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Speaker’s Statement: High Speed Rail (London – West Midlands) Bill (28 Ebr 2014)

Caroline Lucas: The hon. Lady said that we need to mitigate the worst effects of the railway. Does she accept that as regards ancient woodlands there is no way of mitigating those effects because we cannot replace ancient woodland? According to the Woodland Trust, the preferred route for phase 1 will see the loss of, or damage to, 83 irreplaceable woodlands.

Fair Tax Mark (18 Maw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: I am grateful to the Minister for his full answer, but will he focus on the EU accounting directive? He said that the Government want greater transparency, and he implied that they are in favour of country-by-country reporting, which is positive. However, the message we are hearing is that the UK has not supported the EU accounting directive.

Domestic Abuse Victims and Family Courts — [Joan Ryan in the Chair] (18 Gor 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ...she agree that it is absolutely obscene that people who need help the most, at a time of such vulnerability, are denied even the most basic support via legal aid to make their case? As others have said, that is revictimisation a hundred times over and it has to stop.

Agriculture Bill (10 Hyd 2018)

Caroline Lucas: In April this year, the Secretary of State said that food production is “ultimately about health”, and I agree with him. That being the case, will he explain why he has not listed public health as one of the outcomes in clause 1? Will he think again about putting public health right at the heart of the Bill and his policies?

Plastic Bags (17 Hyd 2012)

Caroline Lucas: I thank the Minister for allowing me to intervene. I was being a little impatient, because he said that he encourages people to reduce waste and not use plastic bags. Could he concretely say how that encouragement finds its way down to ordinary people? It is true that they have the opportunity to reduce waste, but they are not doing it enough.

GCHQ (10 Meh 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...US surveillance of this sort, will the Foreign Secretary commit to pushing for stronger measures in the current EU proposals, or does he agree with the Justice Secretary, who is reported to have said that plans to strengthen protections for UK citizens and businesses from such unwarranted spying are “mad”?

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Royal Mail (10 Gor 2013)

Caroline Lucas: As the Secretary of State has said, Royal Mail’s performance has gone from strength to strength, so why will the Government not commit to building on what has been achieved and keep it in public ownership, where we can guarantee that future profits will be invested in what is good for Britain, rather than what is good for a few select shareholders?

Business of the House (25 Hyd 2012)

Caroline Lucas: After nearly 11 years of being held without charge or trial, British resident Shaker Aamer is still in Guantanamo Bay, in spite of the fact that both US and UK authorities have said that he can be released. May we have an urgent debate to try to understand what the obstacles are to getting this man released and make that a real priority?

Schools (Brighton and Hove) (14 Hyd 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ...questions. First, I am grateful that the Minister recognises the problem of excessive work load in schools, but will he give concrete proposals on addressing it? Secondly, I am grateful that he has said that PSHE should be taught in all state schools but, if so, will the Government consider the opportunity to make it a statutory requirement?

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Office: EU Sanctions (Russia) ( 9 Meh 2015)

Caroline Lucas: I am pleased to hear the Minister say that there is no military solution in this case. Over the weekend the Foreign Secretary reportedly said that “unnecessary provocations” must be avoided when dealing with Russia but, when asked, he did not rule out the placement of US nuclear missiles on UK soil. Will he take the opportunity to rule that out very firmly?

Prime Minister: Engagements (27 Ebr 2022)

Caroline Lucas: Fifty-six Members of this House are under investigation for sexual misconduct, and that includes three members of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet. He has just rightly said that there can be no place for sexism and misogyny in the House. Can he now confirm that he considers sexual harassment—unlike, apparently, bullying and lying—to be grounds for dismissal under the ministerial code?

Written Answers — Department for Energy Security and Net Zero: North Sea Oil: Shetland ( 8 Chw 2024)

Caroline Lucas: To ask the Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, with reference to the Answer of 24 October 2023 to Question 202952 on North Sea Oil: Shetland, on what evidential basis she said that Rosebank will be significantly less emissions-intensive than the current average of producing assets; and if she will make an estimate of the total lifespan emissions from this project.

[Mr Philip Hollobone in the Chair] — Tourism (VAT) (11 Chw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: I thank the hon. Lady for giving way, but does she not accept what several hon. Members have said: precisely at a time of economic difficulty, we should be investing to get people into jobs and thus paying taxes to the Revenue? The idea that VAT should not be cut because we are in a time of economic difficulty indicates a misreading of the situation.

The Prime Minister Was Asked: Engagements (12 Rha 2018)

Caroline Lucas: ...replacement Prime Minister would face exactly the same party arithmetic and exactly the same deadlock on Brexit. This deadlock can be changed only by going back to the people. Today, The Times also said that is her only chance of saving her job and saving her deal. So can she tell the House: what exactly is she afraid of?

Business of the House (26 Ion 2012)

Caroline Lucas: ...s decision to appeal against the Court ruling that it was illegal to slash solar tariffs retrospectively raises critical questions about whether the UK is a safe place to invest at all. The CBI has said that it “creates a mood of uncertainty that puts off investors”. May we therefore have an urgent debate on the impact of that decision on investor confidence in the UK?

[Mr Peter Bone in the Chair] — Backbench business — UK Shale Gas (18 Gor 2013)

Caroline Lucas: I think I said that the driver for increasing fuel bills for most people today is rising prices of gas rather than renewables or anything else. Those interests that the right hon. Gentleman declared at the beginning of his contribution around jobs and keeping fuel bills low are better met through green energy sources than through gas, the prices of which are pushing up bills right now.

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill: Interpretation of retained EU law during transitional period (14 Tach 2017)

Caroline Lucas: I very much support the new clause, but does the hon. Gentleman share my incredulity at the fact that the Government have not simply said, “Yes, of course we need to inform businesses and regulators about how retained EU law will be reinterpreted during the transition.”? It is very odd that they have not recognised that this very basic and self-evident thing needs to be done.

Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Islam Wael Fahmi Dar Nasser (29 Meh 2021)

Caroline Lucas: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, if he will make representations to his Israeli counterpart (a) on the death of 16-year-old Mohammad Said Mohammad Hamayel in the West Bank on 11 June 2021, (b) on reports that he was shot with live ammunition by Israeli forces and (c) to seek assurances that there will be a criminal investigation into his death.

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill: Retaining Enhanced Protection (15 Tach 2017)

Caroline Lucas: ...asks no more from Ministers than they have already pledged verbally. Call me suspicious, but I would like to see that locked down legally as well, but it goes no further than what they have already said. Indeed, the new clause reflects repeated statements by Ministers, not least the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, that the UK’s withdrawal from the EU will not lead to a...

Treasury: Topical Questions (15 Tach 2022)

Caroline Lucas: In a letter to the Chancellor last week, Lord Deben, the chair of the Climate Change Committee, said clearly that demand reduction is “now the biggest gap” in UK energy policy. Will Thursday’s autumn statement include an emergency investment of at least £3.6 billion over the course of this Parliament, so we can finally roll out the long-awaited and very overdue home insulation...

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