Canlyniadau 101–120 o 700 ar gyfer "competition act"

Enterprise Bill (18 Gor 2002)

Lord Kingsland: ...about the situation. Even before the enactment of this Bill, that will often be the position. Findings of fact will have been made in public law proceedings under Chapter 1 or Chapter 2 of the Competition Act 1998 or under Articles 81 or 82 of the EC treaty. Subject to certain conditions, such findings of fact will be treated as determinative in subsequent actions. That has always been the...

Written Answers — Culture Media and Sport: Ofcom (25 Maw 2002)

Kim Howells: As the White Paper made clear, Ofcom will be able to exercise powers under the Competition Act 1998 and the Fair Trading Act 1973 concurrently with the Director General of Fair Trading, in respect of communications matters. The Government are confident that Ofcom and the OFT will be able to work closely and constructively together in the exercise of these powers. This would reflect the...

Competition Act 1998 (Determination of Turnover for Penalties) (Amendment) Order 2004 (28 Ebr 2004)

Lord Triesman: ...these statutory instruments. Their purpose is to amend certain aspects of United Kingdom law governing competition rules and how they are enforced. Primarily, they introduce certain changes to the Competition Act 1998. Those changes are being made mainly because equivalent changes have now been made in the corresponding European Community law. In November 2002, the European Council of...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Enterprise Bill: Clause 176 - Annual report of Service ( 7 Mai 2002)

Miss Melanie Johnson: ...have decided to delete the provision and replace it with a clause that requires the Competition Commission to produce an annual report. It is not complicated. New clause 8 will be inserted into the Competition Act 1998. Therefore, I propose that the clause should not stand part of the Bill. Question put and negatived.Clause 177The Commission

Bills Presented: Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill ( 8 Tach 2023)

...Lucy Frazer, Kevin Hollinrake, Paul Scully, Gareth Davies, Julia Lopez and Sir John Whittingdale, presented a Bill to provide for the regulation of competition in digital markets; to amend the Competition Act 1998 and the Enterprise Act 2002 and to make other provision about competition law; to make provision relating to the protection of consumer rights and to confer further such rights;...

Written Answers — Business, Innovation and Skills: Electronic Equipment: Waste Disposal ( 2 Gor 2013)

Michael Fallon: Protection against anti-competitive behaviour and abuse by a company of a dominant position in the market in particular is prohibited under the Competition Act 1998. Responsibility for enforcing competition law falls to the Office of Fair Trading as the competent authority in the UK. It has significant powers to investigate and act if it finds firms are abusing a dominant position or behaving...

Written Answers — Energy and Climate Change: Liquefied Petroleum Gas (20 Hyd 2011)

Charles Hendry: ..., Official Report, column 58-59WS. It is for the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to actively investigate markets that do not appear to be meeting the needs of consumers and to publish the results. The Competition Act 1998 and the Enterprise Act 2002 gives powers to the OFT to apply and enforce competition and consumer measures alongside the Competition Commission, Trading Standards...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Health and Social Care(Re-Committed) Bill: Examination of Witnesses (28 Meh 2011) does not change competition law. What we need to be clear about is that it is in that box—that we know what the extent of competition rules are. They were introduced into the NHS under the Competition Act 1998 under the previous Labour Government. They were given specific clarity in the principles and rules in January 2009 that were written to accompany the establishment of the...

Scottish Parliament written answers — Local Government: Local Government (31 Aws 1999)

Henry McLeish: The Competition Act 1988 applies to all undertakings engaged in economic activities whatever their legal status. Local authorities which engage in commercial or economic activities relating to goods or services will be covered by the provisions of the Act as will those businesses which provide goods and services to local authorities and their activities will therefore equally be subject to...

Orders of the Day — Transport Bill: Competition Test for Exercise of Bus Functions ( 9 Mai 2000)

Keith Hill: ...them, but they do what we said they would do. The new clause and amendments achieve three things. First, they provide a special tailor-made regime for the exercise of such powers—rather than the Competition Act 1998, in case that Act might be thought to apply. I think that that concerned Members at an earlier stage. Secondly, they allow a bus operator, for example, to go to the Director...

