Canlyniadau 81–100 o 500 ar gyfer "palestinian state"

European Communities ( 9 Rha 1993)

Mr Ernie Ross: ...—towns that are identified as Palestinian—we shall be giving support and confidence to the Arab Palestinians living there by showing that the people of Europe understand that there will be a Palestinian state and that Palestinian towns are entitled to enjoy the same democratic freedoms as we do. My suggestion would not break new ground. The first twinning of a British—or a United...

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Middle East ( 2 Maw 1994)

David Winnick: ...terrible crime? Should it not be made clear to Israel—one recognises that there has been a substantial change since the last elections —that there can be no lasting peace until there is a viable Palestinian state alongside Israel? That is an absolute essential for justice for both Jews and Palestinians.

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Israel (13 Gor 1994)

Mr David Madel: What is the Government's attitude to the idea that Jerusalem could become the capital of an independent Palestinian state as well as the capital of Israel?

Orders of the Day — Debate on the Address: Foreign Affairs and Defence (17 Tach 1994)

Mr Cyril Townsend: now. It does not take much imagination to see how desperately wrong things could go if jobs are not created in Gaza and the occupied territories. Individual Palestinians who dream about a Palestinian state must be able to see that the sewerage system is beginning to work, jobs are coming and there is some prosperity. I am a strong supporter of British foreign policy. We are in a...

Prayers: Middle East Peace Process ( 1 Maw 1995)

Mr Ernie Ross: ...did so with no intention of moving any way towards giving the Palestinians any rights, responsibilities or freedom and certainly with no intention of giving them a Palestinian authority, let alone a Palestinian state. This Israeli Government command respect and support because they fought on a platform for peace, and what is more important, a platform that set out land for peace, as...

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Middle East Peace Process ( 8 Mai 1996)

Mr Ernie Ross: ...National Council meeting, the dropping of articles in the Palestinian charter that call for the destruction of Israel and the decision of the Israeli Labour Government to remove opposition to a Palestinian state? Does the Secretary of State welcome the statement by Prime Minister Peres that the Israelis will consider paying compensation for the damage caused in Lebanon? What action will...

Orders of the Day — Foreign Affairs and Defence (24 Hyd 1996)

David Winnick: ...hon. Friend is doing, for common sense and against the extremists in Israel—who, I hope, do not represent the views of the vast majority of Israeli people. At the end of the day, there must be a Palestinian state as well as Israel.

Prayers: Middle East Security (19 Maw 1997)

Mr John Gunnell: the development of moves towards peace. It is important that we get the peace process back on track. Those people took the election seriously, but, above all, they wanted recognition of a Palestinian state. They looked forward to that, because they seemed to be in a period of promise. The area in which I was observing the election was very rural, so there were no hotels in which, it...

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Middle East Peace Process (10 Meh 1997)

Mr Ernie Ross: a means of resolving the final settlement of Palestinians—is not acceptable either to the Palestinians or to the international community should it deny the possibility of a land link between a Palestinian state and its Arab neighbour, Jordan?

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (28 Hyd 1997)

George Galloway: ...hon. Friend the Member for Dundee, West (Mr. Ross) has argued, could not the peace process in the middle east be assisted by a show of hospitality and welcome from the Commonwealth to the emerging Palestinian state based around the Palestine National Authority?

Middle East Peace Process ( 4 Chw 1998)

Dr Jenny Tonge: No, he did not. He was not with me at the time. The Oslo accord enshrined the principles that should have led to the creation of a Palestinian state. It acknowledged the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war and recognised that Israel's armed forces must withdraw from occupied territories. My olive tree survives and thrives, but the Oslo accord fell on stony ground—a...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (22 Ebr 1998)

Mr Ernie Ross: ...moving towards a resolution of the problems between the two countries. The reward for Israel is peace with all its Arab neighbours; will not that reward come about only with the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside the Israeli state in that area?

Palestinian Refugees (29 Ebr 1998)

Mr David Atkinson: ...and offering the refugees permanent accommodation for the first time, not only for humanitarian reasons but as an essential step towards reducing a major source of tension in the middle east, a Palestinian state must be established. Our Israeli observer colleagues in the Council of Europe have urged me to use the word "entity" in place of th word, "state". I have explained to them that an...

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Middle East Peace Process (20 Ebr 1999)

Ann Cryer: ...lose sight of that declaration, particularly its penultimate paragraph which, with Madam Speaker's permission, I shall quote? It says that the creation of a democratic, viable and peaceful sovereign Palestinian State on the basis of existing agreements and through negotiations would be the best guarantee of Israel's security and Israel's acceptance as an equal partner in the region.

Palestine (26 Mai 1999)

Nicholas Soames: ...basis of the existing agreements, without prejudice to this right, which is not subject to any veto. The European Union is convinced that the creation of a democratic, viable and peaceful sovereign Palestinian State on the basis of existing agreements and through negotiations would be the best guarantee of Israel's security … The European Union declares its readiness to consider the...

Oral Answers to Questions — Middle East Peace Process (22 Meh 1999)

Mr David Madel: ...of intense disagreement between Israel and Palestinian negotiators is the future of Jerusalem. Does the Foreign Secretary envisage Jerusalem becoming the capital of both Israel and an independent Palestinian state?

Middle East Peace Negotiations (13 Rha 1999)

Lord Hylton: ...occupied lands easily exceeds 300,000. What is more, the settlements are linked to each other and to Israel by roads by-passing Palestinian villages and towns. The land that will constitute a future Palestinian state is thus divided into hundreds of slices. What is more, even those roads on which Palestinian traffic is allowed are subjected to many check-points. These humiliate drivers and...

Business of the House ( 2 Tach 2000)

Jeremy Corbyn: ...for a debate on the middle east crisis, because it is a desperately serious situation. On Monday, on television, the Israeli Foreign Minister said that he supported the concept of an independent Palestinian state. Meanwhile, however, he was unable to say why Israeli forces were continuing to occupy the Palestinian areas and to fire on protesters, including large numbers of unarmed young...

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Israel ( 7 Tach 2000)

Nicholas Winterton: Although the security of the state of Israel is of paramount importance, does the Foreign Secretary agree that equality of treatment between the Palestinian state—the Palestinian authority—and the state of Israel is critical? In my view, the Palestinians believe that they do not get a fair deal. Whatever the outcome of today's United States elections, will the United Kingdom Government...

Orders of the Day — Foreign Affairs and Defence (11 Rha 2000)

David Winnick: ...that there should be no state of Israel. A possible solution, of course, is to have two states, which I think the international community recognises: Israel without the occupied territories and a Palestinian state. Such a Palestinian state must be truly independent: it cannot be a statelet or a place where the Israelis can decide at any given time whether to grant favours or not. Israel...

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