Canlyniadau 61–80 o 800 ar gyfer "competition act"

Prayers: Civil Aviation (22 Meh 1984)

Mr Patrick Ground: ...about some of the practices of British Airways. I cannot accept the comments of my hon. Friend the Member for Romsey and Waterside (Mr. Colvin) about competition. The Conservatives passed the Competition Act 1980 which defined uncompetitive practices. If the Government are to pursue a policy of competition, it is equally important to pursue the discipline of identifying uncompetitive...

Orders of the Day — Finance Bill: Hydrocarbon Oil ( 7 Mai 1985)

Mr Dale Campbell-Savours: ...a bearing on prices paid by consumers? If there is an unofficial agreement between petroleum manufacturers and distributors, that may constitute an anticompetitive practice under the terms of the Competition Act 1980. That Act provided that, when it could be established by the Director General of Fair Trading that an anticompetitive practice existed, the Secretary of State could act to...

Orders of the Day — Administration of Justice Bill [Lords] (16 Mai 1985)

Richard Ottaway: ...issued a consultation paper that expressed concern that the dominant position of certain lenders in the housing market might enable them to pursue anti-competitive practices. It relied upon the Competition Act 1980 to protect against some of the unfair practises. What the paper did not do was consider the suitability of banks and building societies to carry out conveyancing. However, the...

Orders of the Day — Transport Bill: Application of Restrictive Trade Practices Act 1976 to Agreements Between Road Passenger Transport Operators (21 Mai 1985)

Mr David Mitchell: My hon. Friend the Member for Lancashire, West (Mr. Hind) asked particularly about the predatory pricing policies pursued by Midland Red in the trial area of Hereford and Worcester. The Competition Act will apply to deal with such a situation. The Director General of Fair Trading, in fulfilment of his powers under the Competition Act, is empowered to discuss with the parties, and...

Orders of the Day — Transport Bill: Exclusion of References of Questions with Respect to Certain Bus Services to Monopolies and Mergers Commission (22 Mai 1985)

Amendments made: No. 112, in page 90, line 25, leave out from 'section' to end of line 27 and insert '11 of the Competition Act 1980 (references of public bodies and certain other persons subject to statutory controls to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission), in subsection (3) (which lists the persons who may be the subject of such a reference)'.

New Clause 3: Prevention of Anti-Competitive Practices and Monopoly Situations. (17 Gor 1985)

...of any of the provisions of Part II of this Act, keep the provision of those services under constant review in pursuance of their functions respectively under the Fair Trading Act 1973 and the Competition Act 1980.'.—[Mr. Cash.]

Orders of the Day — Local Authority Services (Tendering) (24 Gor 1985)

Mr John Fraser: that every service or all goods that are bought in by a local authority should be subject to competitive tender. I endorse that proposition, and have helped it by tabling an amendment to the Competition Act 1980, as a result of which local authorities can be accused of anti-competitive practices if they try to have cosy anti-competitive arrangements, for example for demolition...

Orders of the Day — Gas Bill (10 Rha 1985)

Mr Stan Orme: ...relating to tariff customers) which relates to the supply of gas through pipes and in respect of which any functions of the Director General of Fair Trading under the Fair Trading Act 1973 or the Competition Act 1980". That provision is directed to supplies. Where is the comparable provision for appliances?

Orders of the Day — Gas Bill (25 Maw 1986)

Mr Michael Portillo: ...more accurately whether cross-subsidy was occurring. I failed to convince the Government or the Committee on this point, and my right hon. Friend the Minister in particular sought to rely on the Competition Act and the Fair Trading Act. He believed that there are sufficient powers available for all these concerns to be taken care of. I still have some doubts, but I hope that, in the...

Orders of the Day — Financial Services Bill: Exemptions from Restrictions on Closure (12 Meh 1986)

...Northern Ireland department to discharge any function conferred on him or them by the Fair Trading Act 1973 (other than Part II or III of that Act), the Restrictive Trade Practices Act 1976 or the Competition Act 1980; or(b) for the purposes of any civl proceedings under any of those provisions; and information shall not be treated as restricted information for the purposes of section 148...

Orders of the Day — Financial Services Bill: 'disclosure of Information (12 Meh 1986)

3. At the end of section 19(3) of the Competition Act 1980 there shall he inserted— (h) Chapter XII of Part I of the Financial Services Act 1986".

Opposition Day: The City and Industry (28 Ion 1987)

Mr Dale Campbell-Savours: I am glad to follow the hon. Member for Surrey, North-West (Mr. Grylls). If he studies the Committee proceedings on the Bill which became the Competition Act 1980 he will find that his proposition about anti-competitive practices was debated at some length by myself and my hon. Friends. I would like to take the opportunity to pay tribute to the hon. Gentleman for the work that he performs on...

Petition: Competition Policy (18 Maw 1988)

Michael Fallon: ...practices in good time for our debate. Those documents underline the Government's commitment to competition policy. That commitment was enshrined at the beginning of our period of office in the Competition Act 1980. I am especially glad to see that commitment flagged up in the lights as the first objective of our new, bold Department of Trade and Industry. That Department has said: We...

Orders of the Day — British Steel Bill: Vesting of Property etc. of British Steel Corporation in a Successor Company (17 Mai 1988)

Austin Mitchell: ...delay in publication has been caused by the need to consider very carefully a request by the British Steel Corporation that the Secretary of State should exercise his powers under section 17 of the Competition Act 1980 to make a number of excisions to the published report in order to avoid prejudicing the interests of the corporation."—[Official Report, 3 May 1988; Vol. 132, c. 373] What...

Orders of the Day — Schedule 5: Crown Use: Compensation for Loss of Profit (25 Gor 1988)

...a patent under sections 48 to 51 above" substitute "application made under section 48 above in respect of a patent"; and(b)after "Part VII of the Fair Trading Act 1973" insert "or section 17 of the Competition Act 1980".'.

Monopolies and Mergers (25 Ion 1989)

Charles Kennedy: ...from the Secretary of State? Standard wording is used, but it is somewhat ambiguous given the nature of the order before us. Power is given to the Secretary of State to make modifications under the Competition Act 1980, which to him would appear appropriate for improving the performance of the commission. Did the suggestion come from the commission, or did the idea come to the minds of...

Eastbourne Water Company (26 Mai 1989)

Mr Colin Moynihan: ...15·8 per cent. from 1 April—should have been referred to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission. Two forms of reference can be made in such cases: first, a reference under section 11 of the Competition Act 1980 but that covers efficiency, not prices; and, secondly a reference under section 51 of the Fair Trading Act 1973, which normally takes much time. Any recommendation would not have...

Coal Mining Subsidence (16 Meh 1989)

Mr Harry Barnes: ...have such powers. Some of the problems raised by my hon. Friend the Member for Mansfield about the funding available from the now more profitable board could then be solved. Under section 2 of the Competition Act 1980 there is a provision to order an independent investigation of a nationalised industry under the Monopolies and Mergers Commission to be undertaken by the Secretary of State...

Schedule 16: COMPETITION ACT I98o (C.2I) ( 9 Mai 1990)


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