Canlyniadau 101–120 o 10000 ar gyfer "freedom of information"

Written Answers — Department of Health and Social Care: Spinal Injuries: Health Services (24 Ion 2024)

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath: To ask His Majesty's Government what assessment they have made of the findings of freedom of information requests by the Spinal Injuries Association that show large regional variation in the provision of services for patients with spinal injuries with regard to neurogenic bowel care interventions, including digital rectal stimulation and the digital removal of faeces; and what action they...

Freedom of Information - Question (23 Ion 2024)

Freedom of Information - Question

Written Answers — Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities: National Holocaust Memorial Centre and Learning Service (23 Ion 2024)

Peter Bottomley: To ask the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, if he will publish the redacted Holocaust Memorial material subject to the freedom of information request by Dorian Gerhold in December 2018.

Levelling Up, Housing and Communities: Housing Developers: Information on Associated Infrastructure (22 Ion 2024)

Kerry McCarthy: A recent freedom of information request revealed that only a third of the housing infrastructure fund has actually been spent, which leaves £2.9 billion unspent. The National Audit Office says that successful delivery of the housing infrastructure fund “appears to be unachievable”, so what is going to happen to that £2.9 billion?

Pet Abduction Bill (19 Ion 2024)

Anna Firth: ...will be taken as part of a burglary or a robbery, so the fact that an animal has been involved will not be mentioned at all in police records. In preparing for this Second Reading debate I issued freedom of information requests to all 45 territorial police forces in the UK asking for the number of pets stolen each year since 2019. The responses I received perfectly articulate the problem...

Loan Charge (18 Ion 2024)

Sarah Green: ...last year, one of my constituents was successful in overturning the Information Commissioner’s decision to allow the Treasury not to release the final draft of the loan charge review. The original freedom of information request was made in December 2020, yet over three years later the material has still not been released. My constituent tells me that their attempts to obtain the...

Business of the House (18 Ion 2024)

Peter Bottomley: ...backs of the public. Will my right hon. Friend look to see the redactions made by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and why it is continuing to instruct lawyers to oppose the freedom of information request, which is vital to the work of the Select Committee? Through her, may I recommend to the Select Committee asking for that information and making it public?

Written Answers — Ministry of Justice: Prisoners: Release: Christmas (18 Ion 2024)

Edward Argar: Data on the number of individuals recorded as temporarily released from prison on 25 December 2022, broken down by main offence category, has been published in response to a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI 230910004) and may be accessed here: october-2023. Requested data for Christmas 2023 forms a subset of...

Senedd yr Alban: Superfast Broadband (Reaching 100 Per Cent Programme) (18 Ion 2024)

Douglas Lumsden: The R100 scheme was meant to connect more than 114,000 premises—mainly in our rural areas—by 2021. We know from the response to a freedom of information request that only 29 per cent of those premises have been connected, and the figures in the north are even worse—only 15 per cent has been delivered. The date for the north Scotland scheme has slipped to 2028, which is seven years late....

Cabinet Office: Topical Questions (18 Ion 2024)

Oliver Dowden: This was an appalling incident, as the hon. Gentleman knows, and it highlighted big flaws in how data is handled in respect of freedom of information requests. We have issued further guidance on how such requests should be handled, but I continue to work with officials in my Department and across Government to make sure that that sort of incident never happens again.

Sir Edward Heath: Operation Conifer - Question for Short Debate (17 Ion 2024)

Lord Lexden: the 1990s. Two concern adults, not children. The Edward Heath Charitable Foundation has scrutinised them, drawing on Heath’s private papers, information in the public domain and the results of freedom of information requests. Its analysis shows that four of the seven alleged incidents could not have occurred. The Home Office has tried to give the impression that only the Wiltshire...

Senedd yr Alban: National Health Service Waiting Times (17 Ion 2024)

Jamie Greene: .... All too often, the bad news is buried away rather than being publicly available. For example, in doing research for the debate, audiology waiting times could not be found. From a response to a freedom of information request, we learned that that data is not published, “following agreement with the Scottish Government”. What a surprise. Yesterday, speech therapy figures were released...

Water Pollution - Question (16 Ion 2024)

Baroness Boycott: ...up going on at the moment in terms of sewerage works in this country. I would like to raise one point; others will be raised as the Question goes on. Campaigners and journalists have been using freedom of information requests or environmental information requests to water companies, to explore and expose the illegal sewage discharges. But, increasingly, the companies are refusing to...

Foster Carers: Allowances and Tax Arrangements — [Sir Graham Brady in the Chair] (15 Ion 2024)

Martyn Day: ...given the opportunities to recover from the upheavals that they have experienced, to enable them to go on to achieve their aspirations. A significant number of the local authorities that completed freedom of information requests that informed the Fostering Network’s most recent report on weekly fostering allowances stated that everything is included in the national minimum allowance. How...

NHS Winter Update - Statement (11 Ion 2024)

Baroness Merron: ...Statement was first made to Parliament—the matter of 800 new ambulances. These ambulances were promised by the Government to help NHS trusts tackle the crisis of ever-worsening response times. But freedom of information requests found that, across 10 of the 11 ambulance trusts in England, there were plans to order only 51 new ambulances. I would like to give the opportunity to the...

Parliamentary Democracy and Standards in Public Life - Motion to Take Note (11 Ion 2024)

Lord McNally: ..., a media that adheres to the highest standards of truth and accuracy, and a Civil Service selected and promoted on merit—deliver open government and are underpinned by a robust and wide-ranging Freedom of Information Act. Each of those elements stands alone in a functioning democracy, yet each gives strength to that democracy by helping to strengthen the others. At the apex of that...

Church Commissioners: Anglican Hospital in Gaza (11 Ion 2024)

Peter Bottomley: I am grateful. When I referred to December 2018, I should have made it clear that that was the date of the freedom of information request by Dorian Gerhold. I shall write to the Minister explaining what information I want.

Rwanda Plan Cost and Asylum System ( 9 Ion 2024)

Alison Thewliss: ...the total cost of the scheme to nearly £400 million without a single asylum seeker having been sent there. That is a cost of about £130 million per Home Secretary who has been to Rwanda. A Freedom of Information Act request revealed that as of last month, the UK Government have spent £2.1 million defending the scheme in the courts. With new legal challenges to the Bill and the treaty,...

NHS Dentistry ( 9 Ion 2024)

Mary Foy: ...’s questions on 3 May, he stated that “there are more than 500 more dentists working in the NHS this year than last year.”—[Official Report, 3 May 2023; Vol. 732, c. 111.] However, a freedom of information request obtained by the British Dental Association threw the Prime Minister’s comments into doubt. According to the FOI response, the number of dentists is in fact down by...

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