Canlyniadau 41–60 o 800 ar gyfer "competition act"

Orders of the Day — Water Authorities (Public Accountability) (15 Meh 1982)

Mr Giles Shaw: .... The water authorities are infinitely more exposed than nationalised industries. I have already referred to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission's report on the Severn-Trent water authority. The Competition Act 1980 empowered the commission to investigate its standards and efficiency. As part of its programme the commission investigated the overall management of the authority and the...

Statutory Instruments, &c. (28 Meh 1982)

...Committee on Statutory Instruments, &c.That the draft Excise Duties (Deferred Payment) Regulations 1982 be referred to a Standing Committee on Statutory Instruments, &c.That the draft Pool Competition Act 1971 (Continuance) Order 1982 be referred to a Standing Committee on Statutory Instruments, &c. —[Mr. Garel-Jones.]

Orders of the Day — Local Government Finance (No 2) Bill: Rate Relief in Enterprise Zones (30 Meh 1982)

Mr Allan Roberts: ...of an established business. We believe in fair competition"— the Labour Party believes that; apparently, the Conservative Party does not— —we thought that a Government which introduced the Competition Act did also, but we have a Minister who believes we should 'wait and see' what the effect will be 'after' the Zones have been started". Let us look at the Liverpool enterprise zone. I...

British Rail (Dispute) ( 5 Gor 1982)

Frank Dobson: ...They should contemplate trying to bring up a family on less than £50 a week. The hon. Member for Reigate did not know, or perhaps he knew that it was no benefit to his cause, that even before the Competition Act 1980 received Royal Assent, his hon. Friends referred to the revamped Monopolies and Mergers Commission the efficiency a railways in London and the South-East.

Competition Act 1980 (Amendment) (28 Gor 1982)

Competition Act 1980 (Amendment)

Competition Act 1980 (Amendment): Competition Act 1980 (Amendment) (28 Gor 1982)

Competition Act 1980 (Amendment)

Orders of the Day — Motor Vehicles (Imports) (30 Gor 1982)

Dr Gerard Vaughan: ...outside the normal dealer network. I do not wish to give a view on individual cases, although we can investigate them if and when that is necessary. Anti-competitive practices, as defined in the Competition Act, are, in the first instance, for the Director General of Fair Trading to consider. Most recent complaints have involved transnational trade and represent possible breaches of the...

Private Bills [Lords] (Suspension) (27 Hyd 1982)

Mr Dale Campbell-Savours: ...Grants Bill, the Trade Union (Amendment) Bill—dear to the hearts of many Tory Members—the Mobile Homes (Amendment) Bill, the Hearing Aid Council Act 1968 (Amendment) Bill, my own Bill, The Competition Act 1980 (Amendment) Bill, the Maritime Safety Bill and the Registration of Commercial Lobbying Interests Bill.

Orders of the Day — Telecommunications Bill (29 Tach 1982)

Mr Gary Waller: ...of competition. We have looked not only at the negative side of the equation but at the positive side. We have already dealt with competition in legislation. I remind the hon. Gentleman of the Competition Act, passed early in the Government's period in office. The absence of competition has a stultifying effect wherever it occurs. Beneficial effects are already flowing from the British...

Orders of the Day — Parliamentary Control of Expenditure (Reform) Bill (28 Ion 1983)

Mr Norman St John-Stevas: ...Departments Act 1921, and, even more important, the powers of the relevant Minister to order the Monopolies and Mergers Commission to investigate the efficiency of nationalised industries under the Competition Act 1980. The significance of that Act is that it conceded the principle of efficiency auditing of nationalised industries, but it gave it to the wrong body. The great objection to...

Oral Answers to Questions — Energy: Coal Industry (28 Maw 1983)

Mr John Moore: ...publication are matters for my right hon. and noble Friend the Secretary of State for Trade. The extent of the availability of reports to parties mentioned in them is covered by section 17(2) of the Competition Act 1980. It will be made available in advance to those mentioned in it.

Oral Answers to Questions — Trade and Industry: Competition Law (29 Meh 1983)

Mr Alexander Fletcher: My hon. Friend will be aware that under the Competition Act 1980, when public bodies are referred to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission for efficiency audit, it is fully entitled to make any recommendations that it thinks will improve that public body. My hon. Friend may have recently seen a report on the National Coal Board.

Business of the House (30 Meh 1983)

Mr John Biffen: ...Regulations. Motion on the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 (Section 111) Amendment Order. TUESDAY 5 JULY—Second Reading of the Housing and Building Control Bill. Motion on the Pools Competition Act 1971 (Continuance) Order. WEDNESDAY 6 JULY—Second Reading of the Finance Bill. Motion relating to the Merchant Shipping (Medical Examination) Regulations. THURSDAY 7 JULY —...

Orders of the Day — Petroleum Royalties (Relief) Bill ( 4 Gor 1983)

Mr John Smith: ...(Mr. McQuarrie) nodding in agreement. Of course, the price increase was proposed not by the Government but by the oil companies. However, the Government have some powers. Under section 13 of the Competition Act they can refer the issue to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission for investigation. Indeed, I do not know why they are not prepared to do so. Earlier, the Minister told us that he...

Betting, Gaming and Lotteries ( 5 Gor 1983)

Tim Yeo: ...controversial. I declare an interest as the director of the Spastics Society which is one of the charities that derives substantial revenue from a football pool that is operated under the Pool Competition Act 1971. I hope to remain employed by the society until the end of this year and thereafter to serve it in a voluntary role. Although my constituency is new, it comprises some of the...

Oral Answers to Questions — Trade and Industry: Director General of Fair Trading (Referrals) (27 Gor 1983)

Miss Betty Boothroyd: asked the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry on how many occasions he has made referrals to the Director General of Fair Trading in accordance with section 13 of the Competition Act.

Oral Answers to Questions — Trade and Industry: Monopolies and Mergers (16 Tach 1983)

Mr Alexander Fletcher: We are pursuing a vigorous competition policy in the private and public sectors by privatisation and by references under section 11 of the Competition Act.

Orders of the Day — Restrictive Trades Practices (Stock Exchange) Bill (22 Tach 1983)

Mr John Ryman: ...since the Court presumes an agreement to be restrictive unless it can pass through them. To some extent these criticisms may have been answered by changes made to one of the gateways, in the Competition Act 1980 to ensure that the Court can take account of benefits which accrue to the public through the buying and selling of property other than goods. The Act also enables the Court to...

Orders of the Day — House Buyers Bill (16 Rha 1983)

Mr Dale Campbell-Savours: ...liberalisation, but that he wishes to extend the right to building socieities in a way which will further restrict competition and cause anti-competitive practice, although it is not covered by the Competition Act 1980. We should take the opportunity of going into the Lobby, supporting the Bill and removing mistakes in the Bill in Committee. If we did that we would fully serve the public...

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