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Written Answers — Department for Work and Pensions: Unemployment: Wales (22 Mai 2024)

Jo Churchill: ...Credit benefit from additional time with their Work Coach and the delivery of Mid Life MOTs in Jobcentres which support people to review their health, wealth and skills, with sessions delivered in Newport Jobcentre and across Wales. DWP also offers the digital MOT which is available online to help anyone who needs help to assess their finances, skills and work. In addition, Newport...

Skills: Importance for the UK Economy and Quality of Life - Motion to Take Note ( 9 Mai 2024)

Baroness Wilcox of Newport: ...with an expansion of high-quality education, employment and training routes, so that more people than ever are on pathways with good prospects by 2030. The Office for National Statistics, based in Newport, estimates that there were 851,000 young people not in employment, education or training between October and December 2023. That number has risen by 20,000 compared to the same period in...

Written Answers — Wales Office: Crime: Victim Support Schemes ( 8 Mai 2024)

Ruth Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for Wales, what steps he is taking to help support victims of crime in Newport West constituency.

Hospice Funding (22 Ebr 2024)

Bob Seely: ...have the Mountbatten hospice. I know that my hon. Friend the Member for Eastleigh (Paul Holmes) spoke about Mountbatten. I will develop some of points he made and echo them. The Mountbatten hospice in Newport is one of our most cherished institutions on the Island. I thank all the people who work there and support it for the fantastic work that they do caring for people on the Isle of...

Sudan: Government Response (22 Ebr 2024)

Jessica Morden: What assurance can the Minister give the Sudanese community in Newport—who, as others have said, feel that the conflict and its catastrophic consequences have gone largely unseen—that the Government are doing all they can to get aid in through the Adré crossing, and are trying as hard as they can to build consensus among neighbouring and regional states that the war must end?

Written Answers — Department for Work and Pensions: Carer's Allowance: Newport West (22 Ebr 2024)

Ruth Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, if he has made an assessment of the potential benefits to carers in Newport West of increasing the Carer's Allowance to £93 a week.

Spring Budget 2024: Welsh Economy — [Peter Dowd in the Chair] (17 Ebr 2024)

Jessica Morden: ...had direct feedback from their constituents, be it on the doorsteps in places such as Monmouth, or in their surgeries. I certainly have: over the Easter recess we carried out a cost of living survey in Newport East, and people told us very strongly just how held back they feel by this failing Tory Government. My hon. Friend put it well when she said that “never have a British Government...

Rail Manufacturing: Job Losses (16 Ebr 2024)

Huw Merriman: As my hon. Friend has described, this is a careful balance. I reiterate that if we were to award contracts outside of the usual process, other workforces would also be impacted, such as those in Newport, in Newton Aycliffe and in the Hull area. We have to take into account the whole workforce, as well as fair process on the contract. However, as he mentions, trains are being manufactured...

Home Department: Returning Illegal Migrants to their Home Country (15 Ebr 2024)

Jessica Morden: On that point, I sadly see many asylum seekers in Newport who are stuck in limbo due to this Government’s incompetence. However, can I draw the Minister’s attention to the case of a man in Newport who lied about his name and country of origin and is a convicted sex offender who has breached the terms of his licence? The courts want him returned home. He wants to return home and will even...

Income Tax (Charge) (12 Maw 2024)

Ruth Jones: ...event from this tired Tory Government, my constituents have been moved from getting by to struggling, or, even worse, from struggling to absolute poverty. Since I was elected, absolute child poverty in Newport West—the percentage of children living in households with incomes below 60% of the median income—has remained at about 15%. That is shocking, and nothing has changed. The UK rate...

backbench business: LGBT History Month — [Graham Stringer in the Chair] ( 7 Maw 2024)

Stephen Doughty: ...series “Sex Education” on Netflix, which is filmed largely in my constituency. It is a hugely popular worldwide hit and is rooted in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan; some of it is also filmed in Newport. I want to pay tribute to some of our incredible local venues. I mentioned the lost venues, but we are very lucky to have so many vibrant venues in Cardiff, with new ones opening up....

Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: NATO: Finance ( 4 Maw 2024)

the Earl of Minto: ...V, is resolute. We expect all NATO Allies to come to the aid of others. The UK has led the conversation on defence spending at NATO. Since the NATO Defence Investment Pledge, which Leaders agreed in Newport Wales in 2014, European Allies and Canada have invested heavily on Defence and will have added more $600 billion by the end of this year. Now is the time for all Allied and democratic...

Welsh Affairs (29 Chw 2024)

Ruth Jones: ...for Cardiff West (Kevin Brennan) and for Pontypridd (Alex Davies-Jones), who have voices that are second to none. Acts, bands and singers cannot thrive unless they have spaces to perform, and in Newport West, I dare say that we have one of the best spaces in Wales: Le Pub, a welcoming, community-owned independent music and arts venue. It is a gem in the heart of Newport city centre, and I...

Community and Suspended Sentences (Notification of Details) Bill (23 Chw 2024)

Ruth Jones: ...make the requirements of the order more onerous, impose a fine or even sentence the individual to custody. The management of offenders in the community is of the utmost importance to protect people in Newport West and across the United Kingdom and to reduce reoffending. It is vital that probation and youth offending teams have the information required to be able to effectively manage...

Space Industry (Indemnities) Bill (23 Chw 2024)

Ruth Jones: I am a little bit anxious that the Minister will forget Airbus, which is in Newport West. I am sure that he was going to mention it. As the shadow Minister said, it is really important for cyber-security and tech jobs in south Wales. It is a vital part of our network, and I wanted to remind him about it.

Steel Industry: Wales — [Sir Gary Streeter in the Chair] (21 Chw 2024)

Ruth Jones: ...on those of us here speaking out and protecting our steel foundations, whether they are at Llanwern or Port Talbot steelworks, or at suppliers such as Island Steel or recyclers such as Sims Metal in Newport West. Our country relies on the steel industry, and this Conservative Government, with their five Prime Ministers in 14 years, have let them all down. I do not have time to list all the...

Homes for Ukraine Scheme: Potential Extension — [Mr Virendra Sharma in the Chair] ( 6 Chw 2024)

Ruth Jones: It is important that the hon. Gentleman stresses the point about mothers and children, who are the primary group of people coming to this country. In Newport West, we have a number of families. I would make the plea he has already made. Does he agree that we need certainty for the children in education and the mums who want to work? Would that certainty not help them in a difficult situation?

Written Answers — Wales Office: Cost of Living: Wales (26 Ion 2024)

David Davies: to Newport West. This includes Cost of Living payments for around 13,100 eligible households totalling up to £900 per household. Furthermore, around 240,000 payments have been delivered in Newport West through the Energy Bills Support Scheme. The UK Government recognises the challenges posed by cost of living pressures and consequently has provided unprecedented levels of...

Written Answers — Wales Office: Cost of Living and Food Poverty: Wales (26 Ion 2024)

David Davies: to Newport West. This includes Cost of Living payments for around 13,100 eligible households totalling up to £900 per household. Furthermore, around 240,000 payments have been delivered in Newport West through the Energy Bills Support Scheme. The UK Government recognises the challenges posed by cost of living pressures and consequently has provided unprecedented levels of support...

Written Answers — Department for Business and Trade: Zero Hours Contracts: Newport West (25 Ion 2024)

Ruth Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for Business and Trade, what estimate she has made of the number of zero-hours contracts in Newport West constituency.

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