Pobl sy'n gweddu Norman tebbit

Lord Tebbit

Former Ceidwadwyr Peer (30 Tach 1991 – 31 Maw 2022)

Mr Norman Tebbit

Former MP am Chingford (18 Meh 1970 – 16 Maw 1992)

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Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill: Examination of Witness (16 Ion 2024)

...we do so it can have quite big dynamic effects—for example, facilitating the better movement of people in response to opportunity. Such opportunities may be economic. I do not want to sound too Norman Tebbit and say, “Get on your bike.” However, there can be opportunities to go and live next to an aged parent who has suddenly fallen ill, in order to provide better care for them, or...

Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill - Second Reading (21 Chw 2023)

Lord Dobbs: ...suffering. Yet trade union law is about a balance: a balance between rights that are matched by responsibilities. That is why I was proud to play a part in supporting my old friend and former boss Norman Tebbit when, in the 1980s, the Conservative Government reformed trade union laws to bring back that balance between rights and responsibilities. There were five Employment Acts and a Trade...

Cammell Laird Workers Imprisoned in 1984 — [Sir Christopher Chope in the Chair] ( 7 Chw 2023)

Richard Burgon: ...Member of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. I watched what we might call the usual suspects—some of them are in here—sign into the meeting, and then we were very surprised when Norman Tebbit joined our Zoom call. He was full and frank in his disclosure. He said that when he was Secretary of State for Employment for Margaret Thatcher, he received intelligence and information...

Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Bill (24 Mai 2022)

Iain Duncan Smith: ...party has lost a large number of people to terrorism—in the Brighton bombings alone and in other killings. We can see their coats of arms up on the wall in the Chamber. My predecessor, Norman Tebbit, has had a lifelong period of pain. His wife was disabled. She is now dead sadly, God rest her soul, and she put up with a lot as a result of her husband being in politics. The sadness is,...

6. Dadl y Ceidwadwyr Cymreig: Cymunedau Lleol ( 4 Mai 2022)

Mabon ap Gwynfor: ...cymunedau Cymru i lawr, ond, yn hytrach, y syniadaeth neo-ryddfrydol sy'n dra arglwyddiaethu ar eu meddylfryd sydd yn ein gadael ni i lawr. Dyma'r meddylfryd arweiniodd at y Ceidwadwr nodedig, Norman Tebbit, yn dweud, 'Get on your bike', heb gonsérn o fath yn y byd am bobl yn ein cymunedau ni. Yn yr un modd, wrth drafod ail dai a'r ymgyrch 'Hawl i fyw adra', mae aelodau'r blaid Geidwadol...

COP26 and Air Pollution ( 2 Tach 2021)

Barry Sheerman: ...in the best way—the diesel that is put into commercial vehicles with vegetable extracts that make it much less polluting. Indeed, one of the people who has been educating me about that is William Tebbit, son of Norman Tebbit, who many of us remember very fondly. So this is not pie in the sky or wait a long time; this is stuff that we can do now, changing the fuel we are putting in heavy...

Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill [HL] - Second Reading (27 Ion 2020)

Lord McNally: ...are a good example. As a young MP, 40 years ago, the first Adjournment debate I obtained in the other place was on aircraft noise over Stockport. The debate was answered by a junior Minister called Norman Tebbit, who, like the noble Lord, Lord Tunnicliffe, had experience as an airline pilot. In raising the question of aircraft noise, I was raising a genuine concern of my constituents, but...

Tributes to the Speaker (31 Hyd 2019)

Jack Dromey: ...manufacturing base against the background of Brexit. She will be sorely missed. Mr Speaker, yours has been a remarkable trajectory, from being a member of an organisation so right-wing that even Norman Tebbit abolished it, to being a fully paid-up Macmillanite, to I know not where. I know not where because you do not wear your politics or your prejudices on your sleeve. You are truly...

Acquired Brain Injury: Death of John Smith: 25th Anniversary ( 9 Mai 2019)

Tony Lloyd: ...traditions—comfortable talking about employment rights and advocating them, as I heard him do many times in this Chamber when he was shadow Secretary of State for Employment during the passage of Norman Tebbit’s draconian anti trade union Bill. John Smith was a passionate defender of the rights of people in the workplace. He was sponsored by the Amalgamated Society of Boilermakers,...

