Canlyniadau 121–140 o 7000 ar gyfer electric vehicles

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Electric Vehicles: Charging Points (18 Maw 2024)

Baroness Randerson: To ask His Majesty's Government what assessment they have made of the case for designating a standard sign for use on highways to indicate the location of electric vehicles charging stations; and whether they have any plans to initiate such a scheme.

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Nissan: Electric Vehicles (15 Maw 2024)

Chi Onwurah: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, whether he has had discussions with Nissan following its decision to withdraw app support for older Nissan Leaf and e-NV200 vehicles.

Written Answers — Treasury: Electric Vehicles: VAT (14 Maw 2024)

Matt Vickers: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer, what assessment he has made of the potential merits of raising the luxury vehicles tax threshold for electric vehicles.

Duty Solicitor Scheme: 5G Masts: Greater Manchester (13 Maw 2024)

Jim McMahon: already in place on the streets, but cannot do so because it cannot get an agreement here or through the local authority. That would seem very logical. We need to look at charging points for electric vehicles and wireless connectivity, and that requires joined-up thinking from the Government on making best use of what we already have.

Income Tax (Charge) (12 Maw 2024)

Fleur Anderson: ..., boost our economy and give young people hope: green skills. I was disappointed to hear in the Budget that there were no new policies to help boost the roll-out of low-carbon technologies such as electric vehicles or heat pumps. There is a clear need for better alignment between net zero investments and the skills and employment system. That is the problem that leads to our poor...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Electric Vehicles: Charging Points (12 Maw 2024)

Peter Gibson: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, what discussions he has had with Darlington Borough Council on the adequacy of the provision of on-street charging for electric vehicles in Darlington.

Budget Resolutions - Income Tax (Charge) (11 Maw 2024)

Alex Sobel: What we saw last week was a Budget with no vision, no plan for getting us to net zero, no plan to drive investment in renewables and low-emission technology, no plan to boost the roll-out of electric vehicles, and no plan for retrofitting homes. The British people deserve better than that. The windfall tax on oil and gas profits that the Government extended by one year until 2029 will raise...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Carbon Emissions: Finance (11 Maw 2024)

Anthony Browne: The £1.8 billion allocated to the Department for Transport for the financial year 2024-25 in the 2021 Spending Review supports net zero policies across zero emission vehicles (including buses) and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, the bus transformation funding to support local authority Bus Service Improvement Plans, air quality improvement measures, active travel policies, City...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Carbon Emissions: Finance (11 Maw 2024)

Anthony Browne: ...for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (now the Department for Business and Trade). For the Department for Transport, HM Treasury allocated £619m for policies relating to zero emission vehicles, electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and air quality. This sum was subsequently allocated by the Department to specific policies, including the Local Electric Vehicle...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Electric Vehicles: Taxis (11 Maw 2024)

Anneliese Dodds: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, whether his Department has had discussions with (a) London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) Ltd and (b) the wider industry on the repair capacity for (i) LEVC black cabs and (ii) other electric taxis.

Written Answers — Department for Energy Security and Net Zero: Refineries: Grangemouth (11 Maw 2024)

Andrew Bowie: ...least May 2025. The impact of a cessation of refining operations on UK imports will depend on the supply and demand for fuels at the time. The Government’s Net Zero policies to increase use of electric vehicles and renewable transport fuels, will progressively reduce demand for conventional fuels. The UK already both imports and exports fuels to balance demand and supply. The...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Electric Vehicles: Charging Points (11 Maw 2024)

Baroness Randerson: ...'s Government what consideration they have given to mandating a uniform application process for all distribution network operators to reduce costs and delays and to level the playing field for electric vehicle charge point operators.

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Electric Vehicles: Charging Points (11 Maw 2024)

Baroness Randerson: To ask His Majesty's Government what consideration they have given to initiating a public awareness campaign regarding the accessibility of charge points for electric vehicle users, particularly in relation to (1) disabled users, and (2) personal safety considerations for all users.

Education: Apprenticeships: Occupation Range (11 Maw 2024)

Gillian Keegan: the recent parliamentary apprenticeship fair. Importantly, our apprenticeship programme is future focused. It includes a new battery manufacturing technician apprenticeship, which will benefit electric buses, and others including charging point installation and electric vehicle maintenance. Whether through T-levels, higher technical qualifications or apprenticeships, there are more...

Higher Education - Motion to Take Note ( 7 Maw 2024)

Viscount Hanworth: ..., in particular, in the cases of inventions that are capable of contributing to what is optimistically described as the green revolution. A tragic example concerns the battery technology on which electric vehicles depend. The lithium-ion battery was the invention of a British scientist, but the dominant manufacturers of batteries are in the Far East. There is an optimistic notion that,...

Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Gaza: Humanitarian Aid ( 7 Maw 2024)

Andrew Mitchell: ...lives. We need Israel to ensure effective systems to guarantee the safety of aid convoys, humanitarian operations and IDP returns, and facilitate access, as well as ensure the UN has the people, vehicles, equipment and fuel to distribute aid safely across Gaza. This includes issuing visas. We have also called on Israel to extend the opening hours and capacity of the Nitzana screening...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Electric Vehicles: Charging Points and Parking ( 7 Maw 2024)

Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb: To ask His Majesty's Government what consideration they have given to issuing guidance on the placement and design of (1) electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and (2) micromobility parking provision.

Business and Trade: Infrastructure: Impact on Business Investment ( 7 Maw 2024)

Matt Western: That is all very well, but the Government’s decision to defer the banning of petrol and diesel vehicles until 2035 has led to huge uncertainty among consumers and investors, as the Minister well knows. Compared with other countries, it seems that the Government lack ambition when it comes to investment in electric vehicle infrastructure. France, for example, will have something like 400,000...

Brexit: Benefits to Economy and Society - Question ( 6 Maw 2024)

Lord Offord of Garvel: ...on financial services, we have resumed participation in the North Seas Energy Cooperation, the UK has rejoined Horizon Europe and Copernicus, and we have agreed to extend zero-tariff trade on electric vehicles. There is a whole list of co-operations with the EU that we continue to push through.

Heat Pumps - Question ( 6 Maw 2024)

Lord Callanan: ...tens of billions of pounds-worth of expenditure to upgrade the grid. This is a transition; we gradually need to move away from gas supplies and gas boilers, and on to electrification of heat and electric vehicles. It will happen over time, but it is happening.

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