Pobl sy'n gweddu Heidi alexander

Heidi Alexander

Llafur MP am Swindon South ( 6 Mai 2010 – Cyfredol)

Canlyniadau 1–20 o 2000 ar gyfer heidi alexander

Prison Capacity (18 Gor 2024)

Edward Argar: ...well as the Under-Secretary of State for Justice, the hon. Member for Pontypridd (Alex Davies-Jones)? I congratulate the Minister of State, Ministry of Justice, the hon. Member for Swindon South (Heidi Alexander) on her return to this place. Notwithstanding the occasional tussle across the Dispatch Box, I look forward to working constructively with Lord Chancellor, and to holding her and...

Members Sworn ( 9 Gor 2024)

Lindsay Hoyle: ...Sir Jeremy Paul Wright, Kenilworth and Southam Right honourable Mark Richard Tami, Alyn and Deeside Right honourable Sir David Michael Davis, Goole and Pocklington Right honourable Douglas Garven Alexander, Lothian East Right honourable Emily Thornberry, Islington South and Finsbury Right honourable Robert Edward Jenrick, Newark Right honourable Mark Andrew Pritchard, The Wrekin Right...

Budget Resolutions - Income Tax (Charge) (11 Maw 2024)

Thangam Debbonaire: ...a significant contribution to make to the health and economic growth of our great nation. I have seen that when campaigning for and visiting Labour’s candidates—Keir Cozens in Great Yarmouth, Heidi Alexander and Will Stone in Swindon, Jayne Kirkham in Truro and Falmouth, and Josh Fenton-Glynn in Calder Valley. Labour parliamentary candidates have shown me around their cultural and...

Transport: TfL Funding: Discussions with Mayor of London (16 Rha 2021)

Grant Shapps: ...for Transport regularly meet officials from Transport for London and the Mayor’s office to discuss a range of issues around funding for Transport for London. Most recently, Baroness Vere met Heidi Alexander on 2 December.

Questions to the Mayor of London — TfL’s Notes on 10 June 2021 Meeting re Bus Driver Safety during the Pandemic: TfL’s Notes on 10 June 2021 Meeting re Bus Driver Safety during the Pandemic (19 Hyd 2021)

Keith Prince: ...Member Keith Prince met with Transport for London (TfL) staff on June 10 to discuss bus driver safety during the pandemic.” Please provide me with any emails or memos from TfL executives to Heidi Alexander detailing preparations for and reporting any discussions which took place at that 10 June meeting.

Questions to the Mayor of London — Confidence in Public Transport: Confidence in Public Transport (11 Aws 2021)

Sadiq Khan: TfL over the last two weeks has been engaging - including Heidi [Alexander, Deputy Mayor for Transport] and I - with a number of people: the Department for Transport (DfT), our trade unions and also the Rail Delivery Group, the other public transport providers across the country, as well as individuals and businesses across our city. You will be aware that two thirds of National Rail journeys...

Questions to the Mayor of London — Purley Way Master Plan: Purley Way Master Plan (12 Gor 2021)

Sadiq Khan: ...the air quality improvements are potentially huge if we can resolve the Purley Way corridor, which, as you said, is like a car corridor that causes problems and stuff. Chair, with your permission, Heidi [Alexander, Deputy Mayor for Transport] and Neil could sit down and work together to see what we can do to get the Council, residents, businesses and TfL in the same space. In relation to...

Questions to the Mayor of London — Silvertown Road Tunnel scrutiny: Silvertown Road Tunnel scrutiny (12 Gor 2021)

Zack Polanski: ...you mentioned this tunnel once unless it was defensively.  Why do you not listen to these Londoners and pause and reflect? Will you even meet the campaigners? They have not been met since 2019 by Heidi Alexander [Deputy Mayor for Transport] for about 40 minutes, and there were five of them in the room. My final question, will you accept or decline an invitation with local residents who...

Questions to the Mayor of London — Excessive Tube Noise (1): Excessive Tube Noise (1) ( 1 Meh 2021)

Emma Best: ...been suffering excessive Tube noise from the Victoria Line since at least 2018, were promised that Delkor track fasteners would be in place by the end of the year. By 6th October, a letter from Heidi Alexander stated that there were no longer any plans to install track fasteners at all. Do you recognise that it is unacceptable for residents to suffer in this manner?

Bakerloo Line Extension (24 Maw 2021)

Neil Coyle: ...in October, the Transport Secretary acknowledged that Transport for London will need support for capital projects even when Transport for London becomes self-sufficient in running costs again under Heidi Alexander’s excellent leadership. That self-sufficiency target is set for 2023-24. The Government could help by returning the annual operating grant to the capital city. The last payment...

