Canlyniadau 61–80 o 700 ar gyfer said speaker:Caroline Lucas

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Energy Bill [Lords]: Clause 3 - Framework regulations ( 7 Meh 2011)

Caroline Lucas: ...that has wording that is almost identical to that which I would have wished for. Nobody will be surprised that, in the light of that, I will not press my amendment to a vote. As the hon. Gentleman said, I thank the Minister for listening and indeed acting on this issue.

Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill (15 Meh 2022)

Caroline Lucas: ...will know that section 20 of the Environment Act 2021 requires him to be able to affirm that this Bill does not weaken any existing environmental protections. Given that he has more or less just said that it precisely does, because it will weaken the EU legislation that we were following and will erode the existing regulatory system, how can he then sign section 20 in good faith?

Daylight Saving Bill ( 3 Rha 2010)

Caroline Lucas: The hon. Gentleman seems to be obsessed with Indiana. There may well be other reasons why the results in Indiana were shown to be what they were. As many people have said, we need to look at what the results would be in the United Kingdom. There is one way to find that out, which is to allow the Bill to progress to the next stage so we can establish that.

Badger Cull — [Mr Mike Weir in the Chair] (11 Rha 2013)

Caroline Lucas: I know that the hon. Gentleman said he would leave the science to the Minister, but it would be good if he knew a little of it. There is a vast difference between culling badgers and culling foxes, and if he had availed himself of yesterday’s briefing by a scientist who works in this field, he would have seen that those animals act differently, so such a correlation cannot be made.

Ways and Means: Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation — Amendment of the Law (19 Maw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ...themselves on their green policies, so I wonder whether the hon. Gentleman is equally happy that the Government are hell-bent on getting every last drop of oil out of the ground, as the Chancellor said? While I am at it, does he agree that, although the £140 million for repairing flood defences is welcome, it is well short of the £500 million that we need?

Business of the House (16 Tach 2017)

Caroline Lucas: the first UK fracking in six years, in North Yorkshire. Can we have an urgent debate on how that is compatible with our climate change objectives, given that the Committee on Climate Change has said that three key tests have to be met? The Government have not met them, yet we believe the decision in Ryedale is imminent.

Rail Infrastructure (Train Operating Companies) ( 6 Rha 2016)

Caroline Lucas: The Secretary of State has said that he wants less contracting complexity and more localised decision making, but giving more power over infrastructure to private train operating companies will create a new and uneven layer of contracting in the industry. How can he be confident that this will not lead to a return of the subcontracting culture, which was a major factor in the avoidable rail...

Oral Answers to Questions — Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Topical Questions ( 7 Maw 2013)

Caroline Lucas: Last week the Secretary of State said that he was keen to delay European Union proposals to protect essential pollinators from neonicotinoids until new British field data were available. At the very same time, his own chief scientist was telling members of the Environmental Audit Committee that those same trials had been deeply compromised. When will the Secretary of State stop prevaricating...

Oral Answers to Questions — Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Topical Questions (16 Mai 2013)

Caroline Lucas: The Government said that the pilot badger culls are being carried out to test whether badgers can be killed humanely. They still have not released the criteria by which the cull will be assessed to ascertain whether it is humane. When will those criteria be published—or is the Minister holding them back because he knows perfectly well that they will demonstrate that it is not possible to...

Opposition Day — [10th allotted day] — Energy Price Freeze ( 6 Tach 2013)

Caroline Lucas: That is immensely kind; I thank the hon. Gentleman so much. He talked about the smaller company in his constituency. If it is the one I think it is, its chief executive has said that the reason it was able to keep prices lower was because it had been investing in renewables, not getting hooked up in gas or other fossil fuels. Is that not the conclusion to draw from the hon. Gentleman’s remarks?

Preston Park Train Services (24 Gor 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ..., at least Southern trains started in Brighton—they were not already full—and passengers had the option of taking the Gatwick Express. The service they are now offered is massively worse. As I said, some trains arrive too late to be useful to commuters, no Gatwick Express trains stop at all, and the others start in Littlehampton and are full.

Business of the House: Backbench Business — Green Economy (28 Meh 2012)

Caroline Lucas: I am grateful to the hon. Lady for giving way to me for a second time, but I cannot let pass what she has just said about the Government’s “consistent and constant” green energy policies, because they have been the exact opposite. Whether on solar or on wind, they have chopped and changed, and that is exactly why so many solar companies and wind companies are so furious—because they...

Customs and Borders (26 Ebr 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ...incomprehensible that we could even have been considering sacrificing the Good Friday agreement on the altar of this ideologically driven Brexit? Five former Northern Ireland Secretaries have said a hard border threatens the very existence of the Good Friday agreement. Does he agree that that would be unforgivably reckless and careless?

Syria (16 Ebr 2018)

Caroline Lucas: The Prime Minister has said that the legal basis relies on there having been no practicable alternative to the use of force. Further to that, can she confirm exactly when the UK identified Him Shinsar as a chemical weapons storage facility, when it identified the chemical research facility at Barzeh as a chemical weapons research centre, when this information was reported to the OPCW and...

[Mr Clive Betts in the Chair] — Wild Animals (Circuses) ( 8 Meh 2011)

Caroline Lucas: The hon. Gentleman will know that Governments have been given legal advice saying that it would be impossible to ban the import of cat and dog fur, and the same was said of seal fur, yet when Governments challenged that so-called legal advice they were able to make those bans happen. Does he agree that we should challenge the legal advice in this instance, thus ensuring that we ban this cruel...

Antibiotics (Intensive Farms) ( 9 Ion 2013)

Caroline Lucas: I congratulate the hon. Gentleman on securing this important debate. In the light of the very real health risks and the strong words from a former chief medical officer, as the hon. Gentleman has said, about the unnecessary use of antibiotics being nothing less than “a death warrant for a future patient”, does he agree that we need a legally binding timetable for the phased ending of all...

Opposition Day — [1st allotted day]: Climate Change (10 Meh 2015)

Caroline Lucas: ...joined the Greens in voting for a Europe-wide moratorium on fracking. Will the right hon. Lady reconsider her and her party’s position on fracking given the importance of what she has just said—that what we do at home sends a really strong signal about the seriousness with which we treat leaving fossil fuels in the ground?

Exiting the European Union (Consumer Protection) (25 Chw 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...Minister might do that, because something incredibly important is at stake here. At a recent meeting of the Environmental Audit Committee, we had before us the Chemicals Industry Association, which said: “No deal would essentially mean, if I can put it lightly, catastrophic effects on the chemical industry here in the UK.” Does she agree with that assessment, and will she do her very...

COP26: Limiting Global Temperature Rises (21 Hyd 2021)

Caroline Lucas: .... What I have problems with is looking at the fact that there is a dearth of actual actions to meet those targets. That is what we see again and again. The Climate Change Committee has itself said that there are no real plans to deliver the targets that are set. Frankly, the climate cares very little for targets. What it wants are the concrete policies to meet them.

Irish Border: Customs Arrangements ( 1 Hyd 2019)

Caroline Lucas: Does the Minister accept that any new infrastructure or surveillance at or near the border carries serious risks? The Northern Ireland journalist Dearbhail McDonald has said: “It’s hard to explain to those who have not lived through a conflict that claimed more than 3,500 lives, in a region with a smaller population than most large UK cities, how the border permeated every aspect of our...

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