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South West Water: Brixham Contamination (20 Mai 2024)

Steve Barclay: On Monday 13 May, South West Water was notified by the UK Health Security Agency of cryptosporidium cases in the Brixham area. South West Water undertook monitoring from Monday evening into Tuesday, with the results on Wednesday morning identifying crypto in the Hillhead distribution area. A boil notice was issued for customers on Wednesday 15 May to cover both the Hillhead area and the...

Written Answers — Treasury: Cryptocurrencies: Fraud (26 Ebr 2024)

Gregory Campbell: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer, what steps he plans to take in the 2024-25 financial year to help tackle crypto currency fraud.

Football Index Collapse: Lessons Learned — [Mrs Sheryll Murray in the Chair] (24 Ebr 2024)

Liz Twist: ...the frustration and anger that victims must feel upon hearing this news; they will be concerned that others might be let down in the way that they were. The new platform, KiX, will be a football cryptocurrency trading project that makes use of non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrency. Ministers have previously said that the Gambling Commission has strengthened its approach to novel products,...

Written Answers — Treasury: Cryptocurrencies: Regulation (23 Ebr 2024)

Tan Dhesi: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer, what steps his Department is taking to help ensure that the new regulatory framework for crypto assets and stablecoins will (a) enhance the UK's global competitiveness in fintech and (b) protect consumers from the volatility and risks associated with digital currencies.

Digital Skills and Careers (16 Ebr 2024)

Lisa Cameron: ...also hosted a successful AI summit that was internationally renowned. The Government have said that they want to be at the forefront of emerging technologies in key high-growth industries, such as cryptocurrency and digital assets, blockchain technologies, Web3 and AI. I have been learning a lot about that as chair of the crypto and digital assets all-party parliamentary group, where I...

Written Answers — Treasury: Cryptocurrencies (25 Maw 2024)

Lord Taylor of Warwick: To ask His Majesty's Government what steps they are taking to mitigate any risks associated with trading crypto-backed exchange traded notes by professional investors, particularly in relation to market manipulation and investor protection.

Illegal Drug Use and Organised Crime ( 6 Maw 2024)

Laura Farris: ...of organised criminals, including arresting suppliers, targeting their finances and dismantling supply chains. Significantly, we have seen improvement in our denial of criminal assets, taking cash, crypto and other assets from the hands of criminals involved in drug trafficking and supply. I will make two more points before I conclude. One focuses on our serious and organised crime...

Written Answers — Treasury: Cryptocurrencies: Retail Trade (13 Chw 2024)

Baroness Vere of Norbiton: The question of approving exchange traded products (ETPs) that reference specific cryptoassets is a matter for the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as the independent regulator, working within its statutory objectives. The FCA currently considers these products to be ill-suited for retail consumers due to risk of harm arising from the nature of the underlying assets and markets. The...

Victims and Prisoners Bill - Committee (4th Day) (Continued): Amendment 112 ( 7 Chw 2024)

Lord Roborough: victims. Victims’ interests continue to be a priority issue for the UK. New powers introduced by Part 4 of the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act allow applications for stolen crypto assets or funds to be released to victims at any stage of civil forfeiture proceedings. Work is ongoing to implement these reforms in order to ameliorate the negative impacts of criminal...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Criminal Justice Bill: Clause 20 - Suspension of internet protocol addresses and internet domain names (16 Ion 2024)

Carolyn Harris: Will this apply to illegal gambling sites and crypto casinos? Will the Gambling Commission have the authority to have these addresses pulled down?

Financial Advice and Guidance: Consumer Market ( 9 Ion 2024)

Harriett Baldwin: ...which I thought was probably the right page. I was then directed to the Financial Conduct Authority’s InvestSmart website. On the landing page of that website, the first article is called, “Crypto: The basics”. That is on the FCA’s website. The third article on the landing page is called, “Investing in crypto”. The website then said that, if I wanted advice, I needed to see a...

Written Answers — Treasury: Bank Services: Cryptoassets (21 Rha 2023)

Lord Goddard of Stockport: To ask His Majesty's Government what assessment they have made of reports that many UK crypto and digital asset businesses are unable to open a UK bank account.

Treasury: Topical Questions (19 Rha 2023)

Lisa Cameron: I, too, send my full sympathy. I also wish everyone across the House a merry Christmas. Industry has fully supported the Prime Minister’s vision of the UK becoming a cryptocurrency hub, but many licensed companies are still finding it difficult to open bank accounts here. So will the Chancellor meet the all-party group on crypto and digital assets to discuss what progress can be made on...

Written Answers — Department for Culture, Media and Sport: Gambling: Regulation (13 Rha 2023)

Paul Blomfield: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, what plans her Department has to (a) investigate and (b) regulate (i) crypto-casinos and (ii) other new and emerging forms of gambling.

Written Answers — Treasury: Bank Services: Digital Assets (30 Tach 2023)

Alun Cairns: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer, if he will make an assessment of the potential merits of issuing guidance to banks on providing access to bank accounts for (a) crypto and (b) digital asset businesses in the UK.

Written Answers — Home Office: Nuisance Calls (23 Hyd 2023)

Thomas Tugendhat: ...ban cold calls on all financial products, in addition to a previous ban on cold calls for pensions. This will mean that anyone who receives an unsolicited call trying to sell them a product such as crypto currency or insurance, will know it’s a scam. We also support National Trading Standards in the roll out of call blocking devices to vulnerable people. Ofcom have already strengthened...

Written Answers — Treasury: Cryptocurrencies (16 Hyd 2023)

Andrew Griffith: In April 2022, the government set out ambitious plans for the UK to harness the benefits of crypto technologies. It is taking forward a number of measures to both foster innovation and implement a regulatory framework that encourages responsible participation in cryptoasset markets. HM Treasury recently finished consulting on wide-ranging proposals for cryptoasset regulation, aimed at...

Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: Cryptography: Procurement (13 Med 2023)

James Cartlidge: The Falcon End Crypto Unit obsolescence issue was due to be resolved by developing a new software build for the existing hardware and was placed on contract in September 2020. Due to increased Threat Assessment analysis from the National Cyber Security Centre, it was determined that these plans were no longer suitable for military operations. An alternative, more cost effective, solution to...

Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill - Commons Amendments and Reasons: Motion E1 (as an amendment to Motion E) (11 Med 2023)

Lord Sharpe of Epsom: ...these cases, which are, by their very nature, exceptionally complex. We worked with law enforcement in putting together the Bill, and the content included many of its key requests such as powers on crypto assets, changes to corporate criminal liability, more accurate Companies House data and greater pre-investigation powers for the SFO. All those agencies will have significantly more tools...

National Crime Agency: Fraud and Economic Crime - Question (11 Med 2023)

Lord Hogan-Howe: ...are about to make. The problem with local forces investigating is that violence always trumps theft, so resources are devoted more to violence. At the moment, the complex nature of the crime—crypto, cross-jurisdictional, online—is complicated further by a 43-force response, regional units, NCA, SFO; I could go on. Surely the time has come to have one force dedicated to prevention,...

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