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Written Answers — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Palestinians (24 Ebr 2013)

Alistair Burt: Dr Salam Fayyad resigned as Palestinian Prime Minister on 13 April 2013. Dr Fayyad made an outstanding contribution to Palestinian state-building, as Finance Minister then as Prime Minister. He was a close partner to successive British Governments and thanks to his dedication and energy, the Palestinian Authority took great strides forward in building the institutions necessary for a...

Business of the House: Backbench Business — Palestine and Israel (13 Hyd 2014)

Robert Halfon: On those grounds, would the hon. Gentleman recognise ISIL? I think not. When we look at the facts, it will be clear to this Parliament that recognising a Palestinian state in the status quo without a peace agreement would mean acknowledging a society that respects only the rule of force. The first condition to the recognition of a Palestinian state needs to be that it is based on fully...

Written Answers — Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Palestinians: Foreign Relations (21 Tach 2017)

Alistair Burt: ...) and strengthening UK-Palestinian relations. The UK’s long-standing policy on the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPTs) is to support a negotiated settlement leading to a viable and sovereign Palestinian state living alongside a safe and secure Israel. We are planning to provide £56 million in funding to the OPTs in FY 2017/18, helping to lay the foundation for the development of a...

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel (13 Hyd 2020)

James Cleverly: The UK is a strong supporter of Palestinian state building efforts. In 2019, we spent £81 million in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Part of that contribution is helping to build Palestinian state institutions; fostering private sector-led sustainable economic growth; and providing technical assistance to strengthen the Palestinian Authority’s financial management. However, such...

Isil: Topical Questions ( 2 Rha 2014)

Angus MacNeil: In this Question Time, Members have mentioned official Palestinian media and TV, and the Palestinian Authority. Effectively, they are talking about the apparatus of a Palestinian state. Surely calls for peace should be heard with equal respect for both Israel and Palestine. Is it not time the UK Government followed this House of Commons and gave recognition to the Palestinian state, which...

Written Answers — House of Lords: Palestinians ( 4 Rha 2014)

Baroness Anelay of St Johns: The EU does not directly fund the Palestinian National Security Forces. The UK and EU do fund projects aimed at supporting Palestinian state building. It is important that the Palestinian Authority continues work to build and maintain the institutions and economic underpinnings of the future Palestinian state, including transparency and good governance.

Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Palestinians: Intelligence Services (11 Ion 2023)

David Rutley: ...Territories is to preserve the viability of the two-state solution as the best way to bring stability to the region. To deliver this goal, the UK is helping to develop the institutions of a future Palestinian State to ensure it can effectively deliver services for Palestinian people, including security, and act as a partner for peace with Israel. Our support to the Palestinian Authority...

Written Answers — House of Lords: Palestinians ( 3 Tach 2014)

Baroness Anelay of St Johns: The UK’s position on Palestinian recognition has not changed and is clear: we reserve the right to recognise a Palestinian state at a time of our choosing and when it will best help bring about peace. The UK is a longstanding supporter of seeing a sovereign, democratic and viable Palestinian State living side by side in peace and security with Israel, and continues to be one of the largest...

Written Answers — House of Lords: Israel and Palestine: Projects (19 Mai 2008)

Baroness Crawley: ...behind the Palestinian Reform and Development Plan (PRDP) to strengthen Palestinian institutions and to provide basic services. Once there is a negotiated two-state solution leading to a viable Palestinian state, the need for international aid should diminish. In the mean time, aid is playing a vital role. The UK Government consider that Israeli settlement building anywhere in the Occupied...

Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Palestinians: Refugees (27 Chw 2024)

Andrew Mitchell: The Government firmly rejects any suggestion of the resettlement of Palestinians outside of Gaza. Gaza is Occupied Palestinian Territory and will be part of a future Palestinian state. We support a two-state solution that guarantees security and stability for both the Israeli and Palestinian people. Our position is that settlements are illegal. No Palestinian should be threatened with...

Written Answers — House of Lords: Gaza (15 Tach 2010)

Lord Howell of Guildford: We strongly support the noble Baroness Ashton's conclusion that the EU needs to continue its influencing work with key international stakeholders and its support for Palestinian state-building and Gaza access and exports. The EU's support for Palestinian state-building work is through the two year programme Palestine, Ending the Occupation and Establishing the State, adopted in 2009 and the...

Written Answers — Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Palestinians: Self-determination of States (19 Rha 2017)

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon: The UK supports the Palestinian people in realising self-determination through an independent, sovereign, and unified Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza. That is why we provide funding to the Palestinian Authority and support its state-building efforts in order to maintain stability, provide vital services, as well as build and strengthen the institutions needed for a viable...

Written Answers — Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Palestinians: Foreign Relations (13 Ebr 2023)

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon: ...on 1967 lines. The UK is a friend of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Palestinian people. We support Palestinians in realising self-determination through an independent sovereign, and unified Palestinian state, in the West Bank and Gaza.

Written Answers — International Development: Middle East ( 9 Hyd 2006)

Hilary Benn: ...on three objectives: supporting prospects for peace, improved delivery of humanitarian and development assistance, and helping to build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions for a future Palestinian state. DFID has provided £176 million since 2001, plus our share of European Community aid. Until a government is formed with a position that reflects the principles set out by the...

Written Answers — House of Lords: Palestine (10 Rha 2012)

Baroness Warsi: ...membership, including statehood, in so far as the occupation allows. However, this assessment is inseparable from the political context. The UK supports the principle of Palestinian statehood but a Palestinian state will only be brought into reality when the occupation comes to an end through agreement between both sides. The UK will continue to be one of the principal supporters of...

Written Answers — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Palestinians: United Nations (12 Hyd 2011)

Alistair Burt: The Prime Minister has made the UK's position on recognition of a Palestinian state clear: a Palestinian state is a legitimate goal, and the best way of achieving this is through a comprehensive agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. The UK is fully committed to supporting the Palestinian Authority state building plan and helping build the institutions of a future Palestinian state....

Written Answers — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Middle East: Peace Negotiations ( 3 Tach 2009)

Ivan Lewis: ...Course which trains future leaders of the Palestinian security sector. A strong and reformed Palestinian security sector is central to the peace process and the establishment of a successful Palestinian state. The reforms undertaken by the Palestinian Authority have helped improve Israeli and US confidence in the capability of the Palestinian security forces, and delivered economic...

Written Answers — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Palestinians (20 Maw 2013)

Philip Hollobone: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what reports he has received of depictions by the Palestinian Authority on maps of Israel as a Palestinian state and the compliance of that depiction with the Palestinian Authority's Quartet Principle commitment to recognise the state of Israel.

Written Answers — International Development: Palestinians (22 Maw 2012)

Alan Duncan: Through our programmes in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, UK aid is building the institutions of a future Palestinian state, promoting growth and supporting vulnerable Palestinians. In 2010-11 UK aid paid for 5,466 children to go to primary school, provided skilled personal to deliver 2,213 live births in Palestinian Authority hospitals, and supported 4,825 vulnerable households through...

Recognition of the State of Palestine (24 Chw 2022)

Amanda Milling: ...Government assess Hamas in its entirety to be concerned with terrorism. As of November, we have proscribed the organisation in full. We remain committed to the objective of a sovereign, prosperous Palestinian state living side by side with a safe and secure Israel. That is why we are supporting vulnerable people through our development programmes in the Occupied Palestinian Territories,...

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