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Oeddech chi'n golygu Nigel garage?

NHS Winter Crisis: Points of Order ( 8 Ion 2018)

Mike Gapes: On a point of order, Mr Speaker. During the debate on Russian interference in UK politics on 21 December last year, I misspoke. I wrongly said that Nigel Farage had attended conferences in Russia. I have been informed that that is not true. How can I correct the record?

Brexit: Reports to Parliament - Question ( 8 Ion 2018)

Lord Foulkes of Cumnock: My Lords, has the Minister noticed that Mr Nigel Farage is meeting Mr Barnier, purporting to represent the views of the British people? Will the Minister make it absolutely clear that even though some of us do not have much faith in the Conservative Ministers who are negotiating on our behalf, at least they were elected to the House of Commons, unlike Mr Farage?

Russian Interference in Uk Politics (21 Rha 2017)

Liam Byrne: ...such as Sputnik and Russia-linked accounts systematically intervened to attack Chancellor Merkel and to support the AFD. If we look at the relationship with UKIP, we can see very close links. Nigel Farage famously said that President Putin was the leader that he most admired, back in 2014. In the European Parliament, UKIP has taken consistent positions in favour of the Russian annexation...

Harassment in Public Life (18 Rha 2017)

Chuka Umunna: ...What they do is to imply to varying degrees that if Brexit—there is undoubtedly a link to that issue—is not delivered in certain terms, there will be violence. For example, the leading UKIP MEP Nigel Farage said at a dinner earlier this year that if Brexit was not delivered to his satisfaction he would be “forced to don khaki” and to “pick up a rifle”. Does the Home Secretary...

Defence Aerospace Industrial Strategy: Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament (16 Tach 2017)

Ben Bradshaw: ...American investigation into alleged collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign, led by Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller, has also now reached Britain. The FBI has named Nigel Farage, the former UKIP leader, as a person of interest, and Mueller has indicted a former Trump campaign operative, George Papadopoulos, who had meetings in London with a UK-based academic,...

Unaccompanied Child Refugees: Europe ( 2 Tach 2017)

Stella Creasy: ...; it is about our history as well. It is not just about all of us who were inspired by Lord Dubs. Government Members may find this surprising, but I often say that I share something in common with Nigel Farage: Creasy, like Farage, is a Huguenot surname. Many of us have refugee traditions within our families. Many of us might, in a different generation or a parallel universe, be that...

6. 6. Datganiad: Y Wybodaeth Ddiweddaraf am Drafodaethau Brexit (24 Hyd 2017)

Carwyn Jones: ...un o'r pethau hyn sylw yn yr etholiad, ac eithrio gan wleidyddion UKIP. Oherwydd dywedodd gwleidyddion UKIP—er enghraifft, Daniel Hannan—nad oes neb yn mynd i adael y farchnad sengl. Dywedodd Nigel Farage, 'Gallwn ni fod fel'—[Torri ar draws.] Rwy'n gwybod nad ydych yn hoff o hyn, ond dywedodd Nigel Farage, 'Gallwn ni fod fel Norwy'. Dywedodd ef hynny. 'Gallwn ni gael ein cacen a'i...

Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2011 - Question (24 Hyd 2017)

Lord Tyler: ...not recognise that there will be a considerable increase in the workload of our House of Commons Members of Parliament, but, at the same time, a wonderful saving in costs when MEPs such as Mr Nigel Farage and his freeloading UKIP Members are abolished and removed from the European Parliament? Is this not a good opportunity to change the Government’s mind?

1. 1. Cwestiynau i’r Prif Weinidog: <p>Cwestiynau Heb Rybudd gan Arweinwyr y Pleidiau</p> (17 Hyd 2017)

Carwyn Jones: ...yn yr un ffordd ag y maen nhw nawr. Mae'n berffaith bosibl gadael yr UE ac eto dal i gael mynediad at y farchnad sengl. Mae Norwy wedi ei wneud; mae Norwy yn wlad ardal economaidd Ewropeaidd. Roedd Nigel Farage ei hun yn defnyddio Norwy fel enghraifft o'r hyn y gallem ni ei fod, ac yn yr ystyr hwnnw, os nad mewn ychydig iawn arall, mae'n iawn, oherwydd y peth olaf yr ydym ni eisiau ei weld...

UK and EU Relations - Motion to Take Note (12 Med 2017)

Lord Wallace of Saltaire: ...partnership with the EU than any yet agreed between the EU and a non-EU country”. That is an extremely deep and very special relationship, almost associate membership, and I am sure not what Nigel Farage or the Daily Mail—or even John Redwood MP or the noble Lord, Lord Forsyth—think the will of the people demanded. Why are we leaving if that is what we seek instead? It goes on to...

