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Fossil Fuel Extraction (26 Ebr 2022)

Caroline Lucas: ...planning on using them. Some countries have already embraced the principles behind that approach—those that back the Beyond Oil & Gas Alliance, for example. The UK could and should be next. As I said at the beginning of this debate, we are in a week of global advocacy for the fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty, and I want to end by recapping the questions I have asked the Minister....

Referral of Prime Minister to Committee of Privileges (21 Ebr 2022)

Caroline Lucas: ...our rules plays into Putin’s hands, because his brutal war on Ukraine is not just a battle for territory, but about democracy and the rule of law. We have a long tradition, as other Members have said, of removing war leaders and the ability to change a leader during a crisis is a strength of our system.

Ukraine (28 Maw 2022)

Caroline Lucas: In an FCDO press release last week, the Foreign Secretary said that Russian intelligence services have targeted UK national infrastructure in what she called a “calculated and dangerous” hacking campaign and that Putin is sowing “division and confusion among allies.” She rightly said, in that press release, that she “will not tolerate it”, so will she reassure the House that she...

Ukraine (15 Maw 2022)

Caroline Lucas: ...the tyrant Putin and his murderous regime, and in support of the determination and extraordinary bravery of the Ukrainian people who face a level of horror and devastation that many have rightly said amounts to war crimes. I want to put on record my support for the many hon, Members who have spoken eloquently about the urgent need for Ministers to waive visas for refugees and to match the...

Russian Oil Import Ban ( 9 Maw 2022)

Caroline Lucas: “No new licences” is what I said.

Prime Minister: Engagements (23 Chw 2022)

Caroline Lucas: ...seen of unsuccessful interference? Has he actually read the Russia report, which is very clear that there is credible evidence of interference? [Interruption.] Given that, as his Defence Secretary said earlier this week, information is as powerful as any tank, can he explain why he is turning a blind eye to allegations of Russian disruption—

Prime Minister: Engagements (23 Chw 2022)

Caroline Lucas: Given that, as his Defence Secretary said earlier this week, information is as powerful as any tank, can he explain why he is turning a blind eye to allegations of Russian disruption? Why is he playing fast and loose with our national security—

Building Safety Bill: Schedule 7 - Building safety charges (19 Ion 2022)

Caroline Lucas: absolutely written into the Bill. I welcome the spirit of the Secretary of State’s statement last week, including the recognition that leaseholders are blameless in the scandal. He said that “it is morally wrong that they should be the ones asked to pay the price.”—[Official Report, 10 January 2022; Vol. 706, c. 283.] I agree, but unfortunately there is still too much lacking...

Public Health (14 Rha 2021)

Caroline Lucas: ...West and Abingdon (Layla Moran) will say more shortly. I want to bring three key messages from that meeting of scientists and NHS professionals. The NHS is already beyond full stretch, and some said that it was at breaking point. They pointed out that we are not South Africa, which started its omicron wave from a low level of cases. We are starting it on top of a rising number of delta...

Public Health (14 Rha 2021)

Caroline Lucas: clear that, although they can accelerate take-up rates among those inclined towards vaccination, they also entrench opposition among those who are hesitant. As Professor Stephen Reicher has said, people not getting vaccinated is not a cognitive problem—it is not that they do not understand the issues—but a social problem. People are not getting vaccinated because of a lack of trust,...

Climate Goals: Wellbeing Economy (30 Tach 2021)

Caroline Lucas: ...still subsidising fossil fuels annually to the tune of around £12 billion, and there is still on the statute book a duty to maximise the economic recovery of oil and gas. There is so much to be said in such a short amount of time, but I urge the Minister to look again at what all of us have been saying in the debate. We should not simply revert to the old idea that growth is somehow the...

Climate Goals: Wellbeing Economy (30 Tach 2021)

Caroline Lucas: ...the World Economic Forum’s 2021 global risks report, in which four of the top five risks to our economies are coming from the environment—including climate change and biodiversity loss. He said that “the estimated $300 billion annual cost of natural disasters caused by ecosystem disruption and climate change” highlights “the risks of unbridled economic growth. Thinking beyond GDP...

Community Energy Schemes — [Mr Clive Betts in the Chair] (30 Tach 2021)

Caroline Lucas: ...Bill, of which I am also a proud co-sponsor, is so important, and why it seeks to remedy successive policy failings, by giving people the right to local electricity generation. As others have said, it would create the right to the local supply of electricity, allowing community generators to become local suppliers, and require Ofgem to establish the local supplier licence process, ensuring...

Prime Minister: Engagements (24 Tach 2021)

Caroline Lucas: I rarely agree with the Prime Minister, but last week, when he said that COP26 showed that we could end our reliance on fossil fuels, I did agree with him. That, however, prompts the question of why his Government are pressing ahead not just with the Cambo oilfield, but with 39 other oil, gas and coal developments, which would amount to three times the UK’s current annual climate emissions....

Sustainability and Climate Change (National Curriculum) — [Nusrat Ghani in the Chair] (27 Hyd 2021)

Caroline Lucas: ...the swift for the rest of my time, but I will not. It is that kind of love of nature that is so crucial for young people, both in its own right and because, as the wonderful writer Richard Louv said, “We won’t protect what we don’t love and we won’t love what we don’t know”. Here is an opportunity to really get to love the nature that we have around us. The scale of the...

COP26: Limiting Global Temperature Rises (21 Hyd 2021)

Caroline Lucas: ...; the point is that we have to do enough, and we have to do it fast, and she is not. My final point is about young people. At the Youth4Climate summit in Milan last month the Prime Minister said to young people: “Your future is being stolen before your eyes…you have every right to be angry with those who aren’t doing enough to stop it”. On behalf of those young people, for whom...

COP26: Limiting Global Temperature Rises (21 Hyd 2021)

Caroline Lucas: .... What I have problems with is looking at the fact that there is a dearth of actual actions to meet those targets. That is what we see again and again. The Climate Change Committee has itself said that there are no real plans to deliver the targets that are set. Frankly, the climate cares very little for targets. What it wants are the concrete policies to meet them.

COP26: Limiting Global Temperature Rises (21 Hyd 2021)

Caroline Lucas: I could not thank the hon. Member more for his intervention. I think he has been reading my notes, because I was going to make exactly that point. The Prime Minister himself has said: “It is the biggest economies in the world that are causing the problem, while the smallest suffer the worst consequences.” Yet he has not grasped the implications of his own statement. As the hon. Member has...

COP26: Limiting Global Temperature Rises (21 Hyd 2021)

Caroline Lucas: come from a place of solidarity and human rights, in order to make meaningful progress on loss and damage and delivering new finance. As the young Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate has said: “Our leaders are lost and our planet is damaged…You cannot adapt to lost cultures, you cannot adapt to lost traditions, you cannot adapt to lost history, you cannot adapt to starvation....

Environment Bill: After Clause 72 - Protection of pollinators from pesticides (20 Hyd 2021)

Caroline Lucas: I will be brief, but I will simply continue this theme about Lords amendment 45, which, as many hon. Members have said, simply does not go far enough. I pay tribute to the right hon. Member for Ludlow (Philip Dunne) for all his work on this and for his chairing of the Environmental Audit Committee, where this has been such a key issue for us. One of the reasons why I want to speak about this...

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