Canlyniadau 181–200 o 800 ar gyfer said speaker:Caroline Lucas

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation and Liability for Housing Standards) Bill: Extent, commencement and short title (20 Meh 2018)

Caroline Lucas: It is a pleasure to serve under your chairpersonship, Mr Wilson. I warmly congratulate the hon. Member for Westminster North, and I echo what others have said about her hard work, much of it behind the scenes. I simply want to add how extraordinary it is that landlords have no legal obligations to their tenants to put or keep the property in a condition fit for habitation. Like every member...

Offences Against the Person Act 1861 ( 5 Meh 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ...way and pay tribute to all her work in securing this important debate and much more besides. She will know that the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women has said that the situation in Northern Ireland constitutes “grave and systematic violations” of human rights. Does she agree that it is essential that we send a message from the Chamber today to...

Airports National Policy Statement ( 5 Meh 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ...same projections imply that if this runway is approved aviation will take up over half of the UK’s entire carbon budget by 2050, which is absurd. Given that the Committee on Climate Change has said “Don’t use international offsetting,” can the Secretary of State explain how on earth this proposal is compatible with our climate change objectives?

Nuclear Power ( 4 Meh 2018)

Caroline Lucas: .... I want to ask the Secretary of State again how he can justify this multimillion deal to prop up an outdated and hugely costly technology. The chief executive of National Grid himself has said that baseload is an outdated concept because the cost of batteries will come down far more quickly and will be much cheaper than new nuclear by the time it comes on board. Renewables are much...

Customs and Borders (26 Ebr 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ...incomprehensible that we could even have been considering sacrificing the Good Friday agreement on the altar of this ideologically driven Brexit? Five former Northern Ireland Secretaries have said a hard border threatens the very existence of the Good Friday agreement. Does he agree that that would be unforgivably reckless and careless?

Syria: Syria (16 Ebr 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ...the UK’s diplomatic capabilities, starting with a reversal of the cuts to the FCO budget; championing constructive engagement and multilateral forums; and in the longer term, as others have said, working towards reform of the UN as well. We also need to expend serious and sustained effort to enhance and expand UN peacekeeping and peacebuilding capabilities and to strengthen and fully...

Syria (16 Ebr 2018)

Caroline Lucas: The Prime Minister has said that the legal basis relies on there having been no practicable alternative to the use of force. Further to that, can she confirm exactly when the UK identified Him Shinsar as a chemical weapons storage facility, when it identified the chemical research facility at Barzeh as a chemical weapons research centre, when this information was reported to the OPCW and...

EU Referendum: Electoral Law (27 Maw 2018)

Caroline Lucas: the state of our democracy. The combination of big money and big data is overwhelming the chronically weak structures that are supposed to protect us against cheating and fraud. As others have said, we are trying to apply laws from the analogue era to the very different reality of the digital age, and it simply is not working. It took the Information Commissioner almost a week to get...

Committees: DMB Solutions: Liquidation ( 5 Maw 2018)

Caroline Lucas: The people who have been affected have already contacted the Insolvency Service, which has said that it will not investigate, so where do they go now?

Business of the House: Independent Complaints and Grievance Policy (28 Chw 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ...crucially, also abroad. The working group was not able in the timescale to reach agreement on how best to protect visitors to constituency offices, but I was reassured that the Leader of the House said earlier in the debate that that would be a priority for her. We have had quite a bit of debate about the role of the Standards Committee, and while I appreciate that the inclusion of lay...

Medical Cannabis (20 Chw 2018)

Caroline Lucas: We seem to be in some kind of Alice in Wonderland world where words mean the opposite of what we imagine. The Minister said that he is being fleet of foot, yet we have established that we are dragging our feet behind 15 EU member states and 29 US states. I have lost count of the number of times that he has talked about the importance of evidence, yet will he not accept the overwhelming...

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill: Retaining Enhanced Protection (17 Ion 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ...importance of remaining inside the single market and customs union, and I join him in appealing to Labour Front Benchers even at this eleventh hour to support it. As he and many other Members have said today, the Government have no mandate for the kind of extreme Brexit they are pursuing. The irony in the Labour Front-Bench position is that the NHS crisis or the inequality crisis or the...

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill: Saving for rights etc. under section 2(1) of the ECA (16 Ion 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ...expended in the EU, such derogations can be achieved. We could have done the same on issues such as live animals, but we chose not to. Indeed, as the hon. Member for Bristol East (Kerry McCarthy) said, the Government have a record of not supporting tighter legislation on the live animal transport trade. So I will not stand here and listen to Conservative Members pretending that their...

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill: Saving for rights etc. under section 2(1) of the ECA (16 Ion 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ...29 March 2019—or ever. It is this Bill that will weaken our animal welfare law by failing to transfer into UK law the obligation on the Government set out in article 13 of the Lisbon treaty. As I said in reply to the hon. Member for North Down (Lady Hermon), had I tabled an amendment that in some way added to or strengthened the obligations set out in article 13, Ministers would no...

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill: Regulations to deal with deficiencies arising from withdrawal - Independent Report (12 Rha 2017)

Caroline Lucas: whether the rest of the House is prepared to go along with the confidence the right hon. Gentleman demonstrates, or whether we want to have a belt-and-braces approach. The right hon. Gentleman said earlier that the idea of putting something in the Bill was inelegant. It may well be inelegant, but it is also a belt-and-braces way of making sure that, come the day we leave the EU—if...

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill: Regulations to deal with deficiencies arising from withdrawal - Independent Report (12 Rha 2017)

Caroline Lucas: ...Park (Zac Goldsmith), the debate a few weeks ago was about whether we needed new legislation to provide for animal sentience when we left the EU. The Minister stood at the Dispatch Box and said that we did not need new legislation as it was already covered by existing UK domestic legislation. So I am pleased to see a screeching U-turn, but let us not pretend that it was not a screeching...

Brexit Deal: Referendum — [Sir David Amess in the Chair] (11 Rha 2017)

Caroline Lucas: ...referendum, was signed by 10. The Green party fully respects the fact that voters made a decision and delivered a message to Parliament on 23 June last year, but we have also consistently said that the referendum was, and could only be, the start of the democratic process, not the end of it. The voters could not and did not express any opinion on the terms on which the UK should leave the...

Brexit Deal: Referendum — [Sir David Amess in the Chair] (11 Rha 2017)

Caroline Lucas: ...time to ask our negotiators to go back to the table, I would have no problem with having that option. However, the real worry at the moment is this: we heard what the Secretary of State for Brexit said on the Sunday television programmes yesterday, and he is talking about having a whole year for negotiations, so the idea that we would then be able to come back and have a serious...

Business of the House (16 Tach 2017)

Caroline Lucas: the first UK fracking in six years, in North Yorkshire. Can we have an urgent debate on how that is compatible with our climate change objectives, given that the Committee on Climate Change has said that three key tests have to be met? The Government have not met them, yet we believe the decision in Ryedale is imminent.

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill: EU Protocol on animal sentience (15 Tach 2017)

Caroline Lucas: ...the air being cleaned up in places such as London. One of the many things that worry me about the Brexit process is that, even in what the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said about closing the so-called governance gap, I have not heard any proposal from him for real sanctions to concentrate the minds of policy makers on bringing their laws into conformity. In EU...

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