Canlyniadau 21–40 o 7000 ar gyfer electric vehicles

Zero-emission Buses — [Andrew Rosindell in the Chair] (21 Mai 2024)

Guy Opperman: ...our bus manufacturers are very competitive. As has been outlined, Wrightbus has the first hydrogen-powered double-decker bus and Alexander Dennis continues to innovate with a new in-house series of electric buses developed with the knowledge and experience gained from working hand in hand with international partners. That has resulted in 2,300 zero-emission buses hitting the UK roads to...

Energy Security and Net Zero: Net Zero: Businesses and Investors (21 Mai 2024)

Justin Madders: Last week, Stellantis, the owner of the Vauxhall car plant in Ellesmere Port, announced that it would import electric vehicles, despite the fact that we produce some great electric vans in Ellesmere Port and want to move on to producing cars there as well. Does the Minister think that, over the long term, reaching our net zero targets through the import of cheaper Chinese vehicles will be a...

Written Answers — Department for Business and Trade: Electric Vehicles: West Midlands (21 Mai 2024)

Steve McCabe: To ask the Secretary of State for Business and Trade, what steps her Department is taking to support the automotive industry's transition to electric vehicles in the West Midlands.

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Electric Bicycles (21 Mai 2024)

Lord Berkeley: To ask His Majesty's Government what consideration they have given to regulating the sale of electric bike converter kits rated at over 250 watts, given that a vehicle with this rating would no longer be classed as an electric bike, but rather a moped or motorcycle.

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods — [Carolyn Harris in the Chair] (20 Mai 2024)

Simon Lightwood: ...unaware that they lived in low-traffic neighbourhoods altogether. Of those who were aware, more people were positive than negative. A clear majority of people were concerned about the number of vehicles travelling through their areas, and they were equally concerned about the pollution that they caused. That is not exactly the outcome it appears the Prime Minister was looking for when he...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Electric Vehicles (17 Mai 2024)

Tan Dhesi: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, what recent steps his Department has taken to help increase the adoption of electric vehicles.

Community Sports: Impact on Young People - Motion to Take Note (16 Mai 2024)

Lord Drayson: ...wants and what our planet needs: performance with energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. In 2009, Formula 1 introduced hybrid engines, speeding the development of very efficient electric motors and lightweight high-power batteries. The software and control systems that were developed to harvest the energy of the car under braking and recharge the battery are now used in all...

Defence Funding - Question (16 Mai 2024)

Baroness Vere of Norbiton: ...bonds for different measures, but the noble Lord is right that the green bonds have been successful. The funds raised from those bonds have been invested in things such as cycling and walking, electric vehicle home-charging, plug-in grants for cars and vans, and the Nature for Climate Fund.

Transport: Topical Questions (16 Mai 2024)

Allan Dorans: New evidence shows that Ofgem’s targeted charging review has led to significant increases in public electric vehicle charger standing charge rates, which are passed on to the consumer. In one site in northern Scotland, costs have increased from £315 to £809 per day. What will the Minister do to regulate the cost of electric vehicle charging nationally?

Criminal Justice Bill: New Clause 86 - Creating purported sexual image of adult (15 Mai 2024)

Laura Farris: ...Green (Sir Iain Duncan Smith) made an excellent speech on the offence of causing death or serious injury by dangerous, careless or inconsiderate cycling. It is not in dispute that whether a vehicle is a car, an electric scooter or a bicycle, if it is operated in a certain way, it is effectively a dangerous weapon on the road. We are supportive of my right hon. Friend’s amendment, and we...

[Christina Rees in the Chair] (15 Mai 2024)

Catherine West: ...that could have national security implications, through devolved nations. Furthermore, what is the industrial strategy on which the Government are deciding on important projects such as the new electric vehicles being sold at Ellesmere Port, about which my hon. Friend the Member for Ellesmere Port and Neston (Justin Madders) spoke so eloquently? He knows his patch so well and stands up...

Previous Business – Commons: Select Committee ()

Transport Committee: Electric vehicles. Oral evidence; 9:30 am – 12:15 pm; The Grimond Room, Portcullis House

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Electric Vehicles: Charging Points (15 Mai 2024)

Fabian Hamilton: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, whether his Department (a) is taking and (b) plans to take steps to increase the provision of fast chargers for electric vehicles.

Cynulliad Gogledd Iwerddon: Private Members' Business: Insurance Costs: Reductions for Workers, Families and Businesses (14 Mai 2024)

Daniel McCrossan: I thank the Member for giving way. It might be the case, particularly in more rural constituencies such as mine, that the reason for the high level of breakdowns and recovery of electric vehicles is that there is no infrastructure for charging them. That is the case in West Tyrone in particular. Maybe that is a contributing factor to the higher insurance rates.

Home Insulation - Question (14 Mai 2024)

Lord Callanan: Indeed, my noble friend makes a very good point about the extent to which electricity usage will grow. Actually, the peak electricity usage in the UK occurred a number of years ago. We have actually been becoming more efficient in how we use electricity, with better lighting, et cetera. Clearly, if we move to more electric vehicles and more electrically powered heating, along with some of the...

Cynulliad Gogledd Iwerddon: Oral Answers to Questions — Infrastructure: Park-and-ride Strategy (14 Mai 2024)

John Stewart: I thank the Minister for his update on this important infrastructural asset. Minister, I have been contacted by a number of people who have asked whether there is an opportunity to see electric vehicle charging points put in at our park-and-ride facilities. Will you look at that to see whether it can be done by Translink? If it is not willing to do so, can the space be opened up to private...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Motorcycles (14 Mai 2024)

Guy Opperman: All electric bikes and similar vehicles that do not meet the requirements of the Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles Regulations (1983), as amended, are motor vehicles, and must fully comply with all of the normal requirements such as MOT, tax, insurance, helmets etc. Enforcement is a matter for the police.

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Electric Vehicles: Charging Points (14 Mai 2024)

Navendu Mishra: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, what assessment his Department has made of the adequacy of the number of electric vehicle charging points in Stockport constituency.

Written Answers — Treasury: Electric Vehicles: VAT (13 Mai 2024)

Fabian Hamilton: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer, what assessment he has made of the potential impact of changes to vehicle tax for electric and low emissions vehicles from 1 April 2025 on the number of purchases of those vehicles.

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Electric Vehicles: Sales (13 Mai 2024)

Jim Shannon: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, what estimate he has made of the number of (a) new and (b) used electric vehicles bought in the last 12 months.

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