Oral Answers to Questions — Communications White Paper (12 Rha 2000)

Mr Chris Smith: ...MOD's responsibility in relation to its portion of spectrum. The regulation of competition affairs in respect of newspapers will be governed by the pretty tough competition rules introduced by the Competition Act 1998. The role of Ofcom will be as adviser to the OFT and to the competition authorities. There is no proposal that competition policy should be relaxed in any way.

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (16 Maw 2011)

Ed Miliband: ...know whether the health service will now be subject to EU competition law? It will be. Let us look at the Health and Social Care Bill: chapter 2, “Competition”; clause 60, “Functions under the Competition Act 1998”; clause 66, “Reviews by the Competition Commission”; clause 68, “Co-operation with the Office of Fair Trading”. Can the Prime Minister explain to the British...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Health and Social Care (Re-Committed) Bill: Clause 67 - Requirements as to procurement, patient choice and competition (12 Gor 2011)

Tom Blenkinsop: ...quality. The provision is again subservient to clauses 64 and 65—the coterminosity of the OFT and Monitor acting together, making decisions based primarily on clauses 64 and 65, which bring in the Competition Act and the Enterprise Act. Quality is not even mentioned in the clause.

Written Answers — Trade and Industry: Minimum-price Alcohol ( 1 Chw 2005)

Gerry Sutcliffe: Chapter One of the Competition Act 1998 prohibits agreements, decisions or practices that restrict competition, including those that seek to fix prices or trading conditions. In the context of inter-departmental discussions on the options for tackling problems associated with excessive alcohol consumption, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has provided advice about the effects of...

Financial Services (Banking Reform) Bill: Committee (2nd Day) (Continued) (15 Hyd 2013)

Lord Newby: ...duty. However, we believe that more can be done. In addition to giving the PRA a secondary competition objective, we will provide the FCA with new competition powers. These new powers include Competition Act 1998 enforcement powers that are used to address restrictive practices which are engaged in by companies operating in the UK that distort, restrict or prevent competition—for...

Written Answers — Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform: Construction: Cartels (13 Mai 2008)

Gareth Thomas: Cartels are prohibited under the Competition Act 1998 and the Enterprise Act 2002 allows for prosecutions against individuals involved in cases acting in a cartel. There have been no prosecutions of individuals in the last five years, however three individuals have recently been charged and are awaiting a court hearing in respect of a cartel involving marine hoses and ancillary equipment. As...

Orders of the Day — Enterprise Bill — [2nd Allotted Day]: Schedule 25 — Minor and consequential amendments (17 Meh 2002)

...relates to any provision of a scheme or any act or omission of a board administering a scheme. (1C) The third case is where— (a) a report of the Competition Commission under section 11 of the Competition Act 1980 (c.21) (references of public bodies etc.), as laid before Parliament, contains conclusions to the effect that— (i) certain matters indicated in the report operate against the...

Orders of the Day — Financial Services and Markets Bill: Reports by Director General of Fair Trading (27 Ion 2000)

Mr Nigel Beard: Such arguments have been rehearsed before. On each occasion, the case made against including competitiveness as an objective of the Bill is that under the Competition Act 1998 there exists the Competition Commission. To give authority for regulating competition to the FSA in respect of financial matters would mean two organisations regulating one sector of the economy, which could lead to...

Written Answers — Health: General Practitioners: EU Law (15 Chw 2011)

Simon Burns: The prohibitions of anti-competitive behaviours under the Competition Act 1998 could potentially apply to general practitioner (GP) consortia, but only to the extent a GP consortia was acting as an 'undertaking' for the purposes of the Act, which may be unlikely to occur in practice, although the competent authorities (i.e. Monitor or the Office of Fair Trading (OFT)) would be obliged to...

Consumer Credit Bill (21 Maw 2006)

Lord McKenzie of Luton: the licensing of businesses as being fit to engage in a licensable activity under the Act. There are, however, various other pieces of legislation—the main ones are the Enterprise Act 2002, the Competition Act 1998 and the Consumer Credit Act 1974—through which the OFT enforces both consumer and competition legislation as well as undertaking various market initiatives. The OFT's...

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