Questions to the Mayor of London — Functional Body Boards (1): Functional Body Boards (1) (26 Chw 2021)

Sadiq Khan: ...Legacy Development Corporation, Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation, and Transport for London are detailed below. London Legacy Development Corporation Board Peter Hendy (Chair) Pam Alexander OBE Sonita Alleyne OBE Shanika Amarasekara MBE Cllr Rachel Blake Simon Blanchflower CBE Cllr Clare Coghill Nicky Dunn OBE Keith Edelman Rokhsana Fiaz OBE, Mayor of Newham Philip Glanville,...

Questions to the Mayor of London — Travel for vulnerable passengers: Travel for vulnerable passengers ( 6 Ion 2021)

Sadiq Khan: I am more than happy to look into that. I will ask my Victims Commissioner and also Heidi Alexander [Deputy Mayor for Transport] to look into this with you.

Questions to the Mayor of London — Deputy Mayor for Business meetings (2): Deputy Mayor for Business meetings (2) (17 Rha 2020)

Sadiq Khan: Deputy Mayor for Transport Heidi Alexander is the member of my team who is responsible for engaging with stakeholders representing taxi and private hire drivers alongside TfL. In addition to the frequent conference calls TfL has held with the industry since the pandemic, Heidi met with the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) on 5 June regarding the Streetspace Programme. Heidi most...

Questions to the Mayor of London — Crossrail: Crossrail (17 Rha 2020)

Sadiq Khan: ...Commissioner chairs the Elizabeth Line Delivery Group, and Board level oversight will be provided by the Elizabeth Line Committee, chaired by the Deputy Chair of TfL and Deputy Mayor for Transport, Heidi Alexander. The second phase of the transition to TfL focuses on the effective transition of people, back office and some of the assets. It provides an opportunity for TfL to streamline and...

Questions to the Mayor of London — IA 16767 - Trams Management of Operational Risk Audit (4): IA 16767 - Trams Management of Operational Risk Audit (4) (24 Tach 2020)

Keith Prince: Did Heidi Alexander (Deputy Mayor – Transport) know about the abandonment of this audit when she formally stated to the London Assembly on 11 September 2019 to the effect that “having looked at a lot of the documents myself, as you would expect, speaking to senior members of staff at TfL about exactly what has happened, I am confident that a further independent investigation into this is...

Questions to the Mayor of London — TfL Bailout Meetings: TfL Bailout Meetings (17 Tach 2020)

Sadiq Khan: ...and GLA/TfL attendees are provided below: Date GLA/TfL attendees 18 March 2020 Mike Brown (TfL), Simon Kilonback (TfL), Vernon Everitt (TfL), Sarah Gasson (TfL), Laura Fenimore (TfL) 19 March 2020 Heidi Alexander (Deputy Mayor Transport), Simon Kilonback (TfL), Tim Steer (GLA) 23 March 2020 Nicola Cox (TfL), Julian Ware (TfL), Joanna Hawkes (TfL), Anthony King (TFL), Rajiv Sachdeva (TfL),...

Questions to the Mayor of London — Barkingside South LTN: Barkingside South LTN (27 Hyd 2020)

Sadiq Khan: ...to my attention. I am more than happy - because he is always very collegiate and always has good ideas - to arrange for a meeting, a roundtable as he has suggested, with Deputy Mayor for Transport Heidi Alexander.

Questions to the Mayor of London — Transport for London: Extraordinary Funding and Financing Agreement: Transport for London: Extraordinary Funding and Financing Agreement (26 Hyd 2020)

Sadiq Khan: ...me and the Secretary of State, which I am sure it will want to do for tomorrow. I will be speaking later on today with the Transport Commissioner [Andy Byford] and my Deputy Mayor for Transport [Heidi Alexander] about what information is made available to the Finance Committee. As you suggest, it should have sight of those documents. As and when agreement is reached with the Government, I...

Questions to the Mayor of London — Temporary Changes to Road Layouts: Temporary Changes to Road Layouts (29 Gor 2020)

Tony Devenish: ...principle of the schemes we object to, it is the way they have been designed, and it is causing real congestion already when at the moment obviously we do not have that much traffic in London. If Heidi [Alexander, Deputy Mayor for Transport] had the time I would be very grateful to meet her on Park Lane and then take her to Edgware Road. Thank you.

Free Travel for Under-18s: London ( 8 Gor 2020)

Ruth Cadbury: ...the morning peak. I understand that despite many weeks of discussion between Government officials and TfL, the specific condition was raised directly with London’s deputy Mayor for transport, Heidi Alexander, only on the day the deal was agreed, 14 May. It came out of the blue without any prior assessment of its impact on London’s children or the cost and complexity of implementing...

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