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Palestine. (17 Tach 1930)

Lieut-Colonel Leo Amery: ...clear in it was that we wished to give an opportunity to Arabs and Jews each to develop in the truest sense their national home in that country and to combine it with a common patriotism for the Palestinian State, just as French and English-speaking Canadians have their national home in Canada and combine it with a common Canadian patriotism. From that point of view, we were obliged to...

Jews (Fighting Services). ( 6 Aws 1942)

Major Sir Derrick Gunston: ...the point of view of settling the Jews in proper homes in places where they could live a decent life after the war, it would be disastrous, and I believe it would make the eventual creation of a Palestinian State quite impossible. I believe it would react disastrously on Jewry, and would prevent the amalgamation and friendship we all want to see.

Palestine (21 Chw 1946)

Mr Daniel Lipson: that the result is bound to be disastrous, and that the Jews will be chief sufferers. I do not want to see a Jewish State in Palestine. I do not want to see an Arab State, either. I want to see a Palestinian State, and I believe that it is on those lines that a solution of the Palestine problem can be found. One has only to look to see where the agitation for a Jewish State has led us...

Oral Answers to Questions — Terrorist Outrage, Jerusalem (23 Gor 1946)

Mr William Gallacher: ...who suffered as a consequence of this terrible outrage, may I ask the Government seriously to consider, in dealing with this problem of Palestine, the necessity of bringing about an independent Palestinian State where Arabs and Jews will have to co-operate together?

Orders of the Day — Palestine (31 Gor 1946)

Hon. Oliver Stanley: ...incapable of attainment. The dream which everyone had— all the objective and neutral people—was of a Palestine in which Jew and Arab would settle down together, would be members together of a Palestinian State, where they would be able to rule themselves, and not desire to rule each other, and where the division between political parties and political thought would not be purely on...

Palestine ( 1 Aws 1946)

Mr Daniel Lipson: the plan to partition because these proposals do not close the door; they leave open the possibility of realising what I think most people must appreciate is the best solution in Palestine—a Palestinian state in which Jews and Arabs would cooperate. If we were to establish partition as it was suggested by the Peel Commission, I am afraid that it would be very much more difficult in...

Palestine (Government Policy) (25 Chw 1947)

Mr Ernest Bevin: ...State be admitted; second, shall the claim of the Arabs that it is to be an Arab State, with safeguards for the Jews under the decision for a National Home be admitted; or, third, shall it be a Palestinian State, in which the interests of both communities are as carefully balanced and protected as possible? I have put it in that form, because in all negotiations I have had to conduct, and...

Palestine (12 Rha 1947)

Mr Anthony Eden: ...unworkable. For the space of a generation a British administration, consisting of some of the ablest brains and stoutest hearts in our Colonial service, has endeavoured to further the ideal of a Palestinian State, has endeavoured to reconcile conflicting interests and, following the words of the Mandate to secure the establishment of a Jewish National Home in Palestine without prejudice to...

Orders of the Day — Palestine Bill (10 Maw 1948)

Mr Thomas Reid: responsibility whatever for what the Government have done. What I suggest should be done now—and what I have said on this subject since 1938 has been vindicated—is to give independence to a Palestinian State. We promised the Jews a national home, and that has been set up; we promised the Arabs independence in Palestine and the Mandate envisaged independence after a period of...

Orders of the Day — Palestine Bill: Second Schedule. — (Transitional Provisions.) (23 Maw 1948)

Mr Michael Foot: ...West Bristol (Mr. Stanley), who referred to those who have served in Palestine during the past 20 years. But there are many present in Palestine who have served there for the purpose of building a Palestinian State. They have worked with Jew and Arab to build a Palestinian State. Their hopes are betrayed tonight, as the hopes of many of us are betrayed. Therefore, I think it right that we...

Foreign Affairs ( 9 Rha 1948)

Mr Clement Davies: ...can be no going back to 29th November. It seems to me that now the Bernadotte Report, upon which the Foreign Secretary seemed to base the whole of his policy, is hopelessly out of date. There is no Palestinian State, and there is not likely to be one. What is to prevent direct negotiations, to which the right hon. Gentleman the Member for Warwick and Leamington referred. taking place...

Middle East (13 Ebr 1970)

Mr Christopher Mayhew: ...would be satisfied with a settlement of this kind. That is not so, and I understand their point of view. They would not be satisfied even with a solution which involved the establishment of a Palestinian State in the newly-liberated territories, which gave them, as the Security Council settlement would, the choice of repatriation or resettlement. Even so, I can see that the Palestinians...

Foreign Affairs (14 Rha 1972)

Mr Christopher Mayhew: .... It seems possible, however, that without prejudice to this wider objective, the Palestinians are now prepared to work towards a more limited objective, namely the establishment of an independent Palestinian State in the liberated territory when the Israelis withdraw. If this is what the Palestinian Arabs want, I personally think it is strongly in their interests. What a fine thing it...

Foreign Affairs (31 Hyd 1973)

Mr Jeremy Thorpe: ...that it was considered by President Nixon—that a World Bank initiative should be made to bring about an enormous desalination project for El Arish which could probably settle 400,000 people in a Palestinian State. That could be looked into, but we must be certain that the guarantees are firm and that the number of troops on both sides is sufficient to deal with almost any situation apart...

Foreign Affairs (25 Maw 1975)

Mr Dennis Walters: ...depends on the presumption that the PLO is irrevocably committed to the destruction of Israel by force. There is in fact a growing body of opinion among the PLO which advocates acceptance of a Palestinian State established on the West Bank and Gaza and the adoption of a waiting policy in the belief that as time passes pressures will build up within Israel in favour of some accommodation...

Foreign Affairs (10 Tach 1975)

Mr Dennis Walters: ...Washington. Only America has the power to persuade Israel to accept the need for withdrawal from the occupied terrorities and for negotiating with the Palestinians regarding the establishment of a Palestinian State; and unless Israel yields on these two essential points there can be no lasting peace. That being so, it may be tempting for European Governments to decide that there is...

Debate on the Address: First Day (19 Tach 1975)

Mrs Millie Miller: in the Middle East would have an opportunity to settle down and find their own peaceful solution. I say this having recently visited Israel, where I found that many of the people in the Palestinian State, on the West Bank of the Jordan, who are now living in occupied territory in Israel, are anxious for peace and self-government, while the spokesmen from outside that territory are...

Foreign Policy and Morality ( 9 Chw 1976)

Mr Dennis Walters: .... Perhaps in conclusion today I could add one more to that list, and I shall be grateful if the Minister of State will comment on it. There is growing world-wide support for the general idea of a Palestinian State on Palestinian soil—and that is a question of international morality if ever there was one. The recent discussions in the Security Council confirm that support. Although the...

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Middle East (20 Hyd 1976)

Mr Frank Hooley: ...aspirations of the Palestinians towards nationhood is welcome on this side of the House? Can he explain, however, why the Foreign Secretary expressed reservations about the actual sovereignty of the Palestinian State?

Foreign Affairs ( 1 Maw 1977)

Mr Dennis Walters: .... There is wide agreement within the international community that a settlement should be based on the principles laid down in the Security Council Resolution 242, supplemented by the creation of a Palestinian State on the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip so as to afford some satisfaction of the Palestinians' right of self-determination. On the question of the extent of the withdrawal from...

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