Canlyniadau 41–60 o 4300 ar gyfer ceasefire

Recognition of Western Sahara as Moroccan — [Valerie Vaz in the Chair] ( 8 Mai 2024)

David Rutley: ..., in keeping with the UN Security Council’s commitment, which I will come to shortly, has yet to be achieved. We have long supported efforts to find a solution, including the initiation of a ceasefire brokered in 1991 by the then newly established UN peacekeeping mission for Western Sahara, MINURSO, bringing to an end decades of violent conflict. As is repeatedly enshrined in the United...

Prime Minister: Engagements ( 8 Mai 2024)

Rishi Sunak: ...that the right hon. Gentleman will join me in urging all parties to engage in the negotiations, so that we can see a pause in fighting to get more aid in, hostages out and bring about a sustainable ceasefire in this conflict.

Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) Bill - Committee (3rd Day): Amendment 20 ( 7 Mai 2024)

Lord Warner: now the ‘main blocker’ to providing humanitarian assistance”. All this on top of suggesting, in February, that the UK could unilaterally recognise a Palestinian state in the aftermath of a ceasefire. The noble Lord, Lord Cameron, has accompanied his words with deeds, by imposing sanctions on extremist settlers in the Israeli-occupied West Bank who have violently attacked...

Cynulliad Gogledd Iwerddon: Private Members' Business: Gaza: Immediate Ceasefire ( 7 Mai 2024)

Gerry Carroll: It is important that the Assembly has a chance to discuss the urgent, pressing need for a ceasefire to be implemented to stop the Israeli killing machine. Despite all the declarations from this place about peace and peace processes, it is unforgivable that it has taken this long to have the debate about condemning genocide and the actions of Israel. It is long overdue for the Executive to...

War in Gaza ( 7 Mai 2024)

Andrew Mitchell: ...said, the fastest way to end the conflict is to secure a deal that gets the hostages out and allows for a pause in the fighting in Gaza. We must then turn that pause into a sustainable, permanent ceasefire. Regarding the situation in Rafah, our position has been consistent. We are deeply concerned about the prospect of a military incursion, given the number of civilians who are sheltering...

Israel and Gaza - Private Notice Question ( 7 Mai 2024)

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon: ...fastest way to end the conflict is to secure a deal which gets the hostages out and allows for a pause in the fighting in Gaza. It is then that we must turn that pause into a sustainable, permanent ceasefire. Regarding the situation in Rafah, our position has been consistent. We are deeply concerned about the prospect of a military incursion, given the number of civilians sheltering there...

Senedd yr Alban: Personal Statement ( 7 Mai 2024)

Humza Yousaf: sent to the Israeli Government that to defy the international community in that way will come with significant consequence and sanction. Everything possible must be done to demand an immediate ceasefire, a release of all the hostages and an end to arms sales to Israel. We must be on the right side of history, which must mean standing with innocent men, women and children. To do...

Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Sudan: Humanitarian Situation ( 3 Mai 2024)

Andrew Mitchell: ...Prime Minister, and Foreign Minister to discuss the impact the conflict in Sudan is having on the country and to press Chad to support regional and international efforts to bring about a permanent ceasefire through political dialogue. I also met some of the over 700,000 refugees who have fled Sudan, reaffirmed the UK's commitment to the people of Sudan and announced a near-doubling of UK...

Kingsmill Massacre Inquest ( 2 Mai 2024)

Jim Shannon: ...are the undisputed facts of the case. However, what the inquiry has found is what was first suggested by the Historical Enquiries Team investigation in 2011: that although the IRA was supposedly on ceasefire at the time, it was in fact the Provisional IRA that carried out the atrocity. The coroner said in his findings: “The attack was carried out by the IRA operating under the authority...

Business of the House ( 2 Mai 2024)

Gareth Thomas: The situation in Gaza continues to be profoundly disturbing. We need a humanitarian ceasefire, all the hostages brought home, and no incursion by the Israel Defence Forces into Rafah; that would be catastrophic. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency is pivotal to avoiding famine in Gaza and for the future of Palestinians more generally. Could we have a debate in Government time on why...

Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Israel: Palestinians ( 2 Mai 2024)

Andrew Mitchell: to secure a deal which gets the hostages out and allows for a pause in the fighting in Gaza. We must then work with our international partners to turn that pause into a sustainable, permanent ceasefire. The UK is doing all it can to reach a long-term solution to this crisis by: calling for the immediate release of all hostages; continuing to support a deal which would secure a pause in...

Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Sudan: Peace Negotiations ( 2 Mai 2024)

Andrew Mitchell: The UK has used its position as UN Security Council Penholder on Sudan to call multiple meetings to respond to the conflict, call for a ceasefire, and discuss the humanitarian and human rights situation. On 8 March, a UK-drafted UN Security Council Resolution 2724 called for an immediate cessation of hostilities. The UK continues to work with a wide range of countries and bodies, including...

UK Armed Forces in Middle East - Commons Urgent Question ( 1 Mai 2024)

...comment on media leaks and speculation, but I can assure the House that the Government are taking all measures to support our allies and partners in the region. We are pressing for a sustainable ceasefire that will enable the release of hostages and provide the people of Gaza with the essential assistance and humanitarian aid that they need”.

Senedd yr Alban: Motion of No Confidence ( 1 Mai 2024)

Humza Yousaf: ...just transition fund to support Scotland’s drive to net zero, when Labour chooses to ditch its £28 billion green energy pledge. Whereas Keir Starmer refused for months to call for an immediate ceasefire, even failing to condemn the collective punishment of the people of Gaza, I and the Government that I lead chose to be a voice for peace and humanity in the world. Yes—those...

Prime Minister: Engagements ( 1 Mai 2024)

Stephen Flynn: Let us all be in no doubt: aid is required in Gaza, and it is required because, when people are not being bombed, they are starving to death. The solution to that is a ceasefire and the opening of safe ground aid routes, not the involvement on the ground of UK military personnel. These are dramatic and potentially dangerous developments, so will the Prime Minister confirm to the House today...

Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Sudan: Armed Conflict ( 1 Mai 2024)

Vicky Ford: ...the Deputy Foreign Secretary, what steps the Government plans to take through its role as penholder for Sudan at the UN Security Council to encourage international partners to support an immediate ceasefire in Sudan; and what assessment he has made of the impact of continued conflict on (a) the humanitarian situation in Sudan and (b) regional stability.

Social Cohesion and Democratic Resilience: Khan Review — [Sir Mark Hendrick in the Chair] (30 Ebr 2024)

Naseem Shah: ...34,000 to pay for the price of the right hon. Lady’s libellous attack. Let us not forget that a former Home Secretary tried to silence hundreds of thousands of genuine people demonstrating for a ceasefire in Palestine by labelling the protests as “hate marches”. Do the Government want to be part of a solution, fixing social cohesion, or part of the problem? The evidence is stacked on...

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Middle East: UN Security Council (30 Ebr 2024)

Imran Hussain: ...and lets the right-wing Netanyahu Cabinet blatantly undermine the court’s legitimacy. Can the Minister explain to me just what blatantly disregarding international courts and openly violating UN ceasefire resolutions means for the rules-based order he claims to uphold, because to me, my constituents, the Palestinians and countless persecuted groups across the world, frankly these rules...

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Gaza: Humanitarian Situation (30 Ebr 2024)

Naseem Shah: ...fastest rate that the world has ever seen, and Members across the House, including myself, have come here time and again asking for something to be done in terms of delivering aid and pushing for a ceasefire. Time and again, the Minister says that we are trying, trying, trying, but clearly trying is not working. What will the Government do to move the dial and stop children dying?

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Conflict in Gaza: Iran (30 Ebr 2024)

Andrew Mitchell: Iran’s support for proscribed groups operating in Gaza, such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, compromises our efforts towards a sustainable ceasefire in Gaza.

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