Canlyniadau 181–200 o 1290 ar gyfer conveyancing

Oral Answers to Questions — Work and Pensions: Infrastructure Bill [Lords] ( 8 Rha 2014)

John Hayes: ...their homes. The Government aim to make dealing with property quicker, cheaper and easier. The Land Registry is well placed to help achieve that aim because it is already at the centre of the conveyancing process and is the largest single source of property information. The changes in the Bill will stop the wider disparities in charging, currently ranging from approximately £3 to £76,...

Stamp Duty Land Tax ( 4 Rha 2014)

Marcus Jones: ...may implement the policy. The Government have done absolutely the right thing to effect this policy immediately. Back in the dark days of the great recession under Labour in 2009, when I was conveyancing residential property, the property market was on its knees. The Government of the day brought in a very welcome stamp duty holiday. That said, there were six or seven weeks between its...

Infrastructure Bill [HL]: Report (2nd Day) ( 5 Tach 2014)

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon: ...was a success. Liverpool City Council has been clear that: “Together we demonstrated that this could work and that if Land Registry were to roll this out then there could be benefits to the conveyancing process in the UK”. One need only look at the data currently published by local authorities themselves—for example, Bath and North East Somerset and Castle Point currently quote up to...

Business of the House: Sale of Park Homes (30 Hyd 2014)

Peter Aldous: ...apples—to do much of the work for them when it came to selling their homes. Now that site owners have been removed from the sale process there is a vacuum to fill, and I am afraid that the legal, conveyancing and estate agency professions are not coming forward quickly enough to fill that void. That problem needs to be addressed now.

Young People: Alternatives to University — Motion to Take Note (23 Hyd 2014)

Lord Rees of Ludlow: .... But the jobs most vulnerable to machines are not just blue-collar occupations. For instance, lawyers are vulnerable. It may prove far easier to automate much of their routine work, such as conveyancing, than the work of plumbers or skilled carpenters, teaching assistants and carers. They are the people whom we need keep training. Be that as it may, the notoriously conservative education...

Cynulliad Gogledd Iwerddon: Private Members' Business: Altnagelvin Hospital (16 Med 2014)

Edwin Poots: ...started out in life as a lawyer, and he did not like it, so he went back to university having decided to become a doctor.  I always thought that here was a man who could have spent his life doing conveyancing and giving advice on legal matters, but he saved hundreds of lives.  He and Professor McGeown were out there doing work that was transforming in terms of kidney transplants.  I...

Regeneration (South-East Wakefield) (10 Med 2014)

Penny Mordaunt: expand and create jobs through its partnerships worldwide. Beaumont Legal, one of the fastest-growing law practices in the UK, recently cemented its position as Yorkshire’s largest residential conveyancer by opening a second office in Wakefield. Another excellent example of investor confidence in Wakefield is the investment by Xamax, a branded clothing and sportswear specialist. With...

[Mr Clive Betts in the Chair] — Backbench Business — Stamp Duty (Housing Market) ( 4 Med 2014)

Marcus Jones: ...Conservative Members, who have worked in the real world before coming to the House; I used to act for people buying and selling residential properties. I have conducted thousands of residential conveyancing transactions, so I have seen at first hand the effect of stamp duty and some of the challenges that it can cause. Back in the ’90s, the stamp duty level was £30,000, although it was...

Written Answers — Business, Innovation and Skills: Gazumping (14 Gor 2014)

Jo Swinson: ...parties. The Government supports free, independent advice and guidance for consumers, through its funding of Citizen’s Advice, across a wide range of issues. However, ultimately matters such as conveyancing contracts should be discussed with a buyer or seller’s solicitor who can advise on the best approach an individual could take, should they wish to do so, according to their...

Senedd yr Alban: Buildings (Recovery of Expenses) (Scotland) Bill (19 Meh 2014)

Derek Mackay: ...problematic and had to be improved. Attaching the notice and charging order to the titles is exactly the right thing to do, as we know that that will be preventative and will, through the nature of conveyancing, clear up the responsibility of owners not to have that liability hanging around their neck for any future owner, unless that is by agreement. There are enough appeal, flexibility...

