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Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill (25 Hyd 2022)

Caroline Lucas: The Minister said earlier that the Bill was proportionate, but that is exactly what it is not, particularly given the sunset clause that means that DEFRA will have to go through revising and amending more than one piece of law a day between now and the end of next year. It is not proportionate; it is indiscriminate. It is also ideologically driven. Does he agree that DEFRA staff have better...

Public Order Bill: New Clause 7 - Power of Secretary of State to bring proceedings (18 Hyd 2022)

Caroline Lucas: ...this Bill is just the latest in a concerted attack on our rights by this dangerous and populist Government. It is a draconian rehash of measures resoundingly voted down just months ago. As I have said previously in this House, the Government are pursuing policies and legislation that are deeply dangerous in the threat they pose to our fundamental and universally acknowledged human rights....

Public Order Bill: New Clause 7 - Power of Secretary of State to bring proceedings (18 Hyd 2022)

Caroline Lucas: ..., I want to speak specifically against serious disruption prevention orders and in favour of the amendments to remove them. On Second Reading, I set out my objection to these new civil orders and said that they might more accurately be called “sinister disproportionate political orders”. Nothing I have heard since then has persuaded me otherwise. The Government want to be able to...

Economic Update (17 Hyd 2022)

Caroline Lucas: ...I was hoping that it would be incinerated as well, not least because it is designed to undermine environmental regulation, to avoid fair taxation and to bypass local democracy. In the past, he has said that he is a green Tory. I have to put it to him that that is sadly an endangered species right now, but if he is serious about being a green Tory, will he now take steps to demonstrate it...

Shale Gas Extraction (22 Med 2022)

Caroline Lucas: I must say that I am fascinated that the Secretary of State thinks that he knows more about the geology of the UK than the geologist who founded Cuadrilla, who said quite clearly that the UK is unsuited to widespread fracking. My question comes back to the issue of consent. The Prime Minister said that fracking will go ahead only in places where there is support from the local community. That...

Confidence in Her Majesty’s Government (18 Gor 2022)

Caroline Lucas: is deeply dangerous. They risk a frightening descent into what the hon. Member for Paisley and Renfrewshire South (Mhairi Black) bravely and correctly called out in May: fascism. As she said back then, fascism does not always arrive wearing jackboots. It can come knocking more subtly than that. Students of fascism have helpfully suggested some of its signs: disinformation,...

Point of Order (18 Gor 2022)

Caroline Lucas: ...risk; they include Chevening alumni. I immediately sent him the details of our four cases, and I have chased him repeatedly and asked a written question. Today I did receive a reply, but it simply said that a reply would be sent “in due course.” Can you advise me, Mr Speaker, on what avenue I might take to elicit a serious response, given that it makes a mockery of promises made at the...

Protecting and Restoring Nature: COP15 and Beyond (14 Gor 2022)

Caroline Lucas: ...hon. Member for Leeds Central (Hilary Benn) talked about how it is central to our souls—nothing less. That, to me, is hugely important. I am struck by the words of the US writer Richard Louv, who said: “We cannot protect something we do not love, we cannot love what we do not know”. Therefore, getting more access for young people and all of us to nature, the kind of young people the...

Non-proliferation Treaty: 50th Anniversary Review (13 Gor 2022)

Caroline Lucas: ...should be told. It is also worrying that the UK Government have not yet decided which Ministers will attend the 10th review conference to coincide with the 50th anniversary. Given that the UK has said that it “looks forward to working with all states to strengthen” the NPT at the upcoming review conference, I trust that the Foreign Secretary will be present to engage meaningfully in...

Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy: Oil and Gas Sector (12 Gor 2022)

Caroline Lucas: ...will essentially incentivise yet more oil and gas exploration at a time when we know that we absolutely need to leave fossil fuels in the ground. Given that the Secretary of State himself has said that it will take up to a decade to extract sufficient volumes from fracking, will he undertake to speak to his Treasury colleagues and make sure that fracking at the very least is excluded from...

Energy (Oil and Gas) Profits Levy Bill: Clause 1 - Charge to tax (11 Gor 2022)

Caroline Lucas: ...fuel companies to exploit oil and gas reserves. In response to the Glasgow Climate Pact’s call for parties to “phase out inefficient fossil fuel subsidies”, the Climate Change Committee said that the Treasury should initiate a review of the role of tax policy in delivering net zero, and was very clear that no fossil fuel subsidy should be considered efficient in the UK. Will the new...

Action on Climate Change and Decarbonisation ( 5 Gor 2022)

Caroline Lucas: ...bringing forward good stuff fast enough—in other words, the delivery gap that the Committee on Climate Change referenced. The Government are also doing bad stuff. The Committee on Climate Change said that the Government’s plans for more new oil and gas projects in the North sea did not make economic sense. Will the Minister listen to that committee, which is there to give him advice,...

Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill (15 Meh 2022)

Caroline Lucas: I thank the hon. Lady for her intervention. As has been said, she clearly has expertise, but I am looking at the scientific evidence that has been put before me, and it is being suggested that the mistakes that can be made in this area, especially when it comes to nature, appear very different from those that are seen in nature. I move on to the principle of properly defined criteria. Using a...

Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill (15 Meh 2022)

Caroline Lucas: ...on Bioethics was “not convinced that this is either the most proper or most popular framing”. The Roslin Institute found it “exceptionally challenging”, while the Royal Society of Biology said: “No clarity can be achieved using this principle—we would not recommend using it as the basis for regulation.” In response to last year’s public consultation, there was a clear view...

Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill (15 Meh 2022)

Caroline Lucas: ...will know that section 20 of the Environment Act 2021 requires him to be able to affirm that this Bill does not weaken any existing environmental protections. Given that he has more or less just said that it precisely does, because it will weaken the EU legislation that we were following and will erode the existing regulatory system, how can he then sign section 20 in good faith?

Migration and Economic Development Partnership with Rwanda (15 Meh 2022)

Caroline Lucas: I haven’t said anything about Rwanda.

Public Order Bill (23 Mai 2022)

Caroline Lucas: This is a deeply dangerous Bill, and I am pleased to support the reasoned amendments. The measures in the Bill represent a fresh outright attack on our fundamental rights. Indeed, as others have said, the human rights organisation Liberty has called it a “staggering escalation of the Government’s clampdown on dissent.” We are in the grip of multiple crises: a cost of living scandal that...

Public Order Bill (23 Mai 2022)

Caroline Lucas: As others have said, evidence-based stop and search—where there is evidence and a good reason—is not in question. What is in question here is stop and search on the basis of a whim. As others have eloquently said, there is a very real danger of antagonising some groups who are already most disadvantaged, and therefore making the situation far worse. The Government want to give the police...

Delegated Legislation: Employment and Training (27 Ebr 2022)

Caroline Lucas: On a point of order, Mr Deputy Speaker. At Prime Minister’s questions today, I said that 56 MPs were “under investigation” over allegations of sexual misconduct. I should like to correct the record. I realise now that I should have said that according to a report in The Sunday Times 56 MPs are facing claims. There is a difference between a complaint being investigated and an...

Prime Minister: Engagements (27 Ebr 2022)

Caroline Lucas: Fifty-six Members of this House are under investigation for sexual misconduct, and that includes three members of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet. He has just rightly said that there can be no place for sexism and misogyny in the House. Can he now confirm that he considers sexual harassment—unlike, apparently, bullying and lying—to be grounds for dismissal under the ministerial code?

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