispatch Box, and the former MP for Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport called for the hedgehog to be made the UK’s national...

1. Cwestiynau i’r Gweinidog Cyfiawnder Cymdeithasol: Carchardai a'r Gwasanaeth Prawf (30 Meh 2021)

Jane Hutt: ...r gwasanaeth prawf. Gwnaethom bwyso am hyn ac fe wnaethom ei uno yn ôl ym mis Rhagfyr 2019 cyn i Loegr wneud hynny. Buom yn gwasgu am hynny; nid oedd yn ein pwerau, ond mae'n rhaid i mi ddweud bod Rory Stewart, y cyn Weinidog, wedi gwasgu am hynny hefyd ac fe wnaethom gyflawni hynny. Ond o ddydd Llun ymlaen, bydd popeth wedi'i uno; mae gennym Wasanaeth Prawf Cenedlaethol, a fydd yn...

Female Offender Strategy - Question (21 Meh 2021)

Lord Browne of Ladyton: My Lords, on the issue of joined-up government, and as Rory Stewart understood, at the heart of the strategy is a recommendation for three cross-government implementation groups to address the complex needs of vulnerable prisoners. One was set up in June 2018 but quietly stood down in 2019. How many of the three recommended groups are in existence today? If none, is it any wonder that the...

Environment Bill - Second Reading ( 7 Meh 2021)

Baroness Jenkin of Kennington: ...and China. A mandatory weekly food waste collection will help to transform our engagement with food and food waste, making people more aware of the amount of food they chuck out. I remember meeting Rory Stewart when he was Defra Minister over six years ago and him enthusiastically advocating for all this. Why does it take so long and when is the long-delayed consultation on mandatory...

Probate Registry Service (10 Tach 2020)

Chris Philp: ...for a commitment from me to work tirelessly to make the necessary improvements, and I am happy to give that categorical commitment this morning. I am grateful to him for not pressing me to make the Rory Stewart kamikaze pledge, but I do commit to doing everything possible to make the improvements. In that spirit, I was going to suggest, before my hon. Friend called the debate, that we meet...

Trade Bill - Committee (6th Day): Amendment 92 (15 Hyd 2020)

Lord Chidgey: ...party, claims his presidential candidature is threatened by human rights abuse and impunity in Uganda. Could this be a test case for this new legislation? The former Foreign Office Minister, Rory Stewart, reflected recently that while on mission in the DRC, where he intended to discuss human rights and the illegal postponing of an election with President Joseph Kabila, the summit passed...

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