Canlyniadau 141–160 o 400 ar gyfer nigel farage

Oeddech chi'n golygu Nigel garage?

5. Datganiad gan Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet dros yr Economi a Thrafnidiaeth: Cyhoeddiad Diweddar Grŵp Airbus (26 Meh 2018)

Ken Skates: ...6,500 o bobl. Rydym ni wedi helpu i dyfu’r safle hwnnw ac rydym ni’n fodlon ymladd nerth ein deng ewin i amddiffyn y bobl hynny sy'n cael eu cyflogi yno; wnawn ni ddim cefnu arnyn nhw. O ran Nigel Farage, a’i biffian chwerthin ar y teledu wrth y posibilrwydd y gallai pobl—miloedd o bobl—golli eu swyddi, dyna ymddygiad swancyn breintiedig sydd, mae arnaf ofn, yn hollol anymwybodol...

Senedd yr Alban: Donald Trump (United Kingdom Visit) (21 Meh 2018)

Nicola Sturgeon: this time for the red carpet to be rolled out. Meetings are one thing, perhaps, but red carpet treatment is another. I do not think that there can be anybody—perhaps with the exception of Nigel Farage and his ilk—who has not been appalled. I do not think that there can be any decent person across the UK, across Europe or across the world—including the vast majority of people in...

9. Dadl: Dwy Flynedd ers Refferendwm yr UE (19 Meh 2018)

Carwyn Jones: ...'r gwahaniaeth. Nid dim ond y nifer gwirioneddol sy'n bwysig; mae'r ganran yn bwysig. Unwaith eto mae'n gwneud y pwynt pe byddai ef wedi bod yng ngofal hyn byddai popeth wedi'i wneud. Wel, dywedodd Nigel Farage y byddai gennym ni fargen â'r Unol Daleithiau o fewn 48 awr. Iawn, roedd yn dweud hynny â'i dafod yn ei foch—wel, gallech chi byth ddweud gydag ef os oedd ei dafod yn ei foch....

House of Lords: Abolition — [Mr Charles Walker in the Chair] (18 Meh 2018)

David Davies: ...that political party. Members of that party have earned the right to be there. It is ridiculous that the Duke of Wellington is able to interfere in legislation that affects this country, but Nigel Farage, who was the leader of a major political party that has had a major impact on this country, is not invited to sit in the House of Lords. He has a far greater moral right to be there than...

Senedd yr Alban: Sustainable Growth Commission (13 Meh 2018)

Willie Rennie: ...used to be told repeatedly that we would be better off under independence, but now we find that we would be stumping up billions of pounds for the UK for years after independence. It is just like Nigel Farage promised. We will end up in the same situation with the SNP: the future of the NHS would be undermined by the weakness of the Scottish finances in an independent Scotland. To be...

Freedom of Speech: Universities — [Sir Henry Bellingham in the Chair] (17 Mai 2018)

Sam Gyimah: ...unacceptable. If free speech is to work, the same standards should be applied to all ideas, rather than believing that certain ideas should not be held because they are unpopular or unfashionable. Nigel Farage should be as welcome on campus as Jon Lansman, for example. I also think that protest has a place. We want active debate, but we also want active and peaceful protest. However,...

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill - Third Reading (16 Mai 2018)

Lord Adonis: ...the right wing of the Conservative Party, which is calling for our abolition because we are not acting as the unquestioning registry office of the views of Mr Paul Dacre, Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg, Mr Nigel Farage and, indeed, the noble Lord, Lord Forsyth. I am strongly in favour of House of Lords reform. I have consistently voted in favour of an elected second Chamber; if the present crisis...

8. Dadl Aelodau o dan Reol Sefydlog 11.21(iv): Canser y coluddyn (16 Mai 2018)

Hefin David: ...33 oed. Daeth Sam yn ffrind i mi, ymwelais ag ef yn yr ysbyty, a gwelaf ei golli. Credaf fod dewrder Sam yn rhywbeth y gallwn ddysgu llawer o wersi ohono. Ni wnaf anghofio'r tro y daeth Sam â Nigel Farage i Gelli-gaer yn ystod etholiad y Cynulliad 2016, a thynnodd lun ohonof fi yn ysgwyd llaw gyda Nigel Farage hyd yn oed, sy'n mynd o gwmpas yn rhywle ar y rhyngrwyd. Credaf y byddai...

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill - Report (6th Day) ( 8 Mai 2018)

Lord Wallace of Saltaire: ...most of us think that that describes the Government’s current position. Indeed, I took part in a radio discussion on Sunday morning with someone whom I imagine is quite a good friend of his—Nigel Farage—who agreed with me that the Government’s current negotiations with the European Union are a total mess. That is the relatively widespread set of opinions from a range of different...

