Canlyniadau 101–120 o 1290 ar gyfer conveyancing

Written Answers — Treasury: Business: Coronavirus (21 Ebr 2020)

Toby Perkins: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer, what assessment he has made of the effect of the covid-19 outbreak on levels of business of (a) estate agents, (b) housebuilders, (c) conveyancers, (d) surveyors and (e) recruitment consultants; and whether he plans to provide to those sectors the same business rate support as he has provided to the hospitality sector.

Flooding ( 4 Maw 2020)

Jonathan Reynolds: local towns expanded rapidly at the time of the industrial revolution, and there are not good records from that time. Sometimes we do not even know the exact path of a culvert through an area. Conveyancing should reveal that, but let us be honest: often it does not. I have one particular case in which a culvert collapsed during the 2016 floods—we do not know whether that contributed...

Policing (England and Wales) (24 Chw 2020)

Steve McCabe: ...a 68-year-old retired teacher who has been robbed of £157,000—money he built up in his pension pot—in a scam where the fraudster hacks and mimics the email of solicitors engaged in house conveyancing. The response he received from the City of London fraud review team seems to be more concerned with how quickly they can close the case than tracking the fraudster and recovering this...

Written Answers — Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government: Leasehold: Older People (27 Ion 2020)

Viscount Younger of Leckie: ...can be beneficial reasons for a property buyer to use a solicitor proposed by the house builder, such as greater familiarity with the processes of the house builder leading to fewer delays in the conveyancing process. The Solicitors Regulation Authority, however, is clear in setting standards of conduct and behaviour and provides a framework for ethical and competent practice. If a...

Queen’s Speech - Debate (4th Day) ( 9 Ion 2020)

the Earl of Lytton: ...or uncommon liabilities which the housebuilder could not be bothered to sort out or the local authority would not risk adopting. The implications hide in obscure legal drafting masked by “free” conveyancing and early years funding, but ultimately are hobbled by long-term contracts with management companies interested only in maximum profit. Parallel developer support to local charities...

Written Ministerial Statements — Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government: Departmental update ( 7 Ion 2020)

Robert Jenrick: ...of their journey to community ownership. It also supports groups later in the process who require specialist professional advice with larger grants and loans to help with business planning, conveyancing, architectural help or financial advice. £500,000 will be allocated to Pub is the Hub to enable a range of projects providing new, pub-based community services from post offices and shops...

Uk Shared Prosperity Fund: British House Building Industry ( 5 Med 2019)

Justin Madders: ...did developers first dream up the business model of commoditising people’s homes? How did lawyers draw up the onerous terms? How did sales staff present, or not present, the leases? How did the conveyancers, surveyors and lenders all miss the implications of them? How has the Government’s Help to Buy cash propped up the whole scam? The news this week that Persimmon has reached an out...

20 Years of Devolution: Leasehold Reform (11 Gor 2019)

Marcus Jones: ..., and that can then be managed by the leaseholders. Those would be far better arrangements and, for me, that is where most people who own leasehold property fare best. I also want to mention the conveyancing process. I say this as somebody who acted for thousands of people buying and selling residential property over a long period. Clearly, it is the job of the conveyancer—a licensed...

Banks: Fraud Prevention - Question (20 Mai 2019)

Lord Young of Cookham: ..., banks will have confirmation of payee—in other words, they will check the name. That means that it will be difficult for fraudsters to intercept funds designed, for example, for solicitors on conveyancing, and misdirect them.

Employment: Automation - Question ( 1 Ebr 2019)

Lord Henley: go but it is the boring, repetitive jobs that have disappeared to be replaced by machines. It might be that, as he points out, some of the boring, repetitive jobs that solicitors do, such as conveyancing, can be more easily done by machine.

Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee (21 Maw 2019)

Clive Betts: ...finally to act in the interests of leaseholders. It was concerning to hear several reports from leaseholders that they had been advised, incentivised or required by the developer to use a specific conveyancing solicitor who subsequently did not advise them of onerous terms in their leases. We heard that developers had offered free carpets, free lawns, discounts or other financial...

