Canlyniadau 21–40 o 800 ar gyfer "competition act"

Oral Answers to Questions — Trade: Competition ( 1 Rha 1980)

Mrs Sally Oppenheim: The Competition Act 1980 provides an important new instrument for the defence and promotion of competition and we must give it time to work. The need for further measures is under review.

Oral Answers to Questions — Trade: Milk (19 Ion 1981)

Mrs Sally Oppenheim: As I am sure the hon. Gentleman knows—I am not accusing him of being disingenuous—one of the purposes of the Competition Act is to deal with distortions in competitions of this nature. The whole question of the doorstep delivery of milk is important. I believe that it affects a majority of consumers in this country. There is no question of its being abolished. The Government's position is...

Bills Presented: Financial Institutions (23 Ion 1981)

Mr Nigel Lawson: ...directly from that. In those circumstances, the Director General of Fair Trading was under a clear legal obligation to refer the restrictions to the court, and he did so in February 1979. In the Competition Act, we have improved both the terms under which the case could be considered and the options open to the parties subsequent to an adverse judgment. It also remains open to the Stock...

Orders of the Day — Insurance Companies Bill ( 2 Chw 1981)

Mr John Fraser: this matter not mentioned in the Bill? There seems to be a habit in legislation of ignoring certain provisions in directives and saying that they are part of our general law. That arose in the Competition Act. But I think we are entitled to an explanation as to how article 12 is incorporated in this legislation or why it has not been mentioned. Lastly, is the Minister satisfied about...

Oral Answers to Questions — Trade: Monopolies and Mergers Commission (16 Chw 1981)

Mr John Biffen: The Monopolies and Mergers Commission has been strengthened to perform its new functions under the Competition Act, and I have just appointed an additional deputy chairman. In consultation with the chairman, we shall keep its resources and procedures under review.

Oral Answers to Questions — Trade: Motorway Service Stations (13 Ebr 1981)

Mr John Smith: ...on a matter about which both sides of the House have expressed deep and justified concern. Will the Minister refer pricing in motorway staions to the Office of Fair Trading under section 15 of the Competition Act—a power which the Government already have—and not rely on advice by voluntary organisations?

Petition: Petrol and Oil Charges (Isle of Wight) (16 Ebr 1981)

Mr Stephen Ross: other aspects of their business, such as the supply of spare parts, motor repairs and so on. Last autumn I took up the matter again with the Director of Fair Trading, but he said that, under the Competition Act 1980, I had first to satisfy him that the firms to be investigated had an annual turnover of over £5 million, or a 25 per cent. share of the relevant market. That ruled me out...

Oral Answers to Questions — Employment: Closed Shop (Compensation) ( 2 Meh 1981)

Mr James Prior: I agree that there is abuse. It is covered by the discussions on the Green Paper. It might also—I cannot go further than this—be a breach of the Competition Act. It is a matter that has to be dealt with.

Written Answers — Trade: National Coal Board (Performance) (22 Hyd 1981)

...]: The Government's policy is to have a systematic programme under which the efficiency and costs of nationalised industries are routinely examined from time to time by the MMC, under s. 11 of the Competition Act 1980. Investigations into aspects of the rail, electricity and water industries have already been completed and an inquiry into certain bus undertakings is in progress. I am...

Written Answers — Trade: Cars (Prices) (28 Hyd 1981)

...for the same cars elsewhere in the Community. Mr. Peter Rees: I have no plans at present to refer these prices to the Director General of Fair Trading for investigation under section 13 of the Competition Act 1980. Mr. Grist asked the Secretary of State for Trade why new British-made cars are sold cheaper in other countries of the EEC than in the United Kingdom. Mr. Peter Rees: Car prices...

Comptroller and Auditor General (30 Tach 1981)

Mr Joel Barnett: ...involvement—or inaction—in the handling of large sums of public money. Apart from those considerations, if the MMC is to be the answer, I think it worth while to quote from section 11 of the Competition Act 1980 which requires the MMC to exclude from their investigation and report consideration of— (a) any question relating to the appropriateness of any financial obligations it...

Severn-Trent Water Authority ( 7 Rha 1981)

Mr Tom King: ..., the authority expects to save £6·5 million in 1982–83 with increasing savings in the following years. In the light of this response, I do not consider that a direction under section 12 of the Competition Act is now required. I shall continue, however, to monitor the authority's progress. The water companies have also acted on the recommendations affecting them and we have been...

Oral Answers to Questions — Trade: Consumer Committees ( 1 Chw 1982)

Mrs Sally Oppenheim: I should have thought that the right hon. Gentleman would know already that the Government's actions under the Competition Act 1980, especially section 11 references, had the objective of finding out what aspects of costs in relation to prices were justified, especially in the area of efficiency. The reports that we have received so far show clearly that there are areas where improvements can...

Essential Goods and Services (Price Control) (23 Chw 1982)

Miss Betty Boothroyd: £13 a week. The wage packet has its coat and hat on now before it comes over the doorstep. The percentage increase in real terms is enormous. Although the Secretary of State has the power in the Competition Act to refer such increases to the Director General of Fair Trading, nothing has been done. It is a stunning exposition of doing nothing. All those increases in essential services...

Chinese Slippers (Imports) (23 Chw 1982)

Mr David Trippier: ...will be aware that distributors will not lightly divulge information about their transactions to buy slippers from China. The Director General of Fair Trading has power under section 2 of the Competition Act 1980 to investigate distortions of trade and I should be grateful if the Minister would say whether this could apply in this case. In 1977 the Government set upan inquiry into the...

Oral Answers to Questions — Trade: Cars (Imports) ( 1 Maw 1982)

Mr John Fraser: If the Government believe that the retail margins on sales of new cars are too high, might it not be better to refer that to the Director General of Fair Trading under the Competition Act than to make it easier for foreign-based people such as civil servants, defence personnel and—according to The Times—even Ministers to bring in cheaper foreign cars?

Oral Answers to Questions — Trade: Japan ( 1 Maw 1982)

Mr Dale Campbell-Savours: Has not the Director General of Fair Trading, under section 2 of the Competition Act 1980, the power to prevent the distribution of dumped goods where they distort trade and where such action can be construed as an anti-competitive practice? Will the Secretary of State suggest to the Director General that he should use those powers and accept applications by British manufacturers of, say,...

Orders of the Day — Amersham International (16 Maw 1982)

Mr Ioan Evans: If the hon. Gentleman reads the Committee proceedings of what became the Competition Act 1980 he will find chapter and verse of the Government's approach on the sale of these companies. The view was that the problems of Britain would be solved by increased competition. The Government outlined how assets would be sold off. I defended public ownership. The need to sell a highly successful...

Orders of the Day — Public Accounts (19 Ebr 1982)

Sir Ray Whitney: ...operation of public funds in nationalised industries to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission. In the White Paper, Cmnd. 8323, published in July of last year, it is stated that only recently, by the Competition Act 1980, was the Monopolies and Mergers Commission allowed to undertake efficiency investigations into the nationalised industries and certain other public corporations. In the...

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