Canlyniadau 141–160 o 10000 ar gyfer "freedom of information"

Victims and Prisoners Bill: New Clause 20 - Domestic abuse related death reviews ( 4 Rha 2023)

Jim Shannon: ...time, but is still potentially a risk to the general public. I am aware that there were nine self-inflicted deaths of people with sentences of imprisonment for public protection in 2022, and a freedom of information request this year has indicated that this year there have been a further seven. We look to the MOJ for a new action plan that works. Our main objective and focus is that...

Written Answers — Home Office: Immigration: Employment ( 4 Rha 2023)

Derek Twigg: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, pursuant to the Answer of 27 November 2023 to Question 2778 on Immigration: Employment, and Freedom of Information release 31192, published on 11 June 2014, how many illegal working enforced visits were made by the UK Border Agency by employment sector in each year since 2012.

Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: Firearms: Lost Property ( 4 Rha 2023)

Andrew Murrison: place to ensure the integrity of these arrangements. Whilst we do not publish data in full, we do publish some information on weapon losses on the Ministry of Defence (MOD) website under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act. MOD officials will collate that information and I will write to the hon. Member when it is available, and a copy of this letter will be placed in the Library of The...

Early Years Education - Motion to Take Note (30 Tach 2023)

Baroness Andrews: ...want it to succeed. She will also know that when I say that childcare provision has been knowingly underfunded, I am referring to the information obtained directly from her department, revealed by a freedom of information request from the Early Years Alliance, which shows that in 2015 DfE officials were already worried about a funding gap and had already estimated that, by 2021, the hourly...

Senedd yr Alban: National Health Service (Waiting Lists) (30 Tach 2023)

Anas Sarwar: The Government has its head in the sand. There are 828,398 of our fellow Scots on NHS waiting lists, yet that pathetic answer is what we get from the Government. The answers to our freedom of information requests to health boards showed that, in the past year, 24,567 people died while on an NHS waiting list. Many of those people waited anxiously, often in pain, for potentially life-saving...

Senedd yr Alban: Wildlife Management and Muirburn (Scotland) Bill: Stage 1 (30 Tach 2023)

Oliver Mundell: ...stakeholders gave evidence to the Parliament on the need for it. That would seem pretty discourteous and somewhat suggestive of predetermined thinking. However, most shockingly, a response to a freedom of information request showed that, before making that decision, the minister did not undertake any detailed consideration of the evidence that was put to the committee. The bill is just the...

Data Protection and Digital Information Bill: Part 2 - The Nine Identity Assurance Principles (29 Tach 2023)

Patrick Grady: ...have to obey, which would essentially give police immunity should they use personal data in a way that would otherwise be illegal—and they would no longer need to respond to requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. We have heard no explanation from the Government for why they think that the police should be allowed to break the law and operate under a cover of darkness. The...

Points of Order (29 Tach 2023)

Peter Dowd: .... I would appreciate any advice you can give me on a matter of great interest and concern to my constituents. It relates to the attitude of National Highways officials in the north-west office. A freedom of information request revealed several emails that, in my view, show a worrying lack of candour and transparency in National Highways’ dealings with me in relation to the replacement of...

Prisons in Wales — [James Gray in the Chair] (29 Tach 2023)

Liz Saville-Roberts: .... I was glad to have a meeting with Lord Bellamy in February this year to talk about disaggregated data. None the less, it remains the case that much of that information had to be gathered through freedom of information requests. That is a labour-intensive and difficult way to access the basic information necessary for the creation of robust and effective policy. This is public money. We...

Nuclear Test Veterans: Medical Records — [Martin Vickers in the Chair] (28 Tach 2023)

Rebecca Long-Bailey: ...the Atomic Weapons Establishment does not hold any medical records—that is his firm belief—but he went on to say, in response to the question about the 150 documents that were referenced in the freedom of information request, that test information was in there, and was provided to the next of kin. That suggests to me that the AWE did hold test information on individuals, and that as a...

Written Answers — Department of Health and Social Care: Sciensus (28 Tach 2023)

Lord Markham: ...Agency (MHRA) does not routinely publish a specific report but information which is held in inspection reports and internal review documents is subject to release in accordance with the 2001 Freedom of Information Act. While the company is subject to ongoing regulatory action, and any decision by the police regarding possible enforcement action remains pending, MHRA regards this...

Legislation on Dangerous Dogs — [Dame Caroline Dinenage in the Chair] (27 Tach 2023)

Anna Firth: ...with a view to amending the law to afford pet dogs the same protections that exist already under the law for service, guide and therapy dogs. In preparation for my ten-minute rule Bill, I submitted freedom of information requests to all 43 police forces in the UK to ask if they record dog-on-dog attacks as a separate offence, and if they do, how many they had recorded over the past five...

Senedd yr Alban: Honesty and Integrity in Government (23 Tach 2023)

...First Minister: That is clearly not the case, because we have been re-elected time and time and time and time again by the people of Scotland to run our public services in Scotland. With regard to freedom of information, I am more than happy to provide a written response to Anas Sarwar about the improvements that we have made in responding to requests, because we take our obligations very...

Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: Ministry of Defence: Disclosure of Information (22 Tach 2023)

Rebecca Long-Bailey: ...documents retained by his Department under a Lord Chancellor’s Instruction citing a national security exemption are among the files available to be searched when his Department receives a Freedom of Information request which may include personal data held within it.

Defence: Trident Nuclear Programme (20 Tach 2023)

Neale Hanvey: ...of nuclear material is a problem for the Ministry of Defence, and we also know from recent reports that a Vanguard-class submarine nearly had a collision over the weekend. Our party put in a freedom of information request asking about transportation of nuclear material through Scotland, and that was rebuffed. The UK Government may be content to play second fiddle to the US on weapons of...

Senedd yr Alban: Cabinet (Meetings) (16 Tach 2023)

Alex Cole-Hamilton: I have a response to a freedom of information request that shows that the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service contacted the Scottish Government four years ago about having to prop up station ceilings because of dangerous concrete. RAAC—reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete—is in 14 of those ceilings, from Milngavie to Portree. The chief fire officer asked for £70 million to fix the...

Senedd yr Alban: School Pupils (Provision of Electronic Devices) (16 Tach 2023)

Meghan Gallacher: A freedom of information response earlier this year stated that digital inclusion funding has not been made available since 2020-21. What funding has been made available for digital devices since the digital inclusion fund was closed?

Written Answers — Attorney General: Sexual Offences: Gender (15 Tach 2023)

Michael Tomlinson: unable to supply details of organisations they consulted as part of the proposed revision of their legal guidance on 'Deception as to Gender' as the information requested is the subject of a Freedom Of Information request which is subject to ongoing legal proceedings.

Written Answers — Attorney General: Domestic Abuse (15 Tach 2023)

Michael Tomlinson: The information requested is subject to an open Freedom Of Information request to the Crown Prosecution Service, which they are considering in the normal way.

Senedd yr Alban: Scottish Ministerial Code (First Minister and Deputy First Minister) (15 Tach 2023)

Craig Hoy: of similar events proves a pattern of behaviour that supports our motion. SNP Government officials held deposit return scheme meetings verbally to avoid correspondence being obtained through freedom of information requests. During Alex Salmond’s judicial review, the SNP Government’s own legal counsel admitted that it could not advise the court that the Scottish Government had...

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