Canlyniadau 81–100 o 700 ar gyfer said speaker:Caroline Lucas

Oral Answers to Questions — Justice: Corporate Harm (Overseas Victims) (13 Med 2011)

Caroline Lucas: I thank the Secretary of State for that interesting reply. Notwithstanding his response, he will be aware that the United Nations Special Representative on Business and Human Rights has said that clauses 41 to 43 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill will present a major barrier to justice for overseas victims of human rights abuses by UK multinationals, not least...

Oral Answers to Questions — Communities and Local Government: Social Housing (18 Maw 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...some housing associations are excluding poorer people from tenancies because of concern over their ability to pay in the face of Government welfare cuts? Southern Housing Group, for example, has said that reluctantly it tends to let affordable homes in new schemes only to working households. Will the Minister tell the House who exactly will house vulnerable people who are being excluded by...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Energy Bill [Lords]: Clause 39 - Review of energy efficiency in the private rented sector: England and Wales (14 Meh 2011)

Caroline Lucas: Does the Minister agree that it is fairer to landlords, as I said earlier, to know the trajectory over a period of 10 years or more, so that they know when they have to get to the next level? Otherwise, they spend a lot of money, time and bureaucracy getting to band E, without knowing when they are next going to be required to do something. That is cumbersome for them and undermining of the...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (30 Meh 2010)

Caroline Lucas: ...are incredibly important, but so is an exit strategy from Afghanistan. Given the growing agreement that there is no military solution to the crisis there and that the head of the Army himself has said that we should start talking to the Taliban soon, would the Prime Minister not agree that we should start talking now, so that we can save more lives on all sides and bring our troops home?

Opposition Day — [19th Allotted Day] — Tax Fairness (12 Maw 2013)

Caroline Lucas: As a tax that is much harder to evade or avoid, there is the land value tax. That is supported by one half of the coalition and by the OECD and the IMF. The IFS has said that the case for a land value tax is overwhelming because it is much fairer. Given that that is the case, can the Minister explain why his Government will not even do some basic research into it, as my private Member’s...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Syrian Refugees (29 Ion 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ...Twigg). LGBT groups have experienced particular victimisation, stigmatisation, violence and so forth. I urge her, in looking at vulnerable groups with the UN, to focus on LGBT communities. She said that it was “quite possible” that such people would qualify. That was not as reassuring as I had hoped.

Oral Answers to Questions — Health: Topical Questions (26 Tach 2013)

Caroline Lucas: The last time I asked the Secretary of State about the £30 million-worth of cuts forced on hospitals in Brighton and Sussex, he said that it was all down to local discretion. Does he admit that behind his rhetoric about protecting the NHS budget there still lies a real 4% cut to the centrally dictated national tariff? Does he acknowledge, therefore, that hard-working nurses and doctors have...

Royal Commission (London): Part 3 — Amendments of other enactments (12 Hyd 2010)

Caroline Lucas: ...choice that includes a genuinely proportional system. The debate is wider than whether we should choose AV or first past the post. The relative merits of AV as against first past the post cannot be said to cover all the arguments in a modern debate about real electoral reform.

Royal Commission (London): Part 3 — Amendments of other enactments (12 Hyd 2010)

Caroline Lucas: I find that incredibly disappointing and defeatist- [ Interruption. ] Well, it might be said that, had the terms of the coalition agreement been different, and had different priorities been at the top of the list, we might not have found ourselves in this situation. I believe that the role of politicians in this House is to do what we believe to be right, and I believe that it is right to...

Business of the House: Iraq: Coalition Against ISIL (26 Med 2014)

Caroline Lucas: Will the Prime Minister recognise that killing extremists does not kill their ideas? On the contrary—it can often feed their ideas, and for that reason the former MI6 head of counter-terrorism has said that getting Saudi Arabia and Iran around a negotiating table would be far more effective than bombing. Why are we not hearing far more from this Prime Minister about the political and...

