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European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill: Saving of ECA for implementation period ( 7 Ion 2020)

Caroline Lucas: I remind the Secretary of State that just last month the Commission President said that she has serious concerns about this timetable. All experts in trade are concerned that an 11-month period simply does not necessarily give the time to get a good deal done, so why is he signing up now to something he could postpone until at least June, when he will have a better sense of how negotiations...

Early Parliamentary General Election Bill (29 Hyd 2019)

Caroline Lucas: .... We know that the next 18 months will be crucial in terms of whether we have a chance of getting off the collision course we are on with the climate catastrophe. The Committee on Climate Change said in its report to Parliament a few months ago that the next Parliament will be absolutely vital, so it is crucial that the next general election is about the climate crisis. This existential...

Environment Bill (28 Hyd 2019)

Caroline Lucas: At a time when we needed a strong environmental Bill, this one regrettably goes backwards, not forwards, in a great number of areas. For example, on non-regression, as many other hon. Members have said, we have had countless promises that leaving the EU will not lead to backsliding on environmental protections, including from the Prime Minister just last week, but if those promises are...

European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill (22 Hyd 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...greatest international venture for peace, prosperity and freedom in history; and for those who do not believe that democracy stopped in its tracks three and a half years ago. As many others have said today, democracy is a process, not a single event. Since that referendum, we have had one general election, two Prime Ministers and a wealth of further information about the costs and...

European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill (22 Hyd 2019)

Caroline Lucas: No, I will not. The Government have told us what their plans are. This Prime Minister has openly said that Brexit offers us an opportunity to “regulate differently” and when he says that, I do not think that he means increasing those standards—call me cynical.

Business of the House (21 Hyd 2019)

Caroline Lucas: table amendments for Committee stage before we have even finished Second Reading, and the complexity of the Bill seems to have confused the Prime Minister himself, who on Saturday for example said there would be no tariffs on goods going between Northern Ireland and Great Britain when in actual fact article 5 of the new Northern Ireland protocol shows that goods at risk of entering the...

Irish Border: Customs Arrangements ( 1 Hyd 2019)

Caroline Lucas: Does the Minister accept that any new infrastructure or surveillance at or near the border carries serious risks? The Northern Ireland journalist Dearbhail McDonald has said: “It’s hard to explain to those who have not lived through a conflict that claimed more than 3,500 lives, in a region with a smaller population than most large UK cities, how the border permeated every aspect of our...

Prime Minister's Update (25 Med 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...and dividing our country still further. This populist rhetoric is not only unfitting for a Prime Minister; it is genuinely and seriously dangerous, as our Friends across the Aisle have just said. So I ask him again a simple question: if he trusts the people as much as he says he does, why will he not allow them to have a final say on his deal? He says he wants this to be over quickly; that...

European Union (Withdrawal) ( 3 Med 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...we will have none of it. This Government have no mandate for the vicious form of Brexit they are pursuing. It was never on the ballot paper. More than that, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster said as recently as March: “We did not vote to leave without a deal: that wasn’t the message of the campaign I helped to lead.” Let us hear no more of this posturing that, somehow, those...

Economic Growth and Environmental Limits — [Stewart Hosie in the Chair] (10 Gor 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...obstacle blocking the door to the emergency exit. In April, Greta visited Parliament and spoke about why she and millions of other young people were missing school to strike for the climate. She said very clearly that the way that we measure progress is absurd and archaic: “People always tell me and the other millions of school strikers that we should be proud of ourselves for what we...

Economic Growth and Environmental Limits — [Stewart Hosie in the Chair] (10 Gor 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...of taking action. The Government boast about emission cuts and about legislating for a net zero emission goal to be reached in three decades’ time. However, the Committee on Climate Change said in its new report, which was published this morning, that the next 18 months are make or break, especially as the UK “is lagging far behind what is needed, even to meet previous, less stringent,...

Economic Growth and Environmental Limits — [Stewart Hosie in the Chair] (10 Gor 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...emergency, in terms of getting economic transformation going. I will skip most of my lovely Bobby Kennedy quote, but his words ring as true today as they ever did, so I will keep the last bit. He said that GDP “measures neither our wit nor our courage, neither our wisdom nor our learning, neither our compassion nor our devotion to our country, it measures everything in short, except that...

Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill (Programme): Climate Change, the Environment and Global Development (10 Gor 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...issue of international action, does the hon. Gentleman agree that aviation and shipping emissions ought to be included in the Government’s net zero strategy? The Committee on Climate Change has said that they should be included, but we have heard nothing from the Government to suggest that they are going to include them.

Climate Change (24 Meh 2019)

Caroline Lucas: .... We are in a climate emergency, so let’s act like it. No one calls 999 and requests a fire engine for 30 years’ time. We need to drop everything and put the fire out, as Greta Thunberg said. Let us take the far-reaching action now that we need to turn this crisis around, because in doing so we will not only save lives and livelihoods across the world but create a better life for...

Education Funding ( 4 Meh 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...with less. With their general budgets savaged by more than 8% in real terms, it is not surprising that they have to make devastating cuts. As the hon. Member for York Central (Rachael Maskell) said, we have this debate time and again. The Government tell us that austerity is supposed to be over, so let us see that in our schools. Right now, our schools know that Ministers are not being...

Environment and Climate Change ( 1 Mai 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...there is, indeed, a positive story about how we can have a better life for all. Right now, the statistics are grim. We are one of the most nature-depleted countries on Earth. Fifty-nine scientists said last year that we have lost 60% of the population of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles in my lifetime. That has to change.

Environment and Climate Change ( 1 Mai 2019)

Caroline Lucas: I am grateful to the Secretary of State for giving way. His words are honeyed, as ever, but we need action, not just words. Last week, Greta Thunberg talked about the emergency and said that we needed action. Will the Secretary of State demonstrate his new-found conversion to this emergency by agreeing that the expansion of Heathrow airport is quite simply incompatible with our climate change...

Parental Rights (Rapists) and Family Courts: Continuous At-Sea Deterrent (10 Ebr 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...has set out very clearly. I do not think that there is any contradiction between paying tribute to that service and also being very clear that, for me, nuclear weapons are abhorrent. Others have said during this debate that it is inconsistent to have a nuclear deterrent if we are not prepared to use it. I absolutely agree with that, and I am very proud to say that I would not, under any...

Exiting the European Union (11 Maw 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...a few weeks ago secured by the right hon. Member for Gainsborough (Sir Edward Leigh), the Under-Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, the hon. Member for Spelthorne (Kwasi Kwarteng), said: “I must stress that it is not entirely clear…that a conditional interpretive declaration would have the effect that he seeks in allowing the United Kingdom unilaterally to put an end...

Uk’S Withdrawal from the EU (27 Chw 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...all very well but we know that such promises of non-regression are entirely worthless without concrete action to ensure that those standards can be effectively enforced. As I and many others have said repeatedly in this House over the past two years, that requires the embedding of environmental principles in UK law, and the establishment of an independent and adequately resourced...

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