Previous Business – Lords: Select Committee ()

Draft Registration of Overseas Entities Bill: Draft Registration of Overseas Entities Bill. 4:15 pm; Room 4, Palace of Westminster
Witnesses: ... Pope OBE, Chief Operations Officer , HM Land Registry Mr Jonathan McCoy, Deputy Registrar , Land Registers of Northern Ireland (at 5:15 PM) Ms Valerie Holmes, Chair , Society of Licensed Conveyancers Mr John Sinclair, Member, Property Law Committee and Property and Land Law Reform Sub-Committee , The Law Society of Scotland Mr Philip Freedman CBE, QC (Hon), Member, Conveyancing...

Residents of Leisure Park Homes (27 Chw 2019)

Helen Whately: would be right to consider that. Clearly, we do not want to make the process more onerous than the process of buying a home, but one cannot buy a bricks-and-mortar house without going through a conveyancing process. Perhaps if there was a requirement for some kind of more formal process, fewer people would fall into the trap of misunderstanding what they are buying. There is also a role...

Adriatic Land 5 Ltd (Stevenage) (27 Chw 2019)

Heather Wheeler: ...a new interim chair to that organisation, and I am confident that the standard of advice that leaseholders receive will be further strengthened. Furthermore, if the leaseholder’s solicitor or conveyancer did not point out the onerous terms at the point of purchase, the leaseholder can make a complaint against them, which can be escalated to the legal ombudsman. I suggest that my hon....

Brexit: Northern Ireland Backstop - Question (19 Chw 2019)

Baroness Goldie: ...patterns were that the UK should have a unilateral right to withdraw, that could be incorporated within a binding agreement, as I understand the position. I am not an international lawyer—Glasgow conveyancing was about as far about as it got—but that is my broad understanding of the general position.

Services of Lawyers and Lawyer’s Practice (Revocation etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 - Motion to Approve (15 Ion 2019)

Lord Keen of Elie: ...have been engaged in, but these firms have undertaken it in preparation for the possibility of a no-deal Brexit. However, these tend to be the major City firms. You do not get the high street conveyancing lawyer trying to open offices in Paris—if they do, I suspect it is not terribly successful. I recognise the development of courts in other jurisdictions and, in particular, the point...

Treasury Committee: Protection for Homebuyers (13 Rha 2018)

Heather Wheeler: ...of State has written to the Law Society on the issue and has also written to the Solicitors Regulation Authority, in the context of leasehold reform and conflicts of interest between developers and conveyancers. I expect those two authorities to take note and come back to us on the matter. A number of hon. Members mentioned that we often hear that new-build homes are not completed to the...

Previous Business – Commons: Select Committee ()

Housing, Communities and Local Government: Leasehold reform. 4:00 pm; The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House
Witnesses: ...Housing Federation Anthony Essien, Chief Executive, Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE) Jonathan Smithers, Former President, Law Society of England and Wales Beth Rudolf, Director of Delivery, Conveyancing Association

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Finance (No. 3) Bill: Changes to periods for delivering returns and paying tax ( 4 Rha 2018)

Mel Stride: ...and Northern Ireland where the effective date of the transaction is on or after 1 March 2019. This change will directly affect approximately 20,000 businesses, mainly agents, such as licensed conveyancers and solicitors. Each year, this will directly affect fewer than 500 individuals who file their own SDLT returns without using an agent. However, the impact on administrative burdens for...

Artificial Intelligence (Select Committee Report) - Motion to Take Note (19 Tach 2018)

Lord Rees of Ludlow: ..., Lord Hollick, and others today. Clearly, machines will take over much of the work of manufacturing and retail distribution. They can replace many white-collar jobs: routine legal work, such as conveyancing; accountancy; computer coding; medical diagnostics and even surgery. Many professionals will find their hard-earned skills in less demand. In contrast, some skilled service sector...

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