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Nigel Farage

Reform UK MP am Clacton ( 5 Gor 2024 – Cyfredol)

Canlyniadau 1–20 o 400 ar gyfer nigel farage

Oeddech chi'n golygu Nigel garage?

Members Sworn (11 Gor 2024)

Lindsay Hoyle: ...the Affirmation required by law: Lewis Malcolm Atkinson, for Sunderland Central Juan Timothy Charles Roca, Macclesfield Amanda Louise Martin, Portsmouth North Michelle Welsh, Sherwood Forest Nigel Paul Farage, Clacton Kirsty Ann Blackman, Aberdeen North Right honourable Sue-Ellen Cassiana Braverman, Fareham and Waterlooville Andrew Graham Cooper, Mid Cheshire Jennifer Craft, Thurrock Paul...

Message to Attend the Lords Commissioners: Election of Speaker ( 9 Gor 2024)

Nigel Farage: Mr Speaker-Elect, thank you very much. We are the new kids on the block. We have no experience in this Parliament whatsoever, even though some of us have tried many times over the years to get here, so we cannot judge you from working in this place, but we can judge you from how the outside world sees you. I mean not just the United Kingdom but the world, because Prime Minister’s question...

9. Dadl Plaid Cymru: Cymru a Llywodraeth nesaf y DU (26 Meh 2024)

Jenny Rathbone: ...eto i gael pàs bws. Mae hyn, ynddo'i hun, yn warthus ac yn sarhad ar ddemocratiaeth. Mae angen i ni dalu sylw hefyd i'r niferoedd sy'n llyncu addewidion y prosiect poblyddiaeth o dan arweiniad Nigel Farage. Mae Farage yn wych am fanteisio ar drallod ac anobaith cymunedau a adawyd ar ôl. Dyna pam ei fod yn sefyll yn Clacton; dyna pam y lansiodd ei—credaf iddo gael ei alw'n 'brosiect';...

Cynulliad Gogledd Iwerddon: Opposition Business: Dual Market Access (18 Meh 2024)

Matthew O'Toole: ...it helps to explain the withered state of public services here and elsewhere. I do not want to spend the debate lingering on the old Brexit battle, not that there really is anything to debate. Even Nigel Farage, a close personal friend — or fair-weather friend — to some in the Chamber, has admitted that Brexit is a failure. We cannot escape all the negative consequences of that...

Media Bill - Committee (3rd Day): Amendment 71 (22 Mai 2024)

Lord Foster of Bath: ...Radio presented by the noble Lord, Lord Vaizey, and the newly ennobled noble Baroness, Lady Hazarika. We would not want to banish them from the air waves any more than we would want to banish, say, Nigel Farage from GB News. We are a liberal democracy, and we want to protect those contributions, but surely only if their shows live up to the same standards of impartiality required for news...

RNLI Bicentenary — [Carolyn Harris in the Chair] (26 Maw 2024)

Chris Stephens: ...rescue whoever needed our help wherever they are.” “Whoever” and “wherever” therefore includes rescuing migrants in the English channel. Because of that humane work, disappointingly, Nigel Farage and others have described the RNLI as a “taxi service” for illegal migration. Let me make it clear that my colleagues and I utterly disassociate ourselves from such views.

News Broadcasting: Regulation - Question for Short Debate (14 Maw 2024)

Baroness Jones of Whitchurch: ...by GB News. While I am sure the culture programme hosted by the noble Lord, Lord Vaizey, does not cross the line, clearly news programmes hosted by the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg, Nadine Dorries, Nigel Farage, Esther McVey and Philip Davies are not going to be impartial. They frequently interview each other or their colleagues from the Tory Benches—and they have been recruited precisely...

Prime Minister: Engagements (28 Chw 2024)

Keir Starmer: I cannot believe the Prime Minister said that with a straight face. The former Prime Minister continued on her American odyssey—this journey into the wild west of her mind—and claimed that Nigel Farage is the man to restore the Tory party. Will the Prime Minister confirm whether he, too, would welcome Mr Farage back into the Tory fold?

Deportation of Foreign National Offenders ( 7 Chw 2024)

Jonathan Gullis: ...has created political activists within the clergy to go out of their way to allow people to pretend that they have somehow seemingly converted to Christianity. A document leaked to GB News, seen by Nigel Farage and others, says, “After someone’s application has been granted, don’t be shocked if that person does not subsequently attend the church congregation.” It tells us...

