Canlyniadau 161–180 o 700 ar gyfer said speaker:Caroline Lucas

Access to Mental Health Services: Clause 26 — Meaning of “controlled expenditure” (10 Med 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...voices seeking to raise awareness and stimulate debate on issues of crucial public interest, be it NHS reform, fuel poverty, housing policy or wildlife conservation. As other hon. Members have said, charities already have to be non-political under charity law, and they do not need this extra layer of regulation. Other groups that do not operate as charities also play a crucial role in...

[Mr Joe Benton in the Chair] — Wildlife Crime (10 Hyd 2013)

Caroline Lucas: was encouraging that the UK supported the proposal for a UN special envoy on wildlife crime. During that meeting, the President of Gabon commented that illicit wildlife crime is, exactly as she said, not just an environmental problem but a serious threat to peace and security. Does she agree that that is yet another reason why the Government should now commit to funding our excellent...

[Mr Andrew Turner in the Chair] — Greenpeace Activists in the Russian Federation (23 Hyd 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...maker who has been credited on David Attenborough’s films, and a father to sons aged eight and seven and a three-year-old daughter. His brother has spoken of the contact he has had with him. He said: “While Phil seemed quite ‘down’ in his earlier letters, he seemed stronger in this one to me and is very keen we don’t just get them back and forget why they all went out there—to...

Table: New Clause 5 — Review into state pension in relation to women within 15 years of state pension age (29 Hyd 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...state pension compared with men of the same age. No wonder my constituent, like many others, believes this creates unnecessary and unjustifiable inequality and discrimination. The Minister has said in the past that women in the position of my constituent should defer, but for those on low incomes who are unable to work and do not have a convenient pot of money, that is not an option. He...

Opposition Day — [10th allotted day] — Energy Price Freeze ( 6 Tach 2013)

Caroline Lucas: That is immensely kind; I thank the hon. Gentleman so much. He talked about the smaller company in his constituency. If it is the one I think it is, its chief executive has said that the reason it was able to keep prices lower was because it had been investing in renewables, not getting hooked up in gas or other fossil fuels. Is that not the conclusion to draw from the hon. Gentleman’s remarks?

Opposition Day — [10th allotted day] — Energy Price Freeze ( 6 Tach 2013)

Caroline Lucas: contribute to this important debate, because it concerns a crucial issue that is raised with me time and again by my constituents. We should bear in mind that, as many other Members have said today, behind all the statistics that often dominate debates such as this are real people and real suffering. We are talking about people who wake up with ice on the inside of their windows, and...

Opposition Day — [10th allotted day] — Energy Price Freeze ( 6 Tach 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ..., going from our constituents to EDF, one of the big six. Why is it acceptable for UK bill payers to be fleeced in order to provide a rate of return to EDF that is double that which Ministers have said they see as fit for renewable projects—schemes that could be owned by communities themselves? Let us not forget that Hinkley Point C will not boil a kettle until the early 2020s, at best,...

Opposition Day — [10th allotted day] — Energy Price Freeze ( 6 Tach 2013)

Caroline Lucas: some cases renewables are already cheaper. They are also asking for a strike price of £91 by 2018, which is substantially less than what we are going to be giving to nuclear. Consumer Futures said that the Hinkley deal “moves the risks of future variations in wholesale prices from investors onto consumers, will likely see household bills increase and will distort future investment in...

Business of the House: Amendments to Bills (Explanatory Statements) ( 6 Tach 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...process.” If that is what the Committee wants, why not make the statements mandatory, rather than just talking about an aspiration or a wish? The hon. Member for Broxbourne (Mr Walker) rightly said that the Government did indeed issue explanatory statements on that occasion, and that the Opposition did not do so. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that, one day, the Government...

Business of the House: Amendments to Bills (Explanatory Statements) ( 6 Tach 2013)

Caroline Lucas: There is some truth in what the hon. Gentleman says, but if the conclusion of what he said is that he genuinely expects 650 Members to be in this Chamber—day in, day out—to scrutinise all legislation, I think he is more optimistic than I am, because I do not think that is likely. I believe we also have other important roles, such as providing scrutiny through Select Committees, which are...