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill - Report (4th Day) (30 Ebr 2018)

Baroness Hayter of Kentish Town: those who favour a particular outcome; otherwise, it will be seen simply as a device to stop Brexit rather than a serious poll on the terms negotiated. At the moment, with just one exception—Nigel Farage—only one side is campaigning for a new referendum. Therefore, that is how I fear it will be seen. We will abstain on the amendment. But more than that, I ask colleagues across the...

EU Referendum: Electoral Law (27 Maw 2018)

Geraint Davies: to move forward and have a final vote on the deal. People like the Brexit Secretary have said, “Democracy isn’t democracy unless it has the right to change its mind.” I agree. People like Nigel Farage have said, “It would be unfinished business if the vote was 52:48—we need a two-thirds majority.” People like the Member for—I have forgotten his constituency. The Member for...

Burma: [Day 2] (15 Maw 2018)

Heidi Alexander: ...I could go and live in another European country allowed me to live my dreams. It gave me opportunities, and I do not want the next generation to be denied those opportunities. Anyone listening to Nigel Farage would think that the EU was the preoccupation of the middle classes—it is not. I think that we need to stay in a customs union and in the single market to maintain a close...

Point of Order: [Day 1] (14 Maw 2018)

Phil Wilson: ...and economic warfare—trying, for example, to influence democratic elections. From funding populist movements, such as Marine Le Pen’s Front National, now called National Rally, is it any wonder Nigel Farage sees Putin as one of his favourite leaders? I endorse the Prime Minister’s actions today, but the Salisbury incident is about more than just spies. The use of a chemical weapon on...

1. Cwestiynau i'r Prif Weinidog: Cwestiynau Heb Rybudd gan Arweinwyr y Pleidiau (13 Maw 2018)

Carwyn Jones: Nid wyf i yma i ateb dros unrhyw un arall, ddim mwy, rwy'n siŵr, nag y mae ef yma i esbonio sut y mae Nigel Farage yn credu bod cytundeb masnach gyda'r Unol Daleithiau yn bosibl mewn 48 awr, sef yr hyn a ddywedodd ddoe. Mae hwn yn fater difrifol iawn. Mae gennym ni bobl sydd wedi cael eu heffeithio'n ofnadwy, mae gennym ni swyddog heddlu sydd wedi cael ei effeithio'n ofnadwy. Yn ffodus,...

Senedd yr Alban: Population Needs and Migration Policy (22 Chw 2018)

Willie Rennie: making the case, but he needs to make it to people such as Boris Johnson, who, during the EU referendum, made the case that 80,000 Turks would come over the border and flood the United Kingdom. Nigel Farage stood in front of the Brexit breaking point poster and said that all those immigrants would come into this country. Jackson Carlaw needs to make the case to those people and persuade...

BBC: Brexit - Question (30 Ion 2018)

Lord Ashton of Hyde: ...out of editorial decisions. This question of impartiality is largely a matter of opinion. For example, I happened to read a letter to a pro-European website, which complained that the BBC had put Nigel Farage on Question Time 31 times since the programme began.

Refugees and Human Rights (24 Ion 2018)

Gavin Newlands: ..., with more than 3,000 people estimated to have drowned in 2017 and the number for this year already exceeding 100. On the international stage, we see refugees being attacked by President Trump, Nigel Farage and other notable buffoons like them. People of all ages who are fleeing war and persecution do not deserve to be abused or shamed by us; instead, they deserve and need our help and...

2. Datganiad a Chyhoeddiad Busnes (23 Ion 2018)

Julie James: Ie, mae'r Aelod yn llygad ei le—mae'n eithriadol o bwysig. Rwyf i fy hun mewn sefyllfa braidd yn anghyfforddus gan fy mod i'n cytuno â Nigel Farage, ond dyna ni—nid yw hynny'n sefyllfa y byddwch chi'n dymuno bod ynddi yn aml. Mae Llywodraeth Cymru yn eithriadol o awyddus i adeiladu ar ein gwaith ardderchog, yn fy marn i, o ran rhoi'r wybodaeth ddiweddaraf i'r Cynulliad am ddatblygiadau...

Leaving the European Union — [Mrs Madeleine Moon in the Chair] (22 Ion 2018)

Ross Thomson: ...and testified to the fact that the EU wants a good deal, too, and is willing to make concessions to achieve it. After the referendum, a strange doom-monger alliance of ultra-remainers and Nigel Farage ran around insisting that we would have to pay a punitive “Brexit bill” of more than £50 billion—that was before anyone had included the implementation period until December 2020—yet...

Brexit: Deal or No Deal (European Union Committee Report) - Motion to Take Note (16 Ion 2018)

Baroness Ludford: ...stage in a purchase—is this what you really wanted or bargained for?—like a house purchase subject to survey. It is what Jacob Rees-Mogg once wanted —a two-stage process—and it is what Nigel Farage wants now. As Nick Clegg said, “I agree with Nigel”.

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