Canlyniadau 1–20 o 3000 ar gyfer rwanda

Oral Answers to Questions — China.: Ruanda-Urundi. ( 8 Rha 1926)

Mr. LOCKER-LAMPSON: An explanation of the Regulations is given in the Annual Report issued by the Belgian Government; on the administration of Rwanda-Urundi during the year 1925. I am informed by the Belgian Government that, while the Mandates Commission asked for certain supplementary information on the subject, they did not offer the least criticism of the Regulations in their Report to...

Oral Answers to Questions — United Nations: Southern Rhodesia (25 Tach 1963)

.... Morocco. India. Nepal. Indonesia. Niger. Iran. Nigeria. Iraq. Pakistan. Israel Panama. Jamaica. Ghana. Jordan. Peru. Kuwait. Philippines. Laos. Poland. Lebanon. Romania. Liberia. Rwanda. Libya. Saudi Arabia. Madagascar. Somalia. Malaysia. Sudan. Mali. Syria. Mexico. Tanganyika. Mongolia. Thailand.

Oral Answers to Questions — Rwanda (Watutsi) (10 Chw 1964)

Oral Answers to Questions — Rwanda (Watutsi)

Oral Answers to Questions — Overseas Development: Trusteeship Commission (Vote on Gibraltar) (29 Chw 1968)

...Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Gabon. Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, Southern Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, U.A.R.. Tanzania, Upper Volta, Uruguay, Venezuela, Yugoslavia and Zambia.

Orders of the Day — African Development Fund ( 7 Gor 1982)

Mr Bowen Wells: and so on—but often a shortage of foreign exchange is the result of poor administration. One can see from the fund's lending that time after time in places such as Lesotho, Madagascar, Rwanda, Sudan, Somalia, Burundi, Ethiopia, Egypt, Mozambique—to name those merely concerned with agriculture—the loan given is primarily to make up for the foreign exchange difficulties...

Opposition Day: European Communities (Definition of Treaties) (24 Meh 1985)

Mr Timothy Raison: ...aid has resulted in a move towards Community support for key sectors or policy programmes rather than individual projects. Food strategies are one example—we have them for Mali, Zambia, Kenya and Rwanda. The fight against drought and desertification is another. Both areas are given prominence in the convention with a complete new chapter being devoted to long-term efforts to combat...

Oral Answers to Questions — Overseas Development: Burundi (23 Ion 1989)

Mr Chris Patten: We have provided through Oxfam £65,000 for Burundian refugees in Rwanda.

Bosnia (29 Ebr 1993)

Hon. Douglas Hurd: ...about the killings in Georgia and the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Africans are more conscious of the atrocious killings, on a much larger scale, which continue in Angola, Liberia, Rwanda and the Sudan. All those, and others—I have given only a selection—are wars inside countries in which thousands are being killed and standards of decent behaviour are wholly disregarded....

Orders of the Day — Finance (No. 2) Bill: International Development Association (12 Gor 1993)

Michael Meacher: states: Problems besetting the Narmada project are more the rule than the exception to resettlement operations supported by the bank. Similar results in fact happened elsewhere in India, Rwanda, Brazil, Indonesia, Argentina and Malawi. Because forced resettlement on a mass scale is resisted on the ground, the policies that the Government are supporting have led to human rights...

Gorazde (12 Ebr 1994)

Mr Bruce Grocott: Is it not tragically true and salutary to point out, even at this stage, that the suffering in Bosnia over the past few days bears no comparison to the suffering in Rwanda? Also, does not the suffering in the former Yugoslavia in the past 12 months bear little comparison to the suffering in Angola? Therefore, what reassurance can the Foreign Secretary give the House and the country that the...

Orders of the Day — Somalia (18 Ebr 1994)

Mr Tony Worthington: nervousness and say that they do not want to be deeply involved in every trouble spot. I can understand that approach, but that does not mean that I support it. When I table questions about Rwanda or Burundi, for example, Ministers say that the Government are not taking a lead in those countries. Those are not parts of Africa with which we have been traditionally associated; I can...

Oral Answers to Questions — Overseas Development: Non-governmental Organisations (25 Ebr 1994)

Kim Howells: But has the Minister spoken to the non-governmental organisations Oxfam and Action Aid about the murder of their workers in Rwanda where 100,000 people have been slaughtered in the past two weeks? Why has Britain, which is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, agreed as part of the unanimous decision to reduce the number of peacekeeping troops in Rwanda from 2,700 to 270?...

Bosnia (25 Ebr 1994)

Hon. Douglas Hurd: ...made between situations are almost always wrong. The worst tragedy in the world in terms of the quantity of suffering is the one on which I answered a question about a quarter of an hour ago—Rwanda. We do not have a new world order. We have a traditional set of world disorders and we are trying, case by case and institution by institution, to equip ourselves to deal more adequately with...

The Army ( 4 Mai 1994)

John Reid: ...are reasons for optimism, but there are many reasons why we should not be complacent either. Earlier today I saw, as no doubt many hon. Members did, television pictures of what is happening in Rwanda. I was staggered by those photographs. I am also slightly staggered by the apparent indifference in the west to what is going on in Rwanda. I do not suggest that there is a racial element,...

Business of the House ( 5 Mai 1994)

Martin Smyth: ...would allow us to clarify issues and, at the same time, encourage nations in the United Nations that vote and thereafter do not participate. In particular, may I draw attention to the situation in Rwanda, where the Organisation of African Unity could do more to protect the Rwandan people?

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (17 Mai 1994)

Mr Bruce Grocott: Is not it salutary for the international community to note that in Rwanda more people have been killed in the past six weeks—one estimate puts the figure at 500,000—than were killed in the former Yugoslavia in the whole of the past three years? Is not it vital that the United Nations, the European Community and other international agencies ensure that the time, energy and effort that they...

Oral Answers to Questions — Overseas Development Administration: Human Rights (23 Mai 1994)

John Stanley: As Rwanda must be one of the countries in which the most gross abuses of human rights are occurring, what steps will the Government now take to take further measures to save life in that country and to alleviate the desperate suffering that is occurring there?

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