Canlyniadau 141–160 o 400 ar gyfer "palestinian state"

European Council, Barcelona (18 Maw 2002)

Baroness Williams of Crosby: ...again on both sides to respect United Nations resolutions, including the most recent resolution 1397, calling upon both sides to respect the sovereignty of the other, the ultimate setting up of a Palestinian state and the withdrawal of both sides from violence in the other country. But, secondly, and perhaps even more important, the European Council called for there to be monitors sent...

Written Answers — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: West Bank (20 Maw 2002)

Ben Bradshaw: ...nation building in parallel. The aim of our development assistance programme in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is to help develop the building blocks which will support the creation of a viable Palestinian state. We aim to provide a broad range of technical assistance designed to promote peace, stability and economic and social development. UK bilateral assistance is planned at £14 million...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (10 Ebr 2002)

Tony Blair: ...UN Security Council resolution 1402 in respect of the situation in the middle east at the present time, which made it absolutely clear that we support both Israel's right to security and a viable Palestinian state, and that Israel should withdraw from the occupied territories. Of course it is also important that we deal with the issues of weapons of mass destruction. Some people say that...

Middle East (10 Ebr 2002)

Lord Williams of Mostyn: ...We are also ready to help it establish an accountable and transparent security structure that can co-operate with the Israelis and the wider international community to ensure peace and security in a Palestinian state and so underpin the stability of the region. "In respect of stability in the region, let me say a word on Iraq. There will be many occasions on which to debate Saddam...

Middle East (10 Ebr 2002)

Tony Blair: ...ready to help the authority establish an accountable and transparent security structure that can co-operate with the Israelis and the wider international community to ensure peace and security in a Palestinian state and so underpin the stability of the region. In respect of stability in the region, I shall say a word on Iraq. Forgive me, Mr. Speaker, if I repeat some of what I said...

Written Answers — International Development: Israel (15 Ebr 2002)

Clare Short: ...without an end to violence and a return to negotiations. I have kept our programme of development assistance under close review. The long-term goal remains unchanged—the establishment of a viable Palestinian State, which can co-exist peacefully with Israel. The strategy also remains valid: to provide help for immediate and emergency needs while at the same time working for longer-term...

Written Answers — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Middle East (16 Ebr 2002)

Ben Bradshaw: ...come through a political process which delivers security for Israel within recognised borders, brings an end to occupation, and allows the emergence of a secure and viable, democratic and peaceful Palestinian state committed to co-existence with Israel, and recognised and respected by Israel.

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Iraq (16 Ebr 2002)

David Chaytor: Does my right hon. Friend think that there is a relationship between the issue of weapons inspections in Iraq and the issue of the Palestinian state? Does he think that recognising that relationship could be the way forward to resolve both problems?

The Middle East (16 Ebr 2002)

Jack Straw: ...were seeking a response from me to their waves. When we talk about a secure Israel, we mean an end to wasted young lives, such as the life of the young Israeli volunteer. When we talk about a viable Palestinian state, we are talking about a future for those girls in which they do not have to live with the horrors that we have all seen on our television screens.

British-US Relations (25 Ebr 2002)

Alan Duncan: ...influence to bear on both the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli Government to achieve a peaceful settlement recognising legitimate Israeli security needs and the need for an independent, viable Palestinian state that is equally secure in its own borders. The issue, of course, is wider than that, and includes the whole middle east. We share the Committee's support for a policy of...

Israel (29 Ebr 2002)

Michael Ancram: ...that can lead to agreement on the establishment of two states west of the Jordan: the state of Israel, secure within acceptable boundaries, and a viable, economically sustainable and independent Palestinian state. This bridge is important. I hope that it will be followed by other steps, not least in Bethlehem. Today's development in Ramallah must go hand in hand with the continuing and...

Israel and the Occupied Territories (29 Ebr 2002)

Baroness Amos: Iraq has gone on for 12 years. It is substantially different from the situation that we are discussing today. Our policy is clear. We want to see a secure State of Israel; we want to see a viable Palestinian state; we want an end to physical settlements; and we want the issue of the refugees to be resolved. We continue to work with the United States Government and others, including...

Petition — Occupied Territories (30 Ebr 2002)

Brian Iddon: ...defence force. The petitioners request the Government to do everything in their power "to effect the withdrawal of the Israeli Defence Force from the occupied territories and support a sovereign Palestinian state"; to end all arms sales to Israel immediately; and to aid "a UN led Commission of Enquiry (into the recent events in the Jenin camp)" with access to all areas in the occupied...

Senedd yr Alban: Middle East ( 2 Mai 2002)

Alasdair Morgan: ...own side. I hope that members will agree that peace will be secured only against a background of an Israeli state that is recognised by its immediate neighbours and an internationally recognised Palestinian state that exists within secure frontiers. Indeed, that is what the recent United Nations Security Council resolution 1397 called for. It is clear to most that peace will never be...

Palestine: Civic Infrastructure ( 7 Mai 2002)

Baroness Williams of Crosby: ...airport, the Palestinian Broadcasting Authority and at least five of the new civil police camps which have been established as a result of EU aid. Does the Minister agree that, if we are to create a Palestinian state with the kind of infrastructure which will offer young Palestinians some hope that might lead them away from terrorism, it will be vital to replace that infrastructure? At a...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Middle East ( 8 Mai 2002)

Jeremy Corbyn: ...withdraw from Palestine; to accept United Nations resolutions on Palestinian self-determination; to allow an independent United Nations investigation into the massacres of Jenin; and to recognise a Palestinian state? Until that position has been achieved, will my right hon. Friend ensure that the British Government cease all arms sales to Israel?

Middle East (13 Mai 2002)

Lord Steel of Aikwood: ...people? That has been brought about by the repressive policies of the Sharon government. Is that not likely to be exacerbated by yesterday's Likud executive vote against the very principle of a Palestinian state?

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Afghanistan (World Service) (14 Mai 2002)

Menzies Campbell: ...the World Service uniquely able to give an objective and impartial analysis of current events in the middle east—for example, the decision at the weekend of the Likud party to reject the idea of a Palestinian state, which many feel would unduly complicate the prospects of achieving a peaceful settlement in the middle east?

Oral Answers to Questions — International Development: EU Aid (15 Mai 2002)

Clare Short: ...and that of the EU. We must help the Palestinian people to survive and provide the humanitarian relief that is needed, but how much better it would be to direct those resources to building the new Palestinian state—a competent state that cares for its people, manages its resources well and is a good neighbour to Israel. That is the work that we all want to undertake.

Written Answers — International Development: Middle East (23 Mai 2002)

Clare Short: ...for a tightening of travel restrictions affecting the movement of people and goods. This has serious implications for the Palestinian economy, Palestinian society and the viability of the future Palestinian state. In common with the European Union, and other partners, we are considering how we should address this unwelcome development.

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