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Debate on the Address: Energy and Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (27 Mai 2010)

Caroline Lucas: the wide range of organisations in Brighton and Hove that work with women, which do some fantastic work. They include Rise, which works with women who have been subject to domestic violence. I said when I began that I found this occasion daunting and perhaps the most difficult task is to say a few words about the latest radical move that the people of Brighton have made in electing the...

Capital Gains Tax (Rates) (23 Meh 2010)

Caroline Lucas: ...avoided if, for example, the Chancellor had chosen not to cut corporation tax. It was also a political choice to increase VAT-a tax that hits the poorest hardest and that both Government parties said they were not in favour of increasing. Raising the income tax threshold as some kind of compensation does nothing for the poorest households that do not pay income tax anyway, since in any...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (30 Meh 2010)

Caroline Lucas: ...are incredibly important, but so is an exit strategy from Afghanistan. Given the growing agreement that there is no military solution to the crisis there and that the head of the Army himself has said that we should start talking to the Taliban soon, would the Prime Minister not agree that we should start talking now, so that we can save more lives on all sides and bring our troops home?

Bills Presented: Energy Efficiency (30 Meh 2010)

Caroline Lucas: ...past decade. It made four recommendations that it says should be acted on within a year, including a new national programme for energy efficiency in buildings. The chief executive of the committee said: "This is not going to happen from the bottom up. We need crunchy policies that provide strong incentives." I am not sure that I know what crunchy policies are, but they are certainly not...

Housing Benefit (13 Gor 2010)

Caroline Lucas: ...than eight years to clear. The increase in housing benefit bills over recent years is not, as the Government would have us believe, the result of some epidemic of scroungers, but, as others have said, of the considerable growth in the number of people who are being forced into the private rented sector, where rents are almost double those in social housing. Again in my own constituency,...

Delegated Legislation: Clause 1 — Academy arrangements (21 Gor 2010)

Caroline Lucas: comply with the schools admission code. Concerns have been expressed in this debate that increasing the number of academies will have major implications for admissions planning, and, as I said, the amendments seek to ensure that there is co-ordination and that it is mandatory for academies to comply with the code. If the Government are serious that the proposals will not open up the...

Delegated Legislation: Clause 1 — Academy arrangements (21 Gor 2010)

Caroline Lucas: ...process that could lead to chaos for the rest of the region. Consultation should be absolutely central to the Bill, and it is still not clear to me, despite what the Secretary of State has said, why he and other Ministers are in such a rush. Perhaps we must conclude that they are anxious that students, parents or staff might rise up and object to this attempt to take power away from local...

Delegated Legislation: Clause 1 — Academy arrangements (21 Gor 2010)

Caroline Lucas: ...over the past few weeks or months at one particular academy, there is nothing to prevent it from happening again. That is the real concern. It beggars belief that the Minister in the other place said that although he shared the concerns raised about creationism, "one of the core aims of the policy is precisely that the Secretary of State should not dictate to academies what they should...

Delegated Legislation: Clause 1 — Academy arrangements (21 Gor 2010)

Caroline Lucas: I thank the Minister for his reply, but he will not be surprised to hear me say that I do not think that he goes far enough. Nothing in what he said reassures me that academies will teach a genuinely objective and balanced curriculum. Perhaps part of the problem is in the language, because what might feel objective and balanced to one person is patently not to another. There are not...

Bills Presented — Local Referendums Bill: Clause 3 — Application for Academy order (26 Gor 2010)

Caroline Lucas: ...on accountability and governance, and on whether the freedoms that academy status will bring can be used without disadvantaging other parts of the community. Members will know from what I have said so far that I do not believe that that is possible. I am sure that most parents would want a direct say over the removal, by severing the local authority link, of their right to democratic...

Bills Presented — Local Referendums Bill: Clause 3 — Application for Academy order (26 Gor 2010)

Caroline Lucas: ...academies the right to choose their own curriculum and opt out in so many respects from the local authority, one is giving them exactly those freedoms? I do not think that anything that I have said is designed to shock; my remarks exactly reflect the Bill. It will give academies incredible freedoms that other schools do not enjoy, and it will have huge ramifications for the rest of the...

Bills Presented — Local Referendums Bill: Clause 3 — Application for Academy order (26 Gor 2010)

Caroline Lucas: ...being churlish, why is the democracy such an issue? The point was made that if you were to-[Hon. Members: "He"]-if he were to have a proper election, it would-I am sorry. A moment ago, the Minister said that if you were to increase the governors-

Freedom of Information (Amendment): Superannuation Bill ( 7 Med 2010)

Caroline Lucas: ...service. His words also highlight the anxiety and uncertainty that permeates the civil service, particularly those who face a future in which they might not be able to work again. As many have said in today's debate, the lowest paid will suffer most, and there are many of them. The Minister for the Cabinet Office himself acknowledged that "large numbers of civil servants are not very well...

Privilege: Backbench Business — [3rd Allotted Day] — UK Armed Forces in Afghanistan ( 9 Med 2010)

Caroline Lucas: Afghanistan are read out at the beginning of each week's Prime Minister's Question Time. Yesterday, that roll call seemed to go on for a very long time, and after it the Deputy Prime Minister said: "Each of those men was an heroic, selfless individual who has given his life for the safety of us and the British people."-[ Official Report, 8 September 2010; Vol. 515, c. 313.] Each of...

Royal Commission (London): Part 3 — Amendments of other enactments (12 Hyd 2010)

Caroline Lucas: ...choice that includes a genuinely proportional system. The debate is wider than whether we should choose AV or first past the post. The relative merits of AV as against first past the post cannot be said to cover all the arguments in a modern debate about real electoral reform.

Royal Commission (London): Part 3 — Amendments of other enactments (12 Hyd 2010)

Caroline Lucas: I find that incredibly disappointing and defeatist- [ Interruption. ] Well, it might be said that, had the terms of the coalition agreement been different, and had different priorities been at the top of the list, we might not have found ourselves in this situation. I believe that the role of politicians in this House is to do what we believe to be right, and I believe that it is right to...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Comprehensive Spending Review (20 Hyd 2010)

Caroline Lucas: ...private sector will fill the huge gap between the £1 billion he has set aside for the green investment bank and the £4 billion to £6 billion that Ernst and Young says is the minimum required? He said that he would try to find a bit more through the sale of assets, but how much does he imagine that will fund as well?

[Mr Christopher Chope in the Chair] — Backbench Business — Climate Change Conference (18 Tach 2010)

Caroline Lucas: ...the Government to climate finance, I also understand that that money is not additional to the existing aid budget. Will the Minister clarify that? It is crucial, as the hon. Member for Chippenham said, that the money is additional and not a redirection of existing aid. It is also clear that even with the £2.9 billion, we will need further, innovative financing mechanisms to raise more...

Deep-Water Drilling (Shetland) (18 Tach 2010)

Caroline Lucas: ...taken before the official US Government report into the Deepwater Horizon tragedy had published its conclusions. The Secretary of State's own words and actions reveal the difference between what he said should have been done and the reality of what happened. He said: "One of the mysteries appears to be the fact that the blow-out preventer was checked within two weeks of the disaster and...

Deep-Water Drilling (Shetland) (18 Tach 2010)

Caroline Lucas: ...a significant increase in the number of major and significant hydrocarbon releases in 2009-10. In commenting on the worrying increase in safety incidents, the head of the HSE's offshore division said: "I am particularly disappointed, and concerned, that major and significant hydrocarbon releases are up by more than a third on last year. This is a key indicator of how well the offshore...

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