Canlyniadau 21–40 o 700 ar gyfer said speaker:Caroline Lucas

Deep-Water Drilling (Shetland) (18 Tach 2010)

Caroline Lucas: In fact, I was careful not to say that Norway had put in place a blanket moratorium. I said that it had allowed ongoing drilling under the 20th round of licences, but that it will not release any licences under the 21st round-the new round-until it has learned the lessons. Surely that is the kind of model that we should follow. I come back to my point that I do not understand how Ministers...

Daylight Saving Bill ( 3 Rha 2010)

Caroline Lucas: ..., the extra capacity required for that short period of peak demand comes from inefficient and carbon-intensive sources such as oil-fired stations and pump storage facilities or, as has been said, by imports from France, which can be an expensive alternative. The introduction of daylight saving would reduce peak demand for electricity on winter evenings. During that famous 1968-71...

Daylight Saving Bill ( 3 Rha 2010)

Caroline Lucas: The hon. Gentleman seems to be obsessed with Indiana. There may well be other reasons why the results in Indiana were shown to be what they were. As many people have said, we need to look at what the results would be in the United Kingdom. There is one way to find that out, which is to allow the Bill to progress to the next stage so we can establish that.

Daylight Saving Bill ( 3 Rha 2010)

Caroline Lucas: ...the most important thing is to move the Bill forward so that, with the same figures on everybody's laps, we can have that debate and make the same analysis. In closing, I reiterate what others have said about how the Bill will also benefit tourism in the UK. My constituency owes a great deal of its prosperity to tourism, with about £690 million entering the Brighton and Hove economy last...

[Mr Joe Benton in the Chair] — backbench business — Parliamentary Reform ( 3 Chw 2011)

Caroline Lucas: ...decided that I should probably wait for a few more years before making such a proposal. I discussed the matter with a company that specialises in the manufacture of electronic voting devices. It said that we could make them operable in the Chamber and in the Lobbies on either side-there is not enough space for all Members to be in the Chamber, as has been pointed out-but they could be made...

[Mr Joe Benton in the Chair] — backbench business — Parliamentary Reform ( 3 Chw 2011)

Caroline Lucas: ...lot of warm words about a new politics. In the wake of the expenses scandal, hon. Members will recall the words of the right hon. Member for Witney (Mr Cameron) before he became Prime Minister. He said that "this political crisis shows that big change is required. We do need a new politics in this country. We do need sweeping reform." Last year, the Deputy Prime Minister told the House:...

[Jim Sheridan in the Chair] — Housing Benefit (10 Maw 2011)

Caroline Lucas: ...of reasons why shared accommodation is not always a suitable option for claimants. People with behavioural or dependency problems, and people who pose a risk often need to live on their own. As I said earlier, under the policy even expectant mothers will be expected to share until they give birth. Even if sharing is not a problem for an individual in principle, where is the accommodation...

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 (21 Maw 2011)

Caroline Lucas: the region, its failure to enforce UN resolutions in Palestine and the legacy of the invasion of Iraq in 2003, I think its motives in Libya will always be in doubt. The Prime Minister himself said a few days ago that a no-fly zone was not a simple solution but one of a series of steps needed to make sure that we “get rid of this regime.”—[ Official Report, 16 March 2011; Vol. 525,...

Sustainable Communities Act (28 Maw 2011)

Caroline Lucas: ...of Brighton’s leisure and tourism industry, which attracts more than 8 million visitors a year and has remained a large source of employment in Brighton and Hove despite the recession. As I said, however, we are bucking the trend, and the relentless march of the high street clones is taking its toll, as are the prevalence of out-of-town shopping centres, the push to run public services...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Energy Bill [Lords]: Clause 1 - Green deal plans ( 7 Meh 2011)

Caroline Lucas: ...efficient? What things can I do?” They do not want to know only those parts that meet the strict criteria of the green deal. Those are a sub-set. I am still worried, despite what the Minister has said, that there is not sufficient stress on the wider energy plan, which many households may well be in the position to fund themselves or to fund from other funding sources. Currently, they...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Energy Bill [Lords]: Clause 1 - Green deal plans ( 7 Meh 2011)