5. 4. Dadl: Bil yr Undeb Ewropeaidd (Ymadael) (18 Gor 2017)

Michelle Brown: ...hachosi gan lywodraethau olynol yn y DU ac yng Nghymru yn methu’n druenus ag ariannu'r hyfforddiant ar gyfer ein pobl ein hunain i wneud y gwaith hwn. Gwnaeth Prif Weinidog Cymru, yn ei ddadl â Nigel Farage, egluro sawl gwaith y byddai pleidlais i adael yr UE yn golygu gadael—gadael—y farchnad sengl. A all y Prif Weinidog a'r arhoswyr yn y lle hwn am eiliad yn unig dderbyn efallai...

Bill Presented: Scheduling of Parliamentary Business (17 Gor 2017)

Pete Wishart: ...are a “bunch of smarmy pirates”, whatever a smarmy pirate is. I have an image in my head of a cross between Captain Pugwash and Jack Sparrow re-enacting the battle of the Thames between Nigel Farage and Bob Geldof. I do not know what a smarmy pirate is but—shiver me timbers and pieces of eight—I wouldn’t mind being one myself. The right hon. Member for Chingford and Woodford...

Queen’s Speech - Debate (5th Day) (28 Meh 2017)

Viscount Eccles: ...young voted against the idea that the Prime Minister’s authority needed reinforcing. I may say that that goes for my quite extended family. Authority to do what? To be a delegate to deliver a Nigel Farage outcome? To eschew dialogue and consultation and go ahead on fixed nationalistic lines? That is not negotiation as they understood it, and I can only agree. There was no attempt to...

Brexit: European Union-derived Rights - Motion to Resolve ( 4 Ebr 2017)

Lord Bilimoria: ...that straight after the referendum, the Prime Minister and the Government wanted to bypass Parliament altogether. On so-called independence day, 29 March, I was on a radio programme following Nigel Farage and Alex Salmond battling it out. Nigel Farage said, “This is independence day—the day we got our country back”. We never lost our country. Philip Hammond said that, “we can’t...

Senedd yr Alban: Independence Referendum (21 Maw 2017)

Patrick Harvie: the single market”. Owen Paterson said: “only a madman”— that was his language; Owen Paterson’s language would never be mine on any subject— “would actually leave the market”. Nigel Farage, Matthew Elliott, Arron Banks and others said similar things. Ruth Davidson, not just during the EU referendum debate but after the result was in, said: “I want to stay in the single...

Budget Statement - Motion to Take Note (14 Maw 2017)

Lord Howarth of Newport: ...US presidential election, as in the last elections in Hungary and Poland, they have rejected the political establishment in favour of authoritarian populists. At least the referendum did not put Nigel Farage into Downing Street. Instead, as she entered Downing Street, Theresa May spoke rightly of burning injustice and her mission to make Britain a country that works for everyone. The...

Budget Resolutions - Amendment of the Law (13 Maw 2017)

Boris Johnson: proud to say, made in London to Holland; we export TV aerials to South Korea, and boomerangs to Australia, I believe; I think we have at least once in the past exported sand to Saudi Arabia; and Nigel Farage to America, I am delighted to say. On Friday—

7. 6. Dadl: Diwrnod Rhyngwladol y Menywod ( 7 Maw 2017)

Leanne Wood: ...amser i fyfyrio, yn amser i sylweddoli bod cymaint yn dal i fod y gellid ei wneud o ran cydraddoldeb rhywiol. Efallai ei bod yn 2017, ond rydym yn wynebu'r perygl o symud yn ôl os bydd pobl fel Nigel Farage ac UKIP yn cael eu ffordd. Rydym wedi clywed yr holl ddatganiadau hynny ganddynt yn galw am ddileu absenoldeb mamolaeth â thâl a deddfau gwrthwahaniaethu.  Ni all neb wadu nad...

Senedd yr Alban: Economic Impact of Leaving the European Union (28 Chw 2017)

Willie Rennie: ...such as Liam Kerr, who say that the world is our oyster and that we will be able to achieve much more when the European Union has been shed from our backs. They produce a chart that, I think, Nigel Farage produced at one point, which shows growth in trade around the world only exponentially increasing, while the line for the EU is always going down. They say that, if only Britain had an...

European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill - Second Reading (2nd Day) (21 Chw 2017)

Lord Morris of Handsworth: My Lords, immigration dominated the EU referendum. Who can forget UKIP’s “Breaking Point” poster unveiled by Nigel Farage during the campaign? Given that the debate was about whether we should leave the European Union and not about whether we should leave the world, it is worth noting that not everyone who comes from mainland Europe to the UK has the intention to immigrate, nor is every...

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