Canlyniadau 101–120 o 800 ar gyfer said speaker:Caroline Lucas

Environment Bill: Before Clause 1 - Purpose and declaration of biodiversity and climate emergency (20 Hyd 2021)

Caroline Lucas: ...Panel on Climate Change’s most recent report spelling a “code red for humanity” with 1 million species now threatened with extinction, we know that an emergency is upon us. As Lord Deben said in the other place, refusing to accept this amendment “will send the wrong signal, at a time when we should be united in sending the right signals, so that in all discussions people will know...

Environment Bill: Before Clause 1 - Purpose and declaration of biodiversity and climate emergency (20 Hyd 2021)

Caroline Lucas: .... The interim targets mark the progress towards the long-term targets, so to hear her oppose those seemed very odd. Baroness Brown of Cambridge put it very clearly in the other place when she said that “it is easier to predict the impact of actions to support such systems over a five-year timescale than it is to predict outcomes in 15 or 20 years”, and that “evidence shows the...

Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy: Topical Questions (21 Med 2021)

Caroline Lucas: ...will still drive climate change. New research shows that 60% of existing oil and gas reserves must stay in the ground if we are to stay within 1.5° C, and the International Energy Agency has said that there must be no new oil and gas development of any kind. With COP26 in just six weeks, with the Secretary of State trying to have international diplomacy, what message does he think is...

Covid-19 Vaccinations: 12 to 15-year-olds (13 Med 2021)

Caroline Lucas: ..., for example, where only 2% of people are fully vaccinated. Will he consider prioritising vaccines that are within their shelf life, for example, and giving them to COVAX? As he and others have said many times, none of us is safe until we all are.

Treasury: Net Zero Emissions and Green Investment ( 7 Med 2021)

Caroline Lucas: ...action on the climate crisis. He replied that the Treasury has committed £12 billion of new money to the 10-point plan, but even that is not true, as he knows, and the President of COP26 has said that actually only a paltry £4 billion is new money. When will the Treasury start committing serious money to the green transition, in the region of the £85 billion that the TUC has said is...

Afghanistan (18 Aws 2021)

Caroline Lucas: use them. There is the female mayor who says that she is now waiting for the Taliban to come for people like her and kill them. There is the Afghan journalist, now in hiding with his family, who said: “There was a lot of promise, a lot of assurance. A lot of talk about values, a lot of talk about progress, about rights, about women’s rights, about freedom, about democracy. That all...

Afghanistan (18 Aws 2021)

Caroline Lucas: left alone, desperate and very much a target. We absolutely need to widen the family reunion rules. We also need not just to properly restore aid, but to increase it. The Foreign Secretary said that it is being doubled; I welcome that, but it is still less than the 2019 figure. We need to recognise that the need today is so much greater than it was even in 2019. There are many lessons...

Covid-19 Update (12 Gor 2021)

Caroline Lucas: ...The message around face masks on public transport, for example, has been downgraded from being a clear legal requirement to being an optional personal choice. As more than 100 scientists and medics said last week in a letter to The Lancet, this is reckless and risks driving up infections. He asks, “If we do not open up now, then when?”. The answer has to be: when a far higher...

Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Islam Wael Fahmi Dar Nasser and Mohammad Said Hamayel (12 Gor 2021)

Caroline Lucas: ...for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, pursuant to the Answer of 29 June 2021 to Question 20364, what representations he has made to his Israeli counterpart on the deaths of Mohammad Said Mohammad Hamayel and Islam Wael Fahmi Dar Nasser.

Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Islam Wael Fahmi Dar Nasser (29 Meh 2021)

Caroline Lucas: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, if he will make representations to his Israeli counterpart (a) on the death of 16-year-old Mohammad Said Mohammad Hamayel in the West Bank on 11 June 2021, (b) on reports that he was shot with live ammunition by Israeli forces and (c) to seek assurances that there will be a criminal investigation into his death.

