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GCHQ (10 Meh 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...US surveillance of this sort, will the Foreign Secretary commit to pushing for stronger measures in the current EU proposals, or does he agree with the Justice Secretary, who is reported to have said that plans to strengthen protections for UK citizens and businesses from such unwarranted spying are “mad”?

Media Sexism (12 Meh 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...cases. It is an epidemic, with the symptoms identifiable at an early age. A YouGov poll for the End Violence Against Women coalition found that more than 70% of 16 to 18-year-old boys and girls said that they routinely heard sexual name-calling towards girls at school, and even more disturbingly that one in three girls said that they experienced “groping” or other unwanted sexual...

Backbench Business — Iraq War (10th Anniversary) (13 Meh 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...-UK group—reports 112,976 documented civilian casualties and points out that further analysis of the WikiLeaks Iraq war logs may add 12,000 civilian deaths to that the number. The IBC has always said that its number is an undercount because proper records have not been kept by the coalition forces, a fact that tells its own story. Whatever the true number, there is no dispute that there...

Backbench Business — Iraq War (10th Anniversary) (13 Meh 2013)

Caroline Lucas: Thank you, Madam Deputy Speaker. I was saying that many people will say that if they had known then what they know now, they would not have supported the war, and I said that that was not an adequate justification, precisely because of those Members of Parliament who were not taken in by the spin. Members of Parliament could have known then much of what they know now. A vast amount of the...

Backbench Business — Iraq War (10th Anniversary) (13 Meh 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...former Foreign Secretary and member of the 2003 Cabinet. Yet his warnings were heeded only by the 23% of MPs who voted to oppose the war. How could that happen? The right hon. Member for Blackburn said earlier that the transcript of what Chirac had said was in the public domain, and that is precisely my point. Given that the evidence was there, how is it that more MPs did not come to a...

Backbench Business — Iraq War (10th Anniversary) (13 Meh 2013)

Caroline Lucas: Clearly I do not have the inside information that the hon. Gentleman has, but I have heard many a different story told elsewhere. In conclusion, I said at the start of my speech that the justification for the debate is that Parliament must accept that it made a mistake in 2003 and set out how it will prevent such a mistake from happening again. I believe that it comes down to the acceptance...

Backbench Business — Iraq War (10th Anniversary) (13 Meh 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...a step towards reinvigorating confidence in Parliament. I pay particular tribute to the contribution from the shadow Minister, the hon. Member for Wrexham (Ian Lucas), whose comments, as everyone said, were from the heart and delivered with a frankness that made us all listen. I would like to pay tribute to other colleagues, too. The anger with which the right hon. Member for Oldham West...

Legal Aid Reform (27 Meh 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...that supports the right to a fair trial. Yet that right is being fundamentally undermined, with precious few opportunities for MPs to scrutinise the details or to object. Much has already been said about the impact of price competition tendering. I simply point out that many legal experts in my constituency have told me that if the changes go ahead, then cost becomes the determining...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Royal Mail (10 Gor 2013)

Caroline Lucas: As the Secretary of State has said, Royal Mail’s performance has gone from strength to strength, so why will the Government not commit to building on what has been achieved and keep it in public ownership, where we can guarantee that future profits will be invested in what is good for Britain, rather than what is good for a few select shareholders?

Business of the House: Trident Alternatives Review (17 Gor 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...and ending our dependence on foreign oil—a key root cause of global terrorism. The national security strategy also highlights the ongoing need to tackle terrorism, but as Tony Blair himself said in October 2005: “I do not think that anyone pretends that the independent nuclear deterrent is a defence against terrorism”.—[ Official Report, 19 October 2005; Vol. 437, c. 841.] A group...

Business of the House: Trident Alternatives Review (17 Gor 2013)

Caroline Lucas: What I said was that Britain has so far not played a particularly constructive role in the process. I have described what happened in Oslo earlier this year. Irrespective of the firepower, the message that we are sending to other states is that the way to be secure is to get more nuclear weapons. That is likely to make us less safe, not more safe. I do not know how we will be able to argue...

[Mr Peter Bone in the Chair] — Backbench business — UK Shale Gas (18 Gor 2013)

Caroline Lucas: .... I am happy to say that I do not think that fossil fuels should have tax breaks. Whether or not we want to call that a subsidy, I am clear that I think it is, and I am against it. Charles Perry said in evidence to the Committee: “The media in this country…would like us all to believe that we are paying a lot more for renewable energy as consumers, but if you compare what we are paying...

[Mr Peter Bone in the Chair] — Backbench business — UK Shale Gas (18 Gor 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...would normally expect under local government or other funding systems. I share those concerns, not least in light of recent comments from the chief executive of shale gas explorer IGas, who said that local communities should be won over to shale gas fracking by being rewarded with more teachers in primary schools or more officers on the beat. Given the coalition Government’s cuts to...

[Mr Peter Bone in the Chair] — Backbench business — UK Shale Gas (18 Gor 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...high degree of uncertainty surrounding any price forecast.” Let us look at what some of the energy market experts are saying about the cost question. Jamie Spiers, researcher at Imperial college, said that “figures suggest that the cost of extracting UK shale gas reserves will exceed the price. This is a big issue that not been addressed very much.”

[Mr Peter Bone in the Chair] — Backbench business — UK Shale Gas (18 Gor 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...prices will continue to be set by imported gas.” Professor Paul Stevens, Chatham House analyst and a recent winner of the prestigious OPEC award for outstanding oil and energy research, has said that the Chancellor’s view that gas will be cheap in the future, based on the views that that will be driven by a shale gas revolution as happened in the US, is “misleading and dangerous.”...

[Mr Peter Bone in the Chair] — Backbench business — UK Shale Gas (18 Gor 2013)

Caroline Lucas: I think I said that the driver for increasing fuel bills for most people today is rising prices of gas rather than renewables or anything else. Those interests that the right hon. Gentleman declared at the beginning of his contribution around jobs and keeping fuel bills low are better met through green energy sources than through gas, the prices of which are pushing up bills right now.

[Mr Peter Bone in the Chair] — Backbench business — UK Shale Gas (18 Gor 2013)

Caroline Lucas: Far from my being in la-la land, the right hon. Gentleman has very effectively not answered my question. I said that if we were to look at a fuel bill to try to ascertain which elements made it high, we would find that it was gas rather than renewables. Yes, renewables have a greater degree of subsidy now, but that is because they are new. They have a rate that will enable them to come to...

Syria and the Use of Chemical Weapons (29 Aws 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...mean. I remain to be convinced that a military attack would deter, rather than escalate, conflict in the region, which is why I agree with what the hon. Member for Cheltenham (Martin Horwood) just said. I have yet to hear what the strategy would be for Syria and the wider region in the event of an attack. I listened carefully to the Deputy Prime Minister on the radio this morning. It was...

Oral Answers to Questions — Education: Clause 1 — Prohibition on consultant lobbying unless registered ( 9 Med 2013)

Caroline Lucas: the Bill by focusing on financial disclosure. I believe that there should be a requirement to disclose a good-faith estimate of how much money has been spent on lobbying activity. The Minister said that the purpose of the Bill was to shine the light of transparency on lobbying. To my mind, we would be doing only half the job if we did not ensure that we had an idea of what was being...

Access to Mental Health Services: Clause 26 — Meaning of “controlled expenditure” (10 Med 2013)

Caroline Lucas: ...through this clampdown without a shred of evidence that there is a problem with third sector organisations exerting an undue influence over elections in the first place. As many hon. Members have said, the best way to proceed would be to ditch the whole of part 2 and only introduce changes for which there is a robust evidence base—one that would attract cross-party support—and which...

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