Infrastructure Bill [HL] — Second Reading (18 Meh 2014)

Lord McKenzie of Luton: ...supportive of a programme of continuing improvement of the service offered, including embracing digitalisation, although the Law Society points out that this is not the most pressing issue in the conveyancing world. Despite acknowledged improvements in recent times, there is more to be accomplished in terms of consistency of approach across local authorities, quicker turnaround times and...

Oral Answers to Questions — Education: Schedule 2 — Consumer contract terms which may be regarded as unfair (16 Meh 2014)

Stella Creasy: ...of double charging throughout the country. In the north-west, for instance, a gentleman who tried to buy a house for £45,000 was told that, as well as finding the £45,000 and the fee for the conveyancing, he would have to find £2,880 in order to pay the introductory fee to the estate agent. In the south-west, an estate agent wanted an introductory fee of nearly £6,000 plus VAT from...

Written Answers — Business, Innovation and Skills: Land Registry ( 9 Ebr 2014)

Toby Perkins: To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills what assessment he has made of the effect on (a) conveyancers and (b) small and medium-sized enterprises of a change in the Land Registry's trading status to a Government Owned Company and implementation of the Land Registry plans for e-Mandation and self-service.

Senedd yr Alban: Defective and Dangerous Buildings (Recovery of Expenses) (Scotland) Bill: Stage 1 ( 3 Ebr 2014)

David Stewart: ...ideally I would have liked, though I believe that my bill is an important first step and will make a significant difference to local authority cost recovery powers. The response from the Edinburgh Conveyancers Forum to the committee’s call for evidence sums up the position well: “Whilst the charging orders proposed are not a full answer to these specific issues in themselves they would...

Water Bill — Report (2nd Day) (31 Maw 2014)

Baroness Northover: ...published a note entitled Homebuyers and Their Flood Risk, in which we have explained the information currently available to prospective homebuyers. It is a well established principle of the conveyancing process that the onus is on the buyer of a property to conduct their own searches and investigations into the potential risks to that property. In England, the Environment Agency provides...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Consumer Rights Bill: Clause 63 - Contract terms which may or must be regarded as unfair ( 6 Maw 2014)

Stella Creasy: ...for them about how they can challenge the idea that they should both pay for the same transaction. That is different example from a payment made in the course of a sale, when somebody might pay for conveyancing and for the services of a solicitor. Those are two different types of service. I hope that clarifies  the context in which we think there should be an avenue for legal challenge...

Business of the House (27 Chw 2014)

Madeleine Moon: The Law Society has a rigorous conveyancing qualification for solicitors, but some mortgage lenders now require solicitors to undertake the conveyancing qualification scheme run by themselves and have a £5 million bond for negligence rather than the £2 million required by law. May we have a debate on how lenders are adding to the costs of conveyancing, reducing choice for consumers and...

Land Registry — [Mr Charles Walker in the Chair] (25 Chw 2014)

Michael Fallon: ...version of the report has been supplied to one of the unions under a freedom of information request. My hon. Friend the Member for North West Norfolk (Mr Bellingham) asked me specifically about conveyancing self-service. I make clear to him that the current customers of the Land Registry will have their views sought before any new or revised services are launched. They would certainly be...

Water Bill — Committee (3rd Day) (11 Chw 2014)

Baroness Northover: .... To add to what I have said to the noble Lord, Lord Grantchester, I also point out that the seller is required to fill in a property information form—he will be aware of that—as part of the conveyancing process. This form asks questions about the flood risk history of the property, and if the seller provided misleading information there would be potential for the buyer to seek damages.

Manorial Rights (England and Wales) (15 Ion 2014)

Michael Fallon: ...some cases, landowners have always known that their properties are subject to these rights, either because the rights are referred to in the old title deeds or because they were discovered by their conveyancer when they bought. However, in other cases, these rights were not apparent at the time of purchase, and owners are finding out about them for the first time when they are contacted by...

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