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Uk’S Withdrawal from the EU (27 Chw 2019)

Caroline Lucas: I want to be a little bit helpful. In response to the right hon. Member for Wolverhampton South East (Mr McFadden), the Minister basically said that he did not see any difference between what President Macron has said and what the Prime Minister said yesterday. There is a huge difference. The Prime Minister said yesterday that she would use an extension for more dither, delay, faffing and...

Supplementary Estimate 2018-19: Department for Education (26 Chw 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...cannot ignore that, or the other shocking results such as 80% reporting that teachers in their schools were contributing their own money to buy resources for their pupils to use. In addition, 86% said that recruitment and retention of teachers is getting harder, and 87% disagreed with the statement, “Any additional revenue or cash received in the financial year 2018-19 has been greater...

Exiting the European Union (Consumer Protection) (25 Chw 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ..., however, the HSE has had a decade of cutbacks and staff losses. It is unclear whether it has the capacity or expertise to deliver. We need much greater clarity about the IT system. The Minister said earlier that a judgment would be made about it later this week. I urge her to bring a statement to this House, so we know whether that IT system will be up and running. If it is not, this...

Exiting the European Union (Consumer Protection) (25 Chw 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...Minister might do that, because something incredibly important is at stake here. At a recent meeting of the Environmental Audit Committee, we had before us the Chemicals Industry Association, which said: “No deal would essentially mean, if I can put it lightly, catastrophic effects on the chemical industry here in the UK.” Does she agree with that assessment, and will she do her very...

Relationships and Sex Education — [Mrs Madeleine Moon in the Chair] (25 Chw 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...a skilled job for which teachers need high-quality training. For that reason, the vast majority of parents work with schools, and are grateful for and support the provision of RSE lessons. Having said that, it is vital that we do not forget that some children will not get RSE at home. We cannot guarantee that they will, and we do not know which ones will not. The very small number of...

Relationships and Sex Education — [Mrs Madeleine Moon in the Chair] (25 Chw 2019)

Caroline Lucas: .... As the hon. Lady says, this is about a basic right to education that should be available to all children. Alarming numbers of children are watching online pornography, as other hon. Members have said, and shocking numbers of teenaged boys and girls think that aggression by boyfriends is normal and okay. Teaching RSE in schools on a compulsory basis is the only way to ensure that all...

Relationships and Sex Education — [Mrs Madeleine Moon in the Chair] (25 Chw 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...sad to read that, and I very much hope that Ministers will use the power they have over the regulations and guidance to show calm and confident leadership. The Minister will know from what I have said so far that I do not support the opt-out, grateful though I am that we are finally moving forward with compulsory RSE. In my final words, I echo the hon. Member for Walthamstow (Stella...

European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (29 Ion 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...tell us that they are preparing a statement that says that it would not be possible to open up an agreement that was negotiated over the past 20 months. Sabine Weyand, the deputy chief negotiator, said yesterday: “There’s no negotiation between the UK and EU—that’s finished.” Crossing one’s fingers, screwing up one’s eyes and just wishing it was otherwise is not a good...

UN Climate Change Conference: Government Response (16 Ion 2019)

Caroline Lucas: I echo what others have said about the importance of this debate. I am grateful that the hon. Lady secured it; a number of us tried to, but she was the one who succeeded and I am glad. On the point about the UK doing enough, is it not the case that it is easy to say, “We’re getting rid of coal, so we’re the good ones”, when in fact we are outsourcing our emissions to poorer countries?...

The Prime Minister Was Asked: Engagements (12 Rha 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ...replacement Prime Minister would face exactly the same party arithmetic and exactly the same deadlock on Brexit. This deadlock can be changed only by going back to the people. Today, The Times also said that is her only chance of saving her job and saving her deal. So can she tell the House: what exactly is she afraid of?

European Union (Withdrawal) Act: 1st Allotted Day ( 4 Rha 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ...? How dare she call on our constituents to unite behind her deal when she knows how much damage that deal will do to them and to their families? For more than two years now, I have consistently said that the 2016 referendum was, and could only be, the start, not the end, of the democratic process. In 2016, voters could not, and did not, express any opinion on the terms on which the UK...

Agriculture Bill (10 Hyd 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ...public health. It should be at the front and centre of the Bill, and this should have been an opportunity to ensure that it is at the heart of our farming system. The Secretary of State has said: “Food production is ultimately about health.” If it is—and I agree that it is—why is health not firmly included in clause 1 as a clearly stated outcome of the Bill? The Bill needs to do an...

Agriculture Bill (10 Hyd 2018)

Caroline Lucas: In April this year, the Secretary of State said that food production is “ultimately about health”, and I agree with him. That being the case, will he explain why he has not listed public health as one of the outcomes in clause 1? Will he think again about putting public health right at the heart of the Bill and his policies?

Standards: Summer Adjournment (24 Gor 2018)

Caroline Lucas: compiled is accurate. But even if it is accurate, this demonstrates the level of desperation of women who are being routinely locked up. We heard a statement today from the Home Secretary, who said that he would look again at the whole issue of indefinite detention. May I use my last five seconds to urge him to do so with the strongest amount of urgency because people’s lives are at...

Preston Park Train Services (24 Gor 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ..., at least Southern trains started in Brighton—they were not already full—and passengers had the option of taking the Gatwick Express. The service they are now offered is massively worse. As I said, some trains arrive too late to be useful to commuters, no Gatwick Express trains stop at all, and the others start in Littlehampton and are full.

Preston Park Train Services (24 Gor 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ...reach Preston Park they are—unsurprisingly—crammed full. The service cuts are causing massive distress and are ruining lives. These are just three quotes from my bulging inbox. The first person said: “I commute from Preston Park to London Bridge...The trains are cancelled and delayed more than they run on time. I spend the (standing) journey fretting as I’m late for work. I spend...

Preston Park Train Services (24 Gor 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ...that there is demand. The Minister’s 12 July letter to me showed that he is aware of the huge cuts to Thameslink services from Preston Park to London Bridge, Blackfriars and onwards. He simply said that, before the May timetable change, there were 12 morning peak services to those London stations, and that from 15 July there would be eight. He said that, for people going home, the...

Royal Assent: Independent Complaints and Grievance Policy (19 Gor 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ..., the staff representatives on the group, and those who came to speak to us on behalf of their trade unions to increase our understanding of the issues we were seeking to address. As others have said, more than anyone else we need to thank those who were brave enough to come forward and put in the public domain the kind of experiences they have had to go through, because that has been a...

Domestic Abuse Victims and Family Courts — [Joan Ryan in the Chair] (18 Gor 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ...she agree that it is absolutely obscene that people who need help the most, at a time of such vulnerability, are denied even the most basic support via legal aid to make their case? As others have said, that is revictimisation a hundred times over and it has to stop.

Taxation (Cross-Border Trade) Bill: EU VAT area and pre-commencement requirements (16 Gor 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ...twice as much to Belgium as we do to India, and nearly 3 times as much to Sweden as we do to Brazil. It is not realistic to think we could just replace European trade with these new markets.” She said that in April 2016, and I contend, as the Prime Minister herself is fond of saying, that nothing has changed. In the brief time available to me, I will raise the issue of standards,...

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