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Security in the UK - Motion to Take Note (10 Gor 2017)

Baroness Vere of Norbiton: ...situation in the UK, we are clear that in an ever more interconnected world, our security depends on addressing issues overseas and online. We have seen this with the rise of terrorist groups in Syria, Iraq and Libya, in the way that cyber criminals have targeted systems across the globe, and in the way that criminals are exploiting vulnerable people to perpetrate organised immigration...

Debate on the Address: [1st Day] (21 Meh 2017)

Andrew Mitchell: ...House, and I hope that there are issues on which we can work together across the House. I hope that we can lift our eyes from the obvious party political domestic preoccupations. We did so over Syria in the last Parliament, when I had the great good fortune to work closely with Jo Cox. We were co-chairs of the all-party parliamentary group on Syria. Syria remains the defining catastrophe...

Election of Speaker (13 Meh 2017)

Dame Cheryl Gillan: I beg to move, That the right hon. John Simon Bercow do take the Chair of this House as Speaker. I start by adding my belated congratulations to the Father of the House. He took over earlier this year, when we sadly lost another member of the 1970 intake, the very well respected Sir Gerald Kaufman, of whom the Leader of the Opposition said: “He loved life and politics.” I can honestly say...

Brexit: UK International Relations - Motion to Take Note (26 Ion 2017)

Lord Collins of Highbury: ...are likely, but with a review period there is still time for the new Secretary-General and our own Prime Minister to persuade President Trump that the US needs the UN to help it in places such as Syria. As the report says: “The Secretary-General has the scope to rationalise the UN Secretariat. We urge him to … build more coherence between its various departments and offices”. But if...

Written Answers — Home Office: Members: Security (15 Rha 2016)

Ben Wallace: ...police protective security operation to enhance the security of Members of Parliament. This was set up in the wake of a number of threats to MPs’ following the Parliamentary debates on Syria late last year. Advice and guidance regarding Members’ security and a process to access funding for standardised security measures was sent to all MPs’ by the Independent Parliamentary Standards...

Prime Minister: Engagements (14 Rha 2016)

Lucy Powell: The heart-breaking humanitarian crisis and genocide in Syria continue to take place as the world watches impotently, yet there is no end in sight. Does the Prime Minister agree with the right hon. Member for Tatton (Mr Osborne) that what is happening in Syria is a failure of western leadership, and does she agree with me that what is urgently required is what our dear friend, Jo Cox, called...

Aleppo/Syria: International Action (13 Rha 2016)

Anna Turley: ...of chemical weapons on his own people. It is 15 months since little Alan Kurdi was found face down on a beach in Turkey. It is a year since we rightly voted to take action on ISIS in the east of Syria and nine months since Jo Cox was granted an urgent question on breaches of the then ceasefire. It is two weeks since we stood here and discussed aid drops and safe passage. What have we...

Aleppo (28 Tach 2016)

Alison McGovern: Last week, I and the hon. Member for Tonbridge and Malling (Tom Tugendhat) welcomed the head of the Syria Civil Defence force, the White Helmets, to Parliament. Raed Saleh told us of the terrible situation in Aleppo: the lack of food, the lack of medical supplies, and the constant bombing by Assad and the Russians. Since then, the situation has worsened. A renewed assault by Assad has...

Business of the House ( 3 Tach 2016)

Valerie Vaz: .... Its sitting will involve more than 300 young people between the ages of 12 and 18 from throughout our United Kingdom. We can learn from them how to focus on debates. Will the Leader of the House join me in sending a message to Bob: “If you don’t want the Nobel peace prize money, could you donate it to the White Helmets of Syria?”? That charity did not win the Nobel peace prize and...

Aleppo and Syria (11 Hyd 2016)

Boris Johnson: .... Satellite photographs that are in the public domain leave no doubt that the convoy was struck from the air. The incident took place after dark; by Russia’s own account, the war planes of Syria’s regime cannot strike targets after dark, and—also by Russia's own account—its aircraft were in the vicinity at the time. All the available evidence therefore points to Russian...

Oral Answers to Questions — International Development: Topical Questions (14 Med 2016)

Alison McGovern: Yesterday, the all-party group on Syria—[Interruption.]—met so that we could, with friends from Syria, remember our colleague Jo Cox—[Interruption.]