Senedd yr Alban: European Union (30 Ion 2024)

Willie Rennie: ...insult. The detail of what the cabinet secretary said contains many similar arguments to those that were made by the Brexiteers. Talk about a deadweight UK and slow economic growth are what Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg said about the EU, at that time. The cabinet secretary’s argument that there is a huge market elsewhere in the world is exactly the same as the one that was made by...

Prime Minister: Engagements (24 Ion 2024)

Keir Starmer: I was glad to see that the Prime Minister managed to get some time off yesterday afternoon to kick back, relax and accidentally record a candid video for Nigel Farage. The only thing missing from that punishing schedule is any sort of governing or leadership. So was he surprised to see one of his own MPs say, “He does not get what Britain needs. And he is not listening to what…people want.”?

Online Filter Bubbles: Misinformation and Disinformation — [Sir Mark Hendrick in the Chair] (16 Ion 2024)

John Nicolson: ...to those profits. Of course, politicians are directly responsible for the way in which disinformation that they initiate is spread offline and online. All of us—at least almost all—condemned Nigel Farage’s overtly racist Brexit campaign poster, with its image of outsiders supposedly queuing to get into the UK; it had hideous echoes of the 1930s. But what of the much mocked and...

Treasury: Banking Services: Access (19 Rha 2023)

Philip Davies: It is pretty clear that most legacy banks do not give a stuff about their customers and just want to screw as much money out of people as possible. After the scandal of Coutts’s debanking of Nigel Farage, the Government acted swiftly to try to make that much more difficult for other customers, but many businesses face the same problem. What will the Government do to stop businesses being...

Data Protection and Digital Information Bill: Part 2 - The Nine Identity Assurance Principles (29 Tach 2023)

David Davis: ...to create a right to offline verification and, in effect, offline identification. We saw earlier this year what can happen when someone is excluded from basic services, with the planned closure of Nigel Farage’s bank account. That case was not related to identification, but it made clear how much of an impact such exclusion can have on someone’s life. Those who cannot or do not wish to...

Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill: New Clause 7 - Repeal of exclusions relating to the European Coal and Steel Community (20 Tach 2023)

Jacob Rees-Mogg: ...diligent, helpful and, as always, courteous. Let me begin by declaring a sort of semi-interest. I do not think it is technically one that the Standards Commissioner would worry about, but Mr Farage and I both appear on a television programme under the auspices of GB News at about the same time of day—I follow him. I have no financial relationship with Mr Farage; we merely appear on GB...

King’s Speech - Debate (5th Day) (14 Tach 2023)

Lord Lebedev: ...of intellectual liberty, because she espouses views about gender that are probably the views of the quiet majority and have been held for centuries. It was shocking that Coutts Bank decided that Nigel Farage was no longer suitable to be a customer, not because he was insolvent but simply because it did not like his views on Brexit. I am aware that these examples may tempt your Lordships...

Breaking Down Barriers to Opportunity ( 8 Tach 2023)

Angela Rayner: ..., the right hon. Member for Witham (Priti Patel), who led the second day of debate on the Queen’s Speech for the Government. This year, she was dancing away through her party’s conference with Nigel Farage—dancing the right away, we might say—but it is the current Home Secretary who is dancing to his tune. This week, she told us her answer to homelessness: “Take away their...

Treasury: Freedom of Speech: Financial Sector ( 5 Med 2023)

Marco Longhi: ...with me that banks and the corporate world should follow that example and focus their efforts on their core business, rather than play the sinister cancelling agenda of the woke brigade that saw Nigel Farage have his account wrongfully closed?

Written Answers — Treasury: NatWest ( 8 Aws 2023)

Lord Lamont of Lerwick: To ask His Majesty's Government whether, as 38.6% shareholders in NatWest, they will request the company to investigate the briefings provided to the BBC about the alleged financial position of Nigel Farage.

Bank Accounts - Private Notice Question (19 Gor 2023)

Baroness Kramer: ...to the Minister that the issue of PEPs and the issue of people expressing their political views and then being treated badly are in fact entangled one with the other. I am just outraged that Nigel Farage was denied a bank account, but I was also denied a bank account at Chase UK this year because I could not produce physical payslips for my husband, who died 17 years ago. That had to be a...

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