Oral Answers to Questions — Education: Clause 1 — Up-rating of certain social security benefits for tax years 2014-15 and 2015-16 (21 Ion 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...a cruel and callous Bill. Given that that is the case, does he not think that Labour supporters might be disappointed that he will not commit now to re-link the upratings with RPI? Nor has Labour said that if it were to form a Government next time, they would reverse the Bill. Is not there a danger that people will think that it is all rhetoric and no action from the Opposition?

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Calais (14 Gor 2015)

Caroline Lucas: ...welcome, but it is not enough. Will the Home Secretary acknowledge that the Government’s refusal to accept some kind of EU refugee quota system is unfair and irresponsible? In the past, she has said that Britain has a proud tradition of standing up for refugees: now is the time to prove it by supporting such a measure.

Bee-killing Pesticides — [Caroline Nokes in the Chair] ( 1 Chw 2023)

Caroline Lucas: .... Brighton also has lots of lovely bee-friendly verges and so forth. Are we not just asking the Government to implement their own approach? Yesterday in their environmental improvement plan, they said that they wanted to put nature friendliness at the heart of all their policies. How is that coherent with the decision taken a few days ago? If the Government want to be consistent, they need...

Public Disorder (11 Aws 2011)

Caroline Lucas: Violence is always to be condemned, but as the Prime Minister said, seeking to understand violence is a world away from seeking to justify it. Indeed, we ought to try to understand it to stop it happening in future. Given the growing evidence, from Scarman onwards, that increasing inequality has a role to play in drawing at least some people into violent behaviour, can the Prime Minister...

Business of the House: Badger Cull (25 Hyd 2012)

Caroline Lucas: Thank you, Mr Speaker. In order to do so, I go back to what I said just before the hon. Gentleman intervened, which is that Lord Krebs himself is saying that people are cherry-picking certain aspects to try to get the result they want. If the hon. Gentleman looked at the full set of recommendations from the document instead of those that he cherry-picked, he would see that in fact the vast...

Oral Answers to Questions — Education: Ukraine (Flight MH17) and Gaza (21 Gor 2014)

Caroline Lucas: The Prime Minister said that the most recent bloodshed in Gaza and Israel had started with the Hamas rocket attacks. I deplore those attacks, but does the Prime Minister not accept that they are not happening in a vacuum, but are a consequence of the ongoing Israeli occupation and siege of Gaza? Given that this is the latest in a long line of Israeli breaches of international law, does he...

Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill (Programme): Climate Change, the Environment and Global Development (10 Gor 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...issue of international action, does the hon. Gentleman agree that aviation and shipping emissions ought to be included in the Government’s net zero strategy? The Committee on Climate Change has said that they should be included, but we have heard nothing from the Government to suggest that they are going to include them.

Election of Speaker (13 Meh 2017)

Caroline Lucas: ...? Our hearts go out to all those who were affected by them. I am delighted to congratulate you, Mr Speaker-Elect, on your well-deserved re-election. When you were last re-elected in May 2015, you said that you would like to be immortalised on your tombstone as the Back Bencher’s champion. As the Member of this House with perhaps the least chance of ever becoming a Front Bencher, I think...

National Insurance (Renaming): Backbench Business — Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (25 Chw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ...right hon. Gentleman for securing such an important debate. While Ministers seem keen to keep the public in the dark, the banking lobby is so happy with the financial services proposals that it has said that the text could have come straight from its own brochure. Does that ring the same alarm bells for the right hon. Gentleman as it does for me, and does he agree that the TTIP must not...

Oral Answers to Questions — Education: Clause 1 — Up-rating of certain social security benefits for tax years 2014-15 and 2015-16 (21 Ion 2013)

Caroline Lucas: .... Oxfam says that it is Dickensian and rightly points out that slashing the incomes of those at the bottom is not just cold-hearted but wrong-headed, because it will depress the economy further. I said earlier that most people want to work, and I could cite very many examples from my own constituency of people who have come to my surgeries who are desperate for work but have been unable to...

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