G7 and NATO Summits (16 Meh 2021)

Caroline Lucas: ...Minister’s true climate leadership. Today he mentions coal but again ignores oil and gas. That is not a green industrial revolution; that is business as usual. The International Energy Agency said last month that there must be no new oil, gas or coal developments if the world is to reach net zero, so with the success of COP26 now hanging in the balance, will he heed the call from 101...

Environment Bill: New Clause 21 - Habitats Regulations: power to amend general duties (26 Mai 2021)

Caroline Lucas: ...populations. These amendments are not about being frozen in time. I recognise that change is necessary—I was online earlier listening to the Minister’s introductory remarks, so I heard what she said—but the new framework must be about improving environmental protection rather than creating the potential at least to weaken it. Even if this Government have no plans to weaken...

Rights to Protest — [James Gray in the Chair] (26 Ebr 2021)

Caroline Lucas: ..., and they know that there is a proud history of peaceful protest in this country that needs to be defended. I am grateful for the opportunity to speak in this debate and to add to what I said on Second Reading of the Bill—namely that this legislation is dangerous, undemocratic and disproportionate. It is clear that huge numbers of our constituents feel the same: nearly 2,500 Brighton,...

Ministerial Code (26 Ebr 2021)

Caroline Lucas: Contrary to what one Minister said at the weekend, concerns about the Prime Minister and the ministerial code are not “tittle-tattle”. People care deeply about this, which is why Peter Stefanovic’s video on the Prime Minister’s relationship with the truth has been viewed nearly 13 million times on social media. If the ministerial code says that any “inadvertent error” should be...

His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (12 Ebr 2021)

Caroline Lucas: ..., and I am sure that the death of Prince Philip has resonated even more strongly with many other families up and down the country who are also mourning the loss of loved ones. So much has been said already about the Duke’s long life of public service, his vision in creating the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, the pioneering role he played in global interfaith developments, and his...

Integrated Review (16 Maw 2021)

Caroline Lucas: Given that the Prime Minister said the climate crisis is his No. 1 international priority, it is disappointing that there is a climate-shaped hole at the heart of the Prime Minister’s review, with resources dangerously diverted to nuclear weapons. Earlier today, the Foreign Secretary justified breaking our nuclear non-proliferation treaty obligations on the grounds that nuclear weapons are...

Cop26 (10 Maw 2021)

Caroline Lucas: I am delighted to follow the hon. Member for Harwich and North Essex (Sir Bernard Jenkin), all the more so because I think he just said he supported the proposal for a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty—a new commitment to leave fossil fuels in the ground. If I heard him right, I would be delighted to work with him to help to achieve that. COP26 is arguably the most crucial global summit...

Environmental Audit Committee (25 Chw 2021)

Caroline Lucas: I thank the Chair of our Committee and agree with all that he has said. Does he agree that there is real urgency for the carbon intensity of the Bank of England’s corporate bond portfolio to be cut and aligned with the Paris agreement? Analysis by the Bank itself shows that the portfolio is in step with a catastrophic 3.5° temperature rise, and this is clearly untenable, particularly if...

Environment Bill: New Clause 1 - Environmental Principles: Public Authorities (26 Ion 2021)

Caroline Lucas: ...nature and climate emergencies? Sadly, the answer is no on both counts. Time and again this afternoon, we have heard that the Bill lacks both ambition and urgency. As many hon. Members have said, with two vital UN meetings on biodiversity and climate this year, it is even more important that we have our own house in order. We cannot hope to influence the performance of other countries if...

Covid-19 (12 Ion 2021)

Caroline Lucas: There is so much that could be said about the Government’s chronic mishandling of the pandemic; their failure to act swiftly enough and learn from their mistakes; the obsession with failing, centralised, private-sector-led approaches; the cronyism and chumocracy that have wasted so much money and left so many frontline workers exposed to danger—something that I am seeking to highlight...

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