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Factory Closures (10 Tach 1998)

John Redwood: ...? Will the right hon. Gentleman give us more detail on the competition policy that he wants to follow in other sectors? Let us take the newspaper industry. The right hon. Gentleman said that the Competition Act 1998 will provide a more competitive system. Does that mean that he will get rid of the recommended cover price for newspapers? Will he abolish all protected price systems in the...

Orders of the Day — Trade, Industry, Education and Employment (25 Tach 1998)

Mr Peter Mandelson: ...election in May last year, the Department of Trade and Industry took through just two programmed Bills—just two. In the Session that has just gone, we put five Acts on to the statute book. The Competition Act 1998 will finally reform a competition regime that was widely regarded as out of date, toothless and badly in need of a rethink. We did that—the Tories promised to do so, but...

Oral Answers to Questions — Community Pharmacies ( 3 Rha 1998)

Ian McCartney: None. However, during the passage through Parliament of the Competition Act 1998, my right hon. Friend the then Secretary of State and my hon. Friend the Member for Edinburgh, South (Mr. Griffiths) met representatives from the Community Pharmacy Action Group to discuss resale price maintenance in that legislation.

Post Office ( 7 Rha 1998)

Andrew Lansley: ...of a public sector or taxpayer guarantee. Will the Secretary of State confirm that, in terms of the commercial marketplace, the Post Office will not enjoy exemption from the provisions of the Competition Act 1998, except strictly in respect of its statutory monopoly activities?

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements ( 9 Rha 1998)

Tony Blair: We are particularly interested in its proposals that would enable car buyers in this country to have access to lower prices such as those currently available on the continent. Under the new Competition Act 1998, there will be financial penalties of up to 10 per cent. of UK turnover for firms that infringe the prohibitions. I am confident that those new powers will be effective. I...

Competitiveness (16 Rha 1998)

Mr Peter Mandelson: ...UK, we need greater competition in markets, and those markets need to modernise. For 18 years, our predecessors preached free markets, but took fright at big business. We have already passed the new Competition Act, and we will use it to attack anti-competitive practices, strengthening the Office of Fair Trading so that it can expose all corners of the economy to the stimulus of...

Petitions: Meath Home ( 9 Maw 1999)

Mrs Virginia Bottomley: ...the centre, that is the route down which all the voluntary homes will have to go. Several other recent legislative measures are relevant. Although it does not come into force until March 2000, the Competition Act 1998 prohibits conduct on the part of one of more undertakings that amounts to an abuse of a dominant position in the market, and there are severe penalties for breaching the...

Enterprise and Competition (10 Maw 1999)

Stephen Byers: ...Fair Trading Act 1973 to give the director general directions indicating issues that he should take into account in determining his priorities. I shall also exercise my power under section 13 of the Competition Act 1980 to ask the director general to investigate particular prices. In relation to prices, there is widespread concern that those paid in the UK for goods are higher than prices...

Orders of the Day — Employment Relations Bill: Compensatory Award Etc: Removal of Limit in Certain Cases (30 Maw 1999)

John Bercow: ..., but an important principle is at stake. In other Government legislation emanating from his Department, Ministers have recognised the difference between small and large companies—for example, the Competition Act 1998 makes provision for fines that depend upon turnover. Therefore, will the right hon. Gentleman at least concede the argument for taking specific account of the circumstances...

Wildlife (14 Ebr 1999)

Colin Breed: I agree entirely with the right hon. Gentleman. Under the Competition Act 1998, the Government decided that penalties on companies should be a percentage of their turnover. Those are real penalties. The Government should indicate clearly what the penalties will be for violating SSSIs, and we should also insist that sites are reinstated as far as possible so that there is no incentive for...

Oral Answers to Questions — Trade and Industry: Market Distortions (17 Meh 1999)

Kim Howells: the euro, for example, make those of her leader, the right hon. Member for Richmond, Yorks (Mr. Hague), seem Solomon-like in their measured judgment. To return to my hon. Friend's question, the Competition Act 1998 will provide a tough new regime for dealing with anti-competitive activities across the United Kingdom economy. The Government are committed to ensuring fair and vigorous...

Financial Services and Markets Bill (28 Meh 1999)

Mr Nigel Beard: which financial choice and allocation are made with the fullest possible knowledge of the risks and rewards, and in which the corruption of self-interested manipulators is eliminated. The Competition Act 1998 was one leg of such a policy. The Financial Services and Markets Bill is a second leg. It is a regulatory measure, but one welcomed by financial and public interests. The essence...

Opposition Day: Dairy Industry ( 7 Gor 1999)

Andrew George: Further to the point raised by the hon. Member for Stroud (Mr. Drew), does my hon. Friend agree that, under the terms of the Competition Act 1998, from March next year Milk Marque will not hold a dominant position in the market, as it will have a share of less than 40 per cent. of the liquid market. It should not be affected by the Act as it is not in a dominant and monopolistic position.

Consumer White Paper (22 Gor 1999)

Stephen Byers: I agree that it is a scandal. It is a matter for regret that the law is ineffective. A whole range of powers will be introduced next year as a result of the Competition Act 1998. Next week we will announce the sanctions that we intend to use under that legislation. They will be significant and will make companies examine carefully their conduct in this important area. I am afraid that the...

Scottish Parliament written answers — Local Government: Local Government (31 Aws 1999)

Kenneth Gibson: To ask the Scottish Executive whether there will be any implications for local authorities as both purchasers and providers of services when the Competition Act 1998 comes into force next year, and if so, what the implications will be.

Car Pricing (20 Hyd 1999)

Patricia Hewitt: ...make sure that, for cars as for all other services and goods, consumers get a fair deal within open and competitive markets. That is why we have already introduced and secured the passage of the new Competition Act 1998. That is why we have created the new Competition Commission, with much tougher powers to fine companies for anti-competitive behaviour. I have to observe that, although the...

Orders of the Day — Greater London Authority Bill: New Clause ( 8 Tach 1999)

...Act 1968;(b) the Fair Trading Act 1973;(c) the Consumer Credit Act 1974;(d) the Restrictive Trade Practices Act 1976;(e) the Resale Prices Act 1976;(f) the Estate Agents Act 1979;(g) the Competition Act 1980;(h) the Telecommunications Act 1984;(j) the Airports Act 1986;(k) the Gas Act 1986;(l) the Insolvency Act 1986;(m) the Consumer Protection Act 1987;(n) the Electricity Act 1989;(o) the...

Debate on the Address (17 Tach 1999)

Michael Spicer: .... The reverse has happened, certainly with regard to the proposed utilities Bill. That Bill has been trailed in some detail in two White Papers, and it had a precursor, or paving measure, in the Competition Act 1998. It promises to be arguably the most interventionist legislation since the second world war. Using words such as "markets", "competition" and "service", the Bill will bring...

Senedd yr Alban: Water Charges (26 Ion 2000)

Sarah Boyack: ...other factors that will increasingly put pressure on the Scottish water authorities to improve efficiency and customer service. In particular, the coming into effect, in March, of provisions in the Competition Act 1998 will see growing competition in Scotland for the provision of water services. The key issue that we face is how best to achieve benefits for customers through greater choice...

Oral Answers to Questions — Trade and Industry: Ice-cream (Impulse Buying) (27 Ion 2000)

Nick Gibb: Under the Competition Act 1998, a company can be fined up to 10 per cent. of its annual turnover. Out of the blue last August, the Government announced that that could apply to three years' annual turnover, effectively tripling the fine to 30 per cent. Was that always their intention, before and during the passage of the 1998 Act, or is it a new policy departure?

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