Caroline Lucas: clause 7 and particularly amendments (a) and (b), which I have tabled. My concern about the new clause is that it is vague. It follows the Minister’s speech on Second Reading, in which he said that his Department will “publish a formal aim—that is, on the face of the Bill—to take reasonable steps to improve the energy efficiency of the English residential sector by...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Energy Bill [Lords]: Clause 1 - Green deal plans ( 7 Meh 2011)

Caroline Lucas: I have some sympathy with what the hon. Lady has said. To ensure, however, that timely and effective progress is made towards an overarching target, incremental steps need to be measured, or we will suddenly realise that the gap between where we are and the target that we need to achieve is too large.

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Energy Bill [Lords]: Clause 3 - Framework regulations ( 7 Meh 2011)

Caroline Lucas: ...whether it will be something that benefits local economies, communities and businesses or whether it will be perceived as a top-down process that is done to people. As the Minister knows and has said many times, there is enormous potential for job creation. Tens of thousands of jobs could be created in local economies around the green deal. In my constituency, there is huge excitement...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Energy Bill [Lords]: Clause 3 - Framework regulations ( 7 Meh 2011)

Caroline Lucas: ...that has wording that is almost identical to that which I would have wished for. Nobody will be surprised that, in the light of that, I will not press my amendment to a vote. As the hon. Gentleman said, I thank the Minister for listening and indeed acting on this issue.

[Mr Clive Betts in the Chair] — Wild Animals (Circuses) ( 8 Meh 2011)

Caroline Lucas: The hon. Gentleman will know that Governments have been given legal advice saying that it would be impossible to ban the import of cat and dog fur, and the same was said of seal fur, yet when Governments challenged that so-called legal advice they were able to make those bans happen. Does he agree that we should challenge the legal advice in this instance, thus ensuring that we ban this cruel...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Energy Bill [Lords]: Clause 5 - Terms of plan etc ( 9 Meh 2011)

Caroline Lucas: ...of non-payment of the energy costs, not the associated costs. I worry that we are taking a step backwards with the Bill, because we are looking at weaker protection for the consumer. As I have said, I recognise that a balance must be struck between that issue and giving confidence to the finance providers. At the moment, however, the balance is not sufficiently in favour of the consumer...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Energy Bill [Lords]: Clause 19 - Power to modify energy supply licences to require provision of information ( 9 Meh 2011)

Caroline Lucas: ...result in some customers being asked to pay higher interest rates because they are perceived to be a greater credit risk, based on their record of paying energy bills. The Minister has previously said that the green deal will be available whether people own or rent, and as this is not like personal debt, personal credit ratings are not a factor. That is what the Minister has said in the...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Energy Bill [Lords]: Clause 22 - Powers under sections 17 to 20: supplementary ( 9 Meh 2011)

Caroline Lucas: ...procedure, while any green deal code of practice would be subject to the negative procedure. If I am right that there is that discrepancy, I call on the  Minister to explain it. I think that he said no fewer than 16 times during the Committee’s first two sittings on Tuesday that more detail would come in secondary legislation. Given the importance of secondary legislation to the Bill, I...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Energy Bill [Lords]: Clause 39 - Review of energy efficiency in the private rented sector: England and Wales (14 Meh 2011)

Caroline Lucas: Does the Minister agree that it is fairer to landlords, as I said earlier, to know the trajectory over a period of 10 years or more, so that they know when they have to get to the next level? Otherwise, they spend a lot of money, time and bureaucracy getting to band E, without knowing when they are next going to be required to do something. That is cumbersome for them and undermining of the...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Energy Bill [Lords]: Clause 45 - Sanctions for the purposes of tenants’ energy efficiency improvements regulations: England and Wales (14 Meh 2011)

Caroline Lucas: I thank the Minister for that clarification, but it alters what he said earlier in answer to my concerns about clause 45. It now looks as if there will not be an option to make landlords pay a £5,000 fine, which might concentrate their minds. In that case, could we not have a backstop in this clause as well? It would equalise the power imbalance between tenant and landlord. Obviously, the...

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