EU Referendum: Energy and Environment (12 Gor 2016)

Rosena Allin-Khan: ...Chamber’s long and proud history, and about the women and men who have sat here before me, and all they have achieved, I feel humbled. They include Clement Attlee, Nye Bevan and, very recently, Jo Cox, to name but a few. I am also reminded of the vast responsibilities that we in this Chamber are entrusted with over the coming years and the magnitude of what we must achieve for our...

Written Answers — Home Office: Members and Peers: Security (12 Gor 2016)

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon: Following threats to MPs following the Parliamentary debates on Syria late last year, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA), the police, the Home Office and the House of Commons Security Department worked together to review the security measures available for MPs. Revised security advice and guidance, and a process to access funding for standardised security measures was...

Oral Answers to Questions — International Development: Global Fund to Fight AIDS , Tuberculosis and Malaria (29 Meh 2016)

Justine Greening: Before I answer Question 1, may I briefly offer my voice to the many tributes that have been made in this place to Jo Cox? I know that I speak for the entire development community when I say that she was an incredibly impressive Member of the House. We also had the chance to work together on Syria. Indeed, the Order Paper does not show it but she should have been asking topical question 5. I...

9. 9. Dadl Fer: Aros neu adael? Pa ffactorau sydd wedi dylanwadu ar y farn gyhoeddus o ran ymgyrch refferendwm yr UE? (22 Meh 2016)

Mark Drakeford: ...bod cyfraniad Julie Morgan yn gwbl nodweddiadol feddylgar am y materion sy’n codi ac yn ymrwymedig i ddod o hyd i atebion ar gyfer y bobl sydd fwyaf o’u hangen. Dechreuodd drwy sôn am fywyd Jo Cox, ac nid wyf yn credu bod unrhyw beth y gallwn ei ddweud a fyddai’n ychwanegu at y teyrngedau a roddwyd ddoe, ac eto yn y ddadl fer, i’w bywyd. Roeddwn i’n meddwl mai’r hyn y byddwn...

Tributes to Jo Cox (20 Meh 2016)

Mary Creagh: We are here today to remember our beloved Jo Cox—a woman who loved and was loved; a woman who fizzed with life, compassion and commitment to social justice; and a woman who cherished her family, who served her community and whose sole aim was to leave the world a better place than she found it. She did, didn’t she? Following the cross-party group on Syria, the Government agreed to take...

Jo Cox MP - Tributes (20 Meh 2016)

Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon: My Lords, Jo Cox erupted—there is no other way to describe it—into the inbox of my email account about six months ago. The voice was demanding not to be ignored and, as I soon discovered, not to be resisted either. She demanded that I work with her to help identify the cause of the starving in the besieged cities of Syria. I met with her, and how on earth could I conceivably resist? I was...

Cynulliad Gogledd Iwerddon: Matter of the Day: Jo Cox MP (20 Meh 2016)

David Ford: ...she had died. It is right this morning that, as MPs prepare for an almost unprecedented sitting at Westminster, those of us in this democratically elected Chamber take time to pay our tribute to Jo Cox, the MP for Batley and Spen. I thank you, Mr Speaker, for the remarks that you have already made about the letter that you have written on behalf of us all to the Speaker of the House of...

Written Answers — Department for International Development: Syria: International Assistance ( 9 Meh 2016)

Jo Cox: ...for International Development, with reference to the finding of the Concern Worldwide (UK) report of 20 May 2016, Still Paying the Price, on the proportion of funding pledged during the Supporting Syria and the Region Conference in February 2016 so far received, what steps her Department is taking to ensure that all pledges are being fulfilled.

Debate on the Address: Europe, Human Rights and Keeping People Safe at Home and Abroad (24 Mai 2016)

Andrew Mitchell: ...debate takes place against the background of an agonisingly difficult but ultimately catastrophic situation in the middle east. The four horsemen of the apocalypse continue to ride through what was Syria—a second-world country. I remind the House that in a country of just over 20 million, 11 million souls are now on the move—6 million within the country and 5 million outside. The hon....

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