Senedd yr Alban: European Union Withdrawal Negotiations ( 5 Maw 2019)

Neil Findlay: ...it is about the 40-year civil war in the Tory Party over Europe that has dominated the politics of the UK for far too long. Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson are the true heirs to Enoch Powell and Norman Tebbit. I say this: put an end to that war and get on with securing a deal that will deliver a new comprehensive UK-EU customs union, in order to ensure that there are no tariffs with...

Points of Order: [7th Allotted Day] (11 Ion 2019)

Mike Penning: ..., from holding it in the conference area. I asked Michael Prescott, the then political editor of The Sunday Times, to chair the meeting, and you might remember, Mr Speaker, that some chap called Norman Tebbit appeared on that platform alongside a young upstart called John Bercow. Talking about oratory, John Bercow made Mr Tebbit look a bit left wing—I think I am absolutely right about...

The Rohingya and the Myanmar Government (17 Hyd 2017)

Tulip Siddiq: ...that we cut all links with businesses and investors that have anything to do with the military in Myanmar. They should join the UN’s global arms embargo. On a lighter note, I am often asked the Norman Tebbit test. I always support the underdog because I am a socialist, so in cricket I always support England. I am proud of what Bangladesh has done. As hon. Members know, Bangladesh is a...

Senedd yr Alban: Income Tax (Education Funding) (21 Med 2017)

Willie Rennie: 4. Yesterday, the mask of Ruth Davidson’s Conservative Party slipped. The Conservatives said that taxing is “pickpocketing”—a phrase that comes straight from Norman Tebbit’s handbook. Pickpockets do not invest in schools and hospitals to educate children and save people’s lives; responsible Governments do. That is why Parliament rejected that right-wing agenda yesterday. Now that...

Diesel Vehicle Scrappage Scheme — [Mr Christopher Chope in the Chair] (19 Ebr 2017)

Neil Parish: ...taxis, buses and all those things come in. We need to look at hydrogen cars; we need to look at a whole range of vehicles, and perhaps sometimes we need to take people out of vehicles altogether. Norman Tebbit’s “On your bike” may have a whole new meaning. If people go to work on a bike, that is good for the environment as well as for getting to work.

Senedd yr Alban: Jobcentre Plus Network ( 8 Chw 2017)

Alex Cole-Hamilton: ...does not appear to extend to the needs of people who are adrift from the labour market, and I see no evidence of a plan to scale up support in the event of economic calamity. We all remember that Norman Tebbit said: “I grew up in the 30s with an unemployed father. He didn’t riot; he got on his bike and looked for work”. In that famous couple of lines, we see the mettle of Tory...

Written Answers — Cabinet Office: Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster: Government Car Service (15 Med 2016)

Ben Gummer: ...held the posts of Minister Without Portfolio and Labour Party Chair under the last Labour Government. I would also observe that under the Thatcher and Major Governments, senior figures such as Norman Tebbit, Kenneth Baker and Chris Patten served as both Chairman of the Conservative Party and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

National Living Wage (18 Ebr 2016)

Philip Davies: ...are home truths the hon. Gentleman should appreciate. When people ask, “Do you think everybody should get a pay rise to £9, £10 or £11 an hour?”, everyone of course says yes. I think it was Norman Tebbit who said that if we ask people, “Would you like a Rolls-Royce?” they will all say yes, but if we say, “You’ll have to live in a tent for the rest of your life to pay for...

Trade Union Bill: Committee (2nd Day) (Continued) (10 Chw 2016)

Lord King of Bridgwater: ...that is how some people would describe me at this time—but it also involves another Member of this House who, sadly, for personal reasons cannot be here tonight; I refer to the noble Lord, Lord Tebbit. He and I share responsibility for the actions that we took, in that he was Secretary of State after the election in 1983, inheriting a Conservative manifesto commitment that trades unions...

Welfare Reform and Work Bill — Committee (3rd Day) (Continued) (14 Rha 2015)

Baroness Manzoor: ...for them to remain in the family home, away from possible employment opportunities, than to temporarily pay for their housing benefit? I recollect the “get on your bike” sentiments expressed by Norman Tebbit—now the noble Lord, Lord Tebbit. These appear to be holding little water now. I beg to move.

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Trade Union Bill: Examination of Witnesses (15 Hyd 2015)

Nicholas Boles: ...session earlier with the four giants of the trade union movement, and we heard some pretty lurid language. The Bill was described as an ideological Eton mess, and as something straight out of the Norman Tebbit playbook. I think we are all aware of, and quite enjoying, the Labour party’s embrace of 1980s retro, which seems to have gripped them since the election. I would love to be able...

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