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Opposition Day — [19th Allotted Day] — UNHCR Syrian Refugees Programme (29 Ion 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ...of people we will allow into this country. So many hon. Members have wanted to speak in this debate because of the sheer scale of the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding. As many people have said, this is the greatest refugee crisis of our time and we have a moral responsibility to act. The UNHCR predicts that the number of Syrian refugees fleeing the country will be more than 4 million...

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Deregulation Bill ( 3 Chw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ...organisations, from the largest to the smallest, across the built environment industry. In response to the Prime Minister’s comment last week about deregulation, Paul King, its chief executive, said: “The Prime Minister’s boasts of ‘slashing 80,000 pages’ of environmental guidance is utterly reprehensible. It is the same poisonous political rhetoric from Number 10, devaluing...

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Deregulation Bill ( 3 Chw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: .... The Aldersgate Group also highlighted the negative impact of putting sensible environmental regulations at risk with a consequent loss of business confidence. Peter Young, the group’s chairman, said: “It is a myth that all businesses want less regulation. Effective green laws create a level playing field which drives efficiency, early action and the innovation in UK companies that...

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Deregulation Bill ( 3 Chw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ...regulations. By and large—apart from, for instance, the clause about knitting yarn—the Bill contains none of the measures that small businesses in my constituency are crying out for. As I have said, what they would love to see are changes in the whole economic environment, such as the introduction of a higher threshold before business rate relief comes in. that. That would make a huge...

[Mr Philip Hollobone in the Chair] — Tourism (VAT) (11 Chw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ...there is strong evidence to support the case that this measure would be fiscally neutral. The key evidence for the case to reduce VAT on attractions and accommodation comes, as other Members have said, from Professor Adam Blake, the Treasury adviser, who has used the Treasury’s own economic model. As we have heard, he concludes that a reduction in VAT for accommodation and attractions...

[Mr Philip Hollobone in the Chair] — Tourism (VAT) (11 Chw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: I thank the hon. Lady for giving way, but does she not accept what several hon. Members have said: precisely at a time of economic difficulty, we should be investing to get people into jobs and thus paying taxes to the Revenue? The idea that VAT should not be cut because we are in a time of economic difficulty indicates a misreading of the situation.

National Insurance (Renaming): Backbench Business — Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (25 Chw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ...right hon. Gentleman for securing such an important debate. While Ministers seem keen to keep the public in the dark, the banking lobby is so happy with the financial services proposals that it has said that the text could have come straight from its own brochure. Does that ring the same alarm bells for the right hon. Gentleman as it does for me, and does he agree that the TTIP must not...

Opposition Day — [Un-allotted day]: Housing Benefit (26 Chw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ...’s bedroom tax and their attempt to undo a drafting mistake they made when they pushed through this nasty legislation. We know that the legislation is cruel and counter-productive. As others have said, the Government’s drafting mistake means that some people are exempt from the charge and should not be made to pay it, but now the Government want to ensure that from March all those...

Estimates Day — [2nd Allotted Day] — Supplementary Estimates 2013-14 — Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Managing Flood Risk ( 3 Maw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: Does the hon. Lady recognise that there is incoherence at the heart of the Government’s policy on climate change and flooding? The Prime Minister said that money was no object when it came to the relief effort to clear up after floods, but less than two weeks later he was handing huge new subsidies to the fossil fuel industry; when those fossil fuels are burned, extreme weather events,...

Estimates Day — [2nd Allotted Day] — Supplementary Estimates 2013-14 — Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Managing Flood Risk ( 3 Maw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ..., he could clear up the basic matter of what he thinks is man-made and what is natural when it comes to the increased risk of extreme weather. In the same breath as he mentioned the Met Office, he said that there “might” be either short-term or long-term trends. On what basis does he query the long-term trend, let alone its seriousness? The Met Office states: “There is no evidence to...

Department of Energy and Climate Change: Government Levies on Energy Bills ( 3 Maw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: I am reluctant to interrupt the hon. Gentleman, because up until now I have agreed with everything he has said and I fear that my question might lead us to depart from that. Does he agree that if we compare the strike price for nuclear in 2023 with the price of offshore wind, onshore wind and even solar photovoltaics in 2023, we will see that nuclear is vastly more expensive, and that if we...

Royal Assent: Backbench Business — Badger Cull (13 Maw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ..., despite that, the Government have refused to rule out the extension of culling in up to 40 additional large areas in the west and south-west of England in the coming years. Much has been said about the importance of evidence-based policy making. Let us remind ourselves about what some of these scientific experts have said about culling. Others have already quoted Lord John Krebs, who...

Royal Assent: Backbench Business — Badger Cull (13 Maw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ...still not be tackling at least 84% of TB in cattle. That is what makes me feel that it is even more important to look at alternative strategies, and chief among them, as many other Members have said, is badger vaccination. Badger vaccination makes sense for a number of reasons, but I want to mention just two. The first reason is that it works. It reduces the probability of infection by...

Fair Tax Mark (18 Maw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ...of those rules is widespread and not just from those who might be dismissed as the usual suspects. International accountants Ernst and Young—hardly associated with being anti-establishment—said this in a report that it issued last year: “Public debate is increasingly focused on the tax policies of companies as well as the amount of tax they pay. With the dialogue played out across a...

Fair Tax Mark (18 Maw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: I am grateful to the Minister for his full answer, but will he focus on the EU accounting directive? He said that the Government want greater transparency, and he implied that they are in favour of country-by-country reporting, which is positive. However, the message we are hearing is that the UK has not supported the EU accounting directive.

Ways and Means: Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation — Amendment of the Law (19 Maw 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ...themselves on their green policies, so I wonder whether the hon. Gentleman is equally happy that the Government are hell-bent on getting every last drop of oil out of the ground, as the Chancellor said? While I am at it, does he agree that, although the £140 million for repairing flood defences is welcome, it is well short of the £500 million that we need?

Speaker’s Statement: High Speed Rail (London – West Midlands) Bill (28 Ebr 2014)

Caroline Lucas: The hon. Lady said that we need to mitigate the worst effects of the railway. Does she accept that as regards ancient woodlands there is no way of mitigating those effects because we cannot replace ancient woodland? According to the Woodland Trust, the preferred route for phase 1 will see the loss of, or damage to, 83 irreplaceable woodlands.

Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles — [Mr Christopher Chope in the Chair] (29 Ebr 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ...for getting home safely at night, and people who do not have access to a car. Regulation of the taxi industry has been around for a long time. A House of Commons Library note says that it could be said to have begun in 1636 under King Charles I. More recently, the issue has come up under successive Governments who, having looked at the evidence, decided to leave regulation of this...

[Mr Dai Havard in the Chair] — Type 1 Diabetes (Young People) (30 Ebr 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ...such places have been; it has meant that young people have had to inject in the toilets. That gives the impression that people are trying to push the issue away. As many others have already said, we must address stigma, and one way to do that is to make injection far more normal and provide much greater support for it in schools. As others have said, it is important to stress that type l...

Deregulation Bill: New Clause 4 — Removal of restriction on investigation of tramway accidents in Scotland by RAIB (23 Meh 2014)

Caroline Lucas: ...without access to a car will be watching for the implications of clauses 10 to 12, and they are worried about them. Brighton and Hove has 1,800 drivers who serve our city well. Many of them have said that they are worried about the Government’s attempts to rush through changes to the regulations, and that the measures will be bad for the travelling public and the city, and potentially...

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