Canlyniadau 21–40 o 500 ar gyfer "palestinian state"

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Middle East (13 Gor 1977)

Mr Hugh Fraser: The Secretary of State must be aware that there is a view that the statement by the Foreign Ministers has unnecessarily heightened tension in the area. By its open commitment to a Palestinian State it is a sort of Balfour Declaration in reverse, without the strength, or occupation, and should be reconsidered.

Foreign Affairs ( 7 Meh 1978)

Mr Greville Janner: ...lived in Natanya I suspect that we might take a different view. It is easy for my hon. Friend the Member for Brighouse and Spenborough and the hon. Member for Westbury to say that there should be a Palestinian State on the West Bank. I doubt whether they would say that if their own wives and children were at risk. We might disagree about what is or is not right in the Middle East, but...

Oral Answers to Questions — Iran (20 Chw 1979)

Mr Andrew Faulds: ...necessary for the Government to reconsider their stance on Israeli intransigence in the Middle East and on the absolute need to recognise Palestinian rights, and to work for the establishment of a Palestinian State?

Middle East ( 9 Maw 1979)

Mr David Weitzman: ...settlement on a sound basis. But the peace secured by Israel must be a peace that has with it the element of true security. The idea, for example, of building up on the West Bank an enemy State, a Palestinian State, which would have hostility towards Israel, would mean great danger to Israel. How can Israel, surrounded by enemies as she is, suffering as she has, expect to live in peace if...

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Middle East (21 Maw 1979)

Dr David Owen: The problem is that the two sides negotiating hold diametrically opposite views. The Arab countries want a separate Palestinian State, while the Israelis are declining to consider that possibility. The advantage of a transitional period is that it should be possible to negotiate an autonomous State without either side prejudging the long-term issue as it relates to the Palestinian State.

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister (Engagements) (27 Maw 1979)

Mr Andrew Faulds: ..., regardless of the Camp David con, and that there will be an upping of oil prices by Arab countries until we come to the simple realisation of accepting the PLO and working for the creation of a Palestinian State?

Orders of the Day — Foreign Affairs (18 Mai 1979)

Mr Dennis Walters: ...that at the end of that period the Palestinians would be granted the right of self-determination. This proposal has already acquired a wide measure of world support. The setting up of an independent Palestinian State should be accompanied by cast-iron military guarantees to Israel and to the border Arab countries, including the new Palestinian State. In conclusion, I must point out that...

Adjournment (Easter and May Day) ( 2 Ebr 1980)

Mr Ivan Lawrence: ...countries, France, has recently made noises of friendship and support for the PLO. No one can possibly expect Israel to enter into any agreement that will mean its suicide as a State. A third Palestinian State such as the PLO demands, sandwiched between Jordan and Israel, would mean suicide for Israel and a far worse Palestinian problem than the present one. Such a State would be...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister (Engagements) (22 Ebr 1980)

Mr Tony Marlow: ...—with or without our European partners—[HON. MEMBERS: "Reading."]—to take an early initiative to bring peace to that area by setting in train measures leading to the just establishment of the Palestinian State that has now become inevitable?

Business of the House (15 Mai 1980) take a major diplomatic initiative with the object of securing the withdrawal of all Israeli forces and settlements from the West Bank and Gaza, and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state in that territory.]

European Council (Venice Meeting) (16 Meh 1980)

Dr Maurice Miller: do exactly that, is the right hon. Lady not concerned to help the Camp David agreement? That agreement envisages autonomy for the Palestinians that not only could, but would, develop into a Palestinian State after a period of time.

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Middle East (18 Meh 1980)

Mr Mark Lennox-Boyd: ...the moderate elements of the PLO leadership who are silent but who believe that it is possible, and desirable, that in future Israel should exist within secure frontiers next to a predominantly Palestinian State?

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Middle East (18 Meh 1980)

Mr Winston Churchill: seek to invoke and involve the PLO, particularly when it has not renounced violence or agreed to accept the right of Israel to exist? As the West Bank was taken from Jordan in 1967, a predominant Palestinian State, is it not time that the West Bank was restored to Jordan?

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Middle East (29 Hyd 1980)

Mr Ian Gilmour: I understand that Israel is still strongly opposed to any independent Palestinian State.

Oral Answers to Questions — European Community: Structural and Policy Reforms (18 Chw 1981)

Nicholas Winterton: ...that in seeking to review policies within the EEC it would be very helpful if the EEC as a whole could play a greater part in resolving the problems of the Middle East and the establishment of a Palestinian State? Will he ensure that the EEC and each country within it co-operate in order to bring pressure upon the United States, which is the linchpin in maintaining the State of Israel in...

Orders of the Day — Supply: European Community (Developments) ( 8 Ebr 1981)

Dr Maurice Miller: ...right to create an independent country, and then, we shall see. Three days later the words "we shall see" were explicitly clarified. He said: The PLO will not recognise Israel even if an independent Palestinian state is established. The PLO has deliberately nurtured this double image, saying hard words to its own people and softer words to the Western world, in the hope that the West will...

Foreign Affairs ( 7 Mai 1981)

Mr Dennis Walters: I shall come later to the solution that I would favour for the period in between the withdrawal and the formation of the Palestinian State. With regard to mutual recognition between the PLO and Israel, if the PLO felt that Israel was prepared to recognise the existence of the Palestinians, and the Palestinian rights of self-determination, I believe that it would be possible to get the PLO...

Orders of the Day — Debate on the Address: Foreign Affairs ( 5 Tach 1981)

Mr Russell Johnston: fair to say that the initiative is basically helpful. If we set aside the intractable problems of Jerusalem, because that part of the initiative is a non-starter, the essential proposition of a Palestinian State linked to Israeli recognition seems to be the only way forward. The Minister of State may remember that we had a brief interchange about explicit and implicit recognition of...

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Middle East (Ministerial Visit) (18 Tach 1981)

Mr Dennis Walters: Has my hon. Friend noted the statements made by Mr. Sharon and other Israeli politicians alleging that the Palestinian State already exists and is in Jordan? While King Hussein is still in London will my hon. Friend take the opportunity forcefully to repudiate that inaccurate and outrageous claim?

Sinai Multinational Peacekeeping Force (23 Tach 1981)

Dr David Owen: Are the Government still committed to the concept of a transitional period for the West Bank with autonomy, which was part of the Camp David process, or are they now advocating a Palestinian State on the West Bank to be instantly negotiated? If it is the latter, must they not realise that that is not possible? Would it not be better to try to widen and extend the Camp David process, to stick...

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