Pob 14 canlyniadau ar gyfer "burnish their"

Oeddech chi'n golygu "furnish their"?

Deportation of Foreign National Offenders ( 7 Chw 2024)

Rachel Maclean: ...career; some institutions, including some in the Church of England, some of its leaders, some universities and some in the BBC; and that ballooning charity, legal aid and NGO racket. They can burnish their compassion credentials and bottom lines with a few clicks. I say to them: this is on you. You must take your share of responsibility. You are recklessly and dangerously tossing away our...

Management of the Economy and Ministerial Severance Payments (15 Tach 2022)

Anthony Browne: ...all know what is happening here. As my hon. Friend the Member for Orpington (Gareth Bacon) said, it is political game playing. The Opposition are looking to the next general election and trying to burnish their economic reputation. They know that the Conservatives are trusted most on the economy and Labour is not. I do not blame the Opposition—they are trying to turn that around and...

Ukraine (14 Tach 2022)

Jonathan Djanogly: ...if it were I do not believe, as is mooted by some, that new leadership in Moscow would necessarily bring the war to an end. In fact, I believe that the opposite is possible: a new leader trying to burnish their nationalistic credentials by taking even greater destructive and indiscriminate military action. No Putin does not necessarily equate to no war.

Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill [HL] - Report: Amendment 17 (21 Ion 2021)

Baroness Randerson: ...asked to give up their spare airspace for use by general aviation, which means that our skies will be even more crowded. This is an interesting development, at a time when the Government are keen to burnish their environmental credentials. I recommend that they look into this and see whether they can use their new powers to deal with the problem of noise. I urge the Minister to take...

Educational Opportunities: Working Classes - Motion to Take Note ( 5 Maw 2020)

Lord Bassam of Brighton: ...the social divisions that Brexit has laid bare, we should look to a fairer educational system to bring us to that point. This is one of the real-life challenges for the Government if they wish to burnish their one-nation credentials.

Oral Answers to Questions — Electoral Commission Committee: Business of the House ( 2 Maw 2017)

Kevin Brennan: ...constituents, and the way in which Members of Parliament use this place and their title of “Member of Parliament” on behalf of their constituents to help them—not to enrich themselves or to burnish their reputation, but simply to help the weak against the strong. That is what democracy should be about and Gerald, I think more than anyone in the House, showed us all how that should be...

Trade Union Bill - Committee (3rd Day) (Continued) (23 Chw 2016)

Baroness Hayter of Kentish Town: ...is no clarity as to what circumstances would give rise to the introduction of this power. Would it be because a general election was coming up? Would it be because a new Secretary of State wanted to burnish their credentials? It is absolutely unclear what would trigger it. Despite the earlier government amendments, we have no indication of whether if a whole category of employers was to be...

Oral Answers to Questions — Work and Pensions: New Clause 1 — Education Act 1996 (20 Mai 2013)

Edward Leigh: .... He raised it with his superiors at Trafford Housing Trust and they pounced on it. They were up, I have to say, for some new gay rights award—nothing wrong with that—and clearly they wanted to burnish their PC credentials. They threw the book at poor Adrian Smith—just a chap with a perfect work record who had not said anything nasty, beastly or homophobic in any sense. He had simply...

Defamation Bill — Commons Reasons (23 Ebr 2013)

Lord Faulks: ...public and even its own staff, make people less ready to deal with it, less willing or less proud to work for it. If this were not so, corporations would not go to the lengths they do to protect and burnish their corporate images. I find nothing repugnant in the notion that this is a value which the law should protect". He went on to say: "I do not accept that a publication, if truly...

Business without Debate: Arbitration Service for defamation and related civil claims against members of Independent Regulatory Board (16 Ebr 2013)

Edward Garnier: ...even of its own staff and make people less ready to deal with it and less willing or less proud to work for it. If that were not so, corporations would not go to the lengths they do to protect and burnish their corporate images. There is nothing repugnant in the notion that this is a value which the law should protect, and it is not an adequate answer that the corporation can itself seek...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Financial Services Bill ( 8 Rha 2009)

Andrew Love: ...is doing its bit for consumer education, and one where Barclays is. That is going on all over the country, and it is all done voluntarily. We see it as part of those firms’ overall effort to burnish their reputation—understandably so. But what happens when you start to levy them to do that as a matter of course? Will they then say, “Well, all that other stuff goes by the...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Pensions Bill: Clause 5 (25 Ion 2007)

John Penrose: ...reciprocal arrangements for pensioners from such countries, the Government could workout what the savings would potentially be. If the£400 million cost was reduced, the Government would want to burnish their credentials for righting an injustice, just as anyone else would.

Orders of the Day: New Clause 33 — proposals under section 7 relating to community or community special schools (23 Mai 2006)

Edward Leigh: ...being the enabler, not the provider. It is in the interests of those who oppose him on the left of the Labour party. I accept that they have strong principles on this issue, but they also want to burnish their belief that the Prime Minister is some kind of closet Tory—I do not think that he is. It is also in the interests of my Front Bench colleagues to claim more for the Bill than it...

Orders of the Day — Prevention of Terrorism Bill (23 Chw 2005)

Peter Lilley: ...support for any reduction in liberty or curtailment of our freedoms. Sadly, that has not been true on this occasion. The Government have made rather pathetic attempts to use the Bill both to burnish their own credentials and to tarnish the Opposition's credentials on the treatment of terrorism. I have to say that that makes it more difficult to give them support, because we cannot but have...

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