Oral Answers to Questions — Health: Topical Questions (26 Tach 2013)

Caroline Lucas: The last time I asked the Secretary of State about the £30 million-worth of cuts forced on hospitals in Brighton and Sussex, he said that it was all down to local discretion. Does he admit that behind his rhetoric about protecting the NHS budget there still lies a real 4% cut to the centrally dictated national tariff? Does he acknowledge, therefore, that hard-working nurses and doctors have...

Recall of Elected Representatives: Schedule 4 — Application and modification of emissions limit duty ( 4 Rha 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...told his party: “As the Secretary of State I’m determined to use all of my powers to make sure that Britain leads the way in sourcing the energy we need from low carbon sources.” He has also said: “The damage that will be done by global warming is greater than previously feared. So the need for action is greater than ever.” On his welcome decision last month to end UK support for...

Recall of Elected Representatives: Clause 1 — Decarbonisation target range ( 4 Rha 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...profits, it would allow customers to see how much UK corporation tax their energy supplier has paid in the past three years as a total and, crucially, as a proportion of its profits. The Minister said that that was not necessarily fair because there was not a direct correlation between corporation tax paid and overall turnover, but none the less it would be useful for people to have that...

Badger Cull — [Mr Mike Weir in the Chair] (11 Rha 2013)

Caroline Lucas: I know that the hon. Gentleman said he would leave the science to the Minister, but it would be good if he knew a little of it. There is a vast difference between culling badgers and culling foxes, and if he had availed himself of yesterday’s briefing by a scientist who works in this field, he would have seen that those animals act differently, so such a correlation cannot be made.

Badger Cull — [Mr Mike Weir in the Chair] (11 Rha 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...because some of the figures speak for themselves. The policy specified that a minimum of 70% of the badger population should be removed within a single six-week period but, as colleagues have said, contractors are estimated to have removed 65% of the population in the Somerset zone after nine weeks of culling, and less than 40% of the Gloucestershire population after 11 weeks and two days....

Badger Cull — [Mr Mike Weir in the Chair] (11 Rha 2013)

Caroline Lucas: I thank the hon. Gentleman for his helpful intervention. I agree with him absolutely, and I am familiar with the Sussex badger vaccination project. As he rightly said, it is a service run by volunteers to offer landowners and farmers in East Sussex the chance to vaccinate badgers at very low cost, thereby providing a humane and less controversial method of tackling the disease. It has said...

Backbench Business — Rural Communities: Inter-City Rail Investment ( 9 Ion 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ...I meet almost every day are, without exception, frustrated and angry about the poor quality of the service that they pay through the nose to use. It is a huge amount of money and, as has been said, the cost just went up again earlier this month. An annual season ticket between Brighton and London Victoria is nearly £4,000; to be fair, there would be £28 change, but that is still a huge...

Backbench Business — Rural Communities: Inter-City Rail Investment ( 9 Ion 2014)

Caroline Lucas: It is not just my line. As I have said, it is the line of the Office of Rail Regulation. I would suggest that there is cherry-picking going on in the figures that are being presented. There are questions over what the start time is and over how much of the responsibility for the costs can be laid at the door of Directly Operated Railways and how much at the door of the previous private...

Energy and Climate Change: Shale Gas (16 Ion 2014)

Caroline Lucas: On Tuesday the Prime Minister said people objecting to shale gas on climate grounds are irrational, yet climate scientist experts and investors all warn that the vast majority of existing fossil fuel reserves must remain underground—they are unburnable if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change—and just today we hear of the BP report that shale gas will not help cut emissions and that...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Syrian Refugees (29 Ion 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ...Twigg). LGBT groups have experienced particular victimisation, stigmatisation, violence and so forth. I urge her, in looking at vulnerable groups with the UN, to focus on LGBT communities. She said that it was “quite possible” that such people would qualify. That was not as reassuring as I had hoped.

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