Canlyniadau 21–40 o 700 ar gyfer said speaker:Caroline Lucas

Backbench Business — Iraq War (10th Anniversary) (13 Meh 2013)

Caroline Lucas: Thank you, Madam Deputy Speaker. I was saying that many people will say that if they had known then what they know now, they would not have supported the war, and I said that that was not an adequate justification, precisely because of those Members of Parliament who were not taken in by the spin. Members of Parliament could have known then much of what they know now. A vast amount of the...

Public Order Bill (23 Mai 2022)

Caroline Lucas: As others have said, evidence-based stop and search—where there is evidence and a good reason—is not in question. What is in question here is stop and search on the basis of a whim. As others have eloquently said, there is a very real danger of antagonising some groups who are already most disadvantaged, and therefore making the situation far worse. The Government want to give the police...

Agriculture Bill: Clause 4 - Multi-annual financial assistance plans (12 Hyd 2020)

Caroline Lucas: Until the last speech, I was going to say how lovely it was to feel a common view coming from the Government and Opposition Benches. Let me just say why I think the last speaker was wrong. He said that if we adopted Lords amendment 16, for example, we would be imposing standards on developing countries that they could not reach. In fact, the EU has all sorts of arrangements with poorer...

Privilege: Backbench Business — [3rd Allotted Day] — UK Armed Forces in Afghanistan ( 9 Med 2010)

Caroline Lucas: Afghanistan are read out at the beginning of each week's Prime Minister's Question Time. Yesterday, that roll call seemed to go on for a very long time, and after it the Deputy Prime Minister said: "Each of those men was an heroic, selfless individual who has given his life for the safety of us and the British people."-[ Official Report, 8 September 2010; Vol. 515, c. 313.] Each of...

Education Funding ( 4 Meh 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...with less. With their general budgets savaged by more than 8% in real terms, it is not surprising that they have to make devastating cuts. As the hon. Member for York Central (Rachael Maskell) said, we have this debate time and again. The Government tell us that austerity is supposed to be over, so let us see that in our schools. Right now, our schools know that Ministers are not being...

Bills Presented — Local Referendums Bill: Clause 3 — Application for Academy order (26 Gor 2010)

Caroline Lucas: ...being churlish, why is the democracy such an issue? The point was made that if you were to-[Hon. Members: "He"]-if he were to have a proper election, it would-I am sorry. A moment ago, the Minister said that if you were to increase the governors-

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Energy Bill [Lords]: Clause 1 - Green deal plans ( 7 Meh 2011)

Caroline Lucas: I have some sympathy with what the hon. Lady has said. To ensure, however, that timely and effective progress is made towards an overarching target, incremental steps need to be measured, or we will suddenly realise that the gap between where we are and the target that we need to achieve is too large.

Unauthorised Encampments (Brighton) (15 Meh 2011)

Caroline Lucas: On a point of order, Mr Streeter. What has been said is simply not true. The hon. Gentleman talked about—

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Energy Bill [Lords]: Schedule 1 - Reducing carbon emissions and home-heating costs: minor and consequential amendments (16 Meh 2011)

Caroline Lucas: I thank the Minister for his comments. It is reassuring to know that we are going in the same direction, although, as ever, I want to get there a bit faster. In the light of what he has said, I beg to ask leave to withdraw the amendment.

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Energy Bill [Lords]: Clause 78 - Annual report by Secretary of State on security of energy supplies (16 Meh 2011)

Caroline Lucas: I thank the hon. Lady for her intervention. I absolutely agree with her, particularly about energy security. It is one of the subtitles of the Bill and, as she said, distributed, renewable energy can make a huge contribution to our overall energy security, and I look forward to hearing the Minister’s response.

Metropolitan Police Service: National Policy Statements (Energy) (18 Gor 2011)

Caroline Lucas: The Tyndall Centre has said that even the targets of the fourth carbon budget would provide only a 56% to 63% chance of avoiding a 2° C rise in average global temperatures. Is it not therefore the case that even the fourth carbon budget is not setting the right targets?

Backbench Business — [32nd( )Allotted Day]: Procedure Committee Reports (13 Hyd 2011)

Caroline Lucas: The hon. Gentleman said that the agreement was on the voluntary introduction of explanatory statements, but we are driving towards something mandatory. In his response to the Committee’s report, words such as “significant burden”, “lukewarm support”, “inconclusive” and “disappointing” strongly suggest that the Government are not firmly behind our proposal.

Disabled Students Allowance — [Mr Jim Hood in the Chair] ( 2 Gor 2014)

Caroline Lucas: I congratulate the hon. Gentleman on securing this important debate. Does he share my alarm that that National Union of Students has said that as many as 55% of students with disabilities have seriously considered giving up their courses, many of them precisely because of financial concerns?

Infrastructure Bill [Lords]: New Clause 15 — Advice on likely impact of onshore petroleum on the carbon budget (26 Ion 2015)

Caroline Lucas: What the Minister has said, essentially, is that DEFRA should not do research that might possibly become embarrassing if it become public. How on earth does she expect people to have any confidence in the Government’s policies on fracking if the Government cannot even put the research in the public domain?

Committees: DMB Solutions: Liquidation ( 5 Maw 2018)

Caroline Lucas: The people who have been affected have already contacted the Insolvency Service, which has said that it will not investigate, so where do they go now?

European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill (22 Hyd 2019)

Caroline Lucas: No, I will not. The Government have told us what their plans are. This Prime Minister has openly said that Brexit offers us an opportunity to “regulate differently” and when he says that, I do not think that he means increasing those standards—call me cynical.

Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Islam Wael Fahmi Dar Nasser and Mohammad Said Hamayel (12 Gor 2021)

Caroline Lucas: ...for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, pursuant to the Answer of 29 June 2021 to Question 20364, what representations he has made to his Israeli counterpart on the deaths of Mohammad Said Mohammad Hamayel and Islam Wael Fahmi Dar Nasser.

Prime Minister: Engagements (23 Chw 2022)

Caroline Lucas: Given that, as his Defence Secretary said earlier this week, information is as powerful as any tank, can he explain why he is turning a blind eye to allegations of Russian disruption? Why is he playing fast and loose with our national security—

Russian Oil Import Ban ( 9 Maw 2022)

Caroline Lucas: “No new licences” is what I said.

Migration and Economic Development Partnership with Rwanda (15 Meh 2022)

Caroline Lucas: I haven’t said anything about Rwanda.

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