Canlyniadau 121–140 o 2300 ar gyfer lgbt

Written Answers — Home Office: Asylum: LGBT+ People (25 Ion 2024)

Tom Pursglove: ...Through considering country information and each country’s respect for the rule of law and human rights, we assessed that both countries met the criteria. Further information on the situation for LGBT people in Georgia and India is contained within our published Country Policy and Information Notes, available on Gov.Uk.

Written Answers — Women and Equalities: Employment: Fertility (25 Ion 2024)

Angela Crawley: To ask the Minister for Women and Equalities, what assessment she has made of the potential impact of fertility treatment on workplace rights for LGBT families.

Senedd yr Alban: Holocaust Memorial Day 2024 (25 Ion 2024)

Paul O'Kane: ...important to come together to pause, reflect and remember the six million Jews who were murdered by the Nazis, alongside millions of others, including Roma and Sinti people, disabled people and LGBT people. We also call to mind the millions of others who lived through and survived the Holocaust but lost everything—family, dignity, health and home. Now, as in years gone by, we recommit...

Asylum: UK-Rwanda Agreement - Motion to Take Note (22 Ion 2024)

Lord Alton of Liverpool: ...a minimum, the Government need to tell us what has changed on the ground in Rwanda since the Supreme Court decision. What evidence do they have, for instance, in regard to political oppression or LGBT people? What examination have the Government made of the reasons why Burundi has closed its borders with Rwanda, and of Rwanda’s links with the M23 militias in the eastern DRC—what...

Written Answers — Home Office: Domestic Abuse: Victims (19 Ion 2024)

Laura Farris: ...designed, and delivered by and for the users and communities they aim to serve (for example victims and survivors from ethnic minority backgrounds, deaf and disabled victims and survivors, and LGBT victims and survivors). The Domestic Abuse Commissioner’s report on meeting the needs of victims across England and Wales has been useful in highlighting the importance of nationwide...

Prevention and Suppression of Terrorism (18 Ion 2024)

Christian Wakeford: highlight what an evil organisation the IRGC is. Both organisations perpetuate homophobia, suggesting that both Labour and the Conservatives should not be trusted because of our work to protect LGBT communities. Again, that is not welcome in a modern, tolerant society. The IRGC rails against what it defines as the “secular, democratic, liberal system”, and in favour of a global...

LGBT People: Diplomatic Service - Question (18 Ion 2024)

LGBT People: Diplomatic Service - Question

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill: Clause 2 - Safety of the Republic of Rwanda (16 Ion 2024)

Olivia Blake: ...does not take away from the fact that it is not necessarily about the nation those people come from and that it is also about their individual circumstances. I have spoken a lot about the rights of LGBT people and disabled people seeking asylum and how we need to make sure that any system maintains that individual view of an individual going through our system. That is a lesson that should...

Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: Veterans: LGBT+ People (16 Ion 2024)

Andrew Murrison: There is and has been extensive engagement with Fighting with Pride at official and Ministerial level. The LGBT Veterans Independent Review provided the opportunity for Defence and the Government to better understand the lived experience of LGBT veterans who served prior to 2000, including how being discharged or dismissed from the military due to their sexuality, affected their life. ...

Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: Veterans: LGBT+ People (16 Ion 2024)

Andrew Murrison: The Government has accepted the recommendations of the LGBT Veterans Independent Review including the financial award scheme. Defence continues to work at pace with experts across Government and reference other schemes, such as the Canadian scheme, to establish an appropriate scheme for the financial award, and is currently working within the £50 million limit as recommended in the report. ...

Written Answers — Cabinet Office: Veterans (15 Ion 2024)

Johnny Mercer: ...together to deliver for veterans, as demonstrated by the recent publication of the Government’s response to both the Independent Review of UK Government Welfare Services for Veterans and LGBT Veterans Independent Review. My officials and I continue to meet regularly with the Ministry of Defence to deliver shared priorities, including ramping up delivery of Veterans Cards to ex-service...

Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: LGBT Veterans Independent Review (15 Ion 2024)

Tommy Sheppard: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, what assessment he has made of the adequacy of restitution payments made under the LGBT+ Veterans Independent Review.

Proposed British Jewish History Month (11 Ion 2024)

Nickie Aiken: ...merits of a British Jewish history month. We rightly already celebrate the achievements of many minorities in this country, and continue to educate future generations, through Black History Month, LGBT History Month, Pride and Islamophobia Awareness Month. The United States established Jewish American Heritage Month nearly two decades ago, and I believe it is now time we reminded ourselves...

Written Answers — Department for Education: Pupils: Transgender People (11 Ion 2024)

Damian Hinds: ...organisations and individuals to comment. During this 12-week consultation period, the department plans to engage with a range of interested organisations, including organisations that represent LGBT groups. In forming the guidance the department and Ministers engaged with experts, including Dr Hilary Cass, school leaders and Parliamentarians, including those who represent LGBT groups....

Senedd yr Alban: Male Suicide Rates (11 Ion 2024)

Maree Todd: Skye and the west Highlands, which I mentioned, looks particularly at rural communities, where we know there is a particularly high rate and people are susceptible. We also have work going on in LGBT communities. I am confident that we are doing the right things. We need to do more. Every suicide is preventable and every suicide has absolutely tragic consequences, so we will absolutely...

Written Answers — Department for Culture, Media and Sport: Telegraph Media Group ( 4 Ion 2024)

Lord Lexden: To ask His Majesty's Government what plans they have to scrutinise the record and policies of the United Arab Emirates on women’s rights and LGBT rights in the course of the review of the bid by Redbird IMI for acquisition of the Telegraph Media Group (TMG), in view of the potential impact of such an acquisition on journalists and employees at TMG.

Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: Armed Forces: LGBT+ People (20 Rha 2023)

Andrew Murrison: Defence is proud of all our LGBT+ military and civilian personnel, and the significant contribution they make to ensure national security, support our national interests, and safeguard our prosperity. It is essential to Defence operational effectiveness that we build a more inclusive and diverse organisation to achieve a stronger, healthier, and more resilient workforce and maximise the...

Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: Veterans: LGBT+ People (20 Rha 2023)

Stephen Morgan: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, how and when LGBT veterans can apply for a financial award.

Senedd yr Alban: Section 35 Order Judicial Review (20 Rha 2023)

Shirley-Anne Somerville: ...therapy. We fully intended to have the consultation on the ending conversion practices bill out by the end of the year, but we listened to the concerns of stakeholders—including faith groups and LGBT groups—and the fact that they wished that to happen in the new year, in particular because people might feel particularly vulnerable over Christmas and new year when support services might...

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