Canlyniadau 121–140 o 400 ar gyfer nigel farage

Oeddech chi'n golygu Nigel garage?

Business of the House: [3rd Allotted Day] ( 6 Rha 2018)

Jim McMahon: ...At a time when we needed leadership and for the Prime Minister and the Government to say, “This is what Britain can be,” there has been nothing but absolute soundbites. Who has it been left to? Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg, claiming to be the voice of the working class. How ridiculous is that? The only time you see them lot on an estate is when there are hunting...

Immigration (Time Limit on Detention): [2nd Allotted Day] ( 5 Rha 2018)

Nigel Evans: ..., and it was held. Surprise, surprise: it was not what people in the main thought was going to happen. I remember watching the result. There was no exit poll. The pound was up, shares were up, and Nigel Farage conceded defeat. Then, of course, the results started to come in. People who lived in the bubble of London could be forgiven for thinking that remain was going to win, but what...

Senedd yr Alban: European Union Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration ( 5 Rha 2018)

Michael Russell: ...voted decisively to reject the Prime Minister’s deal. It is revealing that the only votes against came from the Tories and the UK Independence Party, which is now so far to the right that even Nigel Farage has had to resign from it. Members can contribute to and move that process on by voting for the motion in my name and in the names of Mr Findlay, Mr Greer and Mr Scott. I commend that...

European Union (Withdrawal) Act: 1st Allotted Day ( 4 Rha 2018)

David Lammy: ...rapporteurs to warn us of increased racism in our country? What does it say about Britain when our politicians play on the fear of migrants, races and religions to win votes? What did it say when Nigel Farage stood in front of a Nazi-inspired poster of refugees with the caption, “Breaking point”? The founder of the Labour party, Keir Hardie, spoke of socialism’s “promise of...

2. Dadl ar y Cytundeb Ymadael â'r UE a'r Datganiad Gwleidyddol ( 4 Rha 2018)

Dawn Bowden: ...hynny ddigwydd. Ond er gwaethaf fy holl amheuon, dicter a thristwch o ran yr hyn sydd wedi ein harwain i'r sefyllfa hon, rwyf wedi ceisio parchu canlyniad y refferendwm hwn, ac er fy mod i'n cofio Nigel Farage yn dweud pe byddai'r bleidlais wedi bod 52 i 48 i'r gwrthwyneb, nid dyna fyddai diwedd pethau. Wel, rwy'n dweud wrthych chi, gymrodyr: nid dyma ddiwedd pethau. Roeddwn i wedi...

Brexit: People’s Vote - Motion to Take Note (25 Hyd 2018)

Baroness Ludford: .... We know that various Brexiters have posited just that scenario on occasions in the past: a first vote in principle and a second vote on the facts: David Davis, John Redwood, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Nigel Farage, even Jeremy Hunt in 2016 suggested a vote on the outcome. It is not just the usual suspects. The British Medical Association and, as the noble Baroness, Lady Masham, mentioned, the...

Exiting the European Union: Topical Questions (25 Hyd 2018)

Lilian Greenwood: Today we learnt that Nigel Farage could be in line for a £150,000 pay-off when we leave the EU. Our Future, Our Choice has produced a report analysing the impact of Brexit on young people, revealing that those aged 18 to 29 could lose £76,000 in earnings by 2050—or even more in a worst-case scenario. With young people hit hardest by a bad deal, will the Secretary of State agree to meet...

Religious Intolerance and Prejudice - Motion to Take Note (17 Hyd 2018)

Lord Hain: ...Peers, the noble Baroness, Lady Warsi, and the noble Lord, Lord Sheikh, have pointed out, the Tory Party remains riddled with Islamophobia, and some Tories work with UKIP figures such as Nigel Farage and Trump supporters such as Steve Bannon, who have helped create a climate of fear for Muslims. As European Parliament Member Claude Moraes wrote in the Guardian in June after about 15,000...

Good Friday Agreement: Impact of Brexit - Motion to Take Note (11 Hyd 2018)

Lord Alderdice: ...and give a platform and an opportunity to people right across the political spectrum to express their views and engage with each other, and to try to find a way forward”. They said, “What about Nigel Farage?” I said, “We’ll give him a platform too”. Indeed, the more times we gave him a platform, the more things moved towards remain in Northern Ireland. In the end, the Ulster...

1. Cwestiynau i'r Prif Weinidog: Refferendwm Arall ar yr UE ( 2 Hyd 2018)

Carwyn Jones: ...bobl unrhyw hawl i fynegi barn ar hynny? Oherwydd ni ddywedodd neb ddwy flynedd yn ôl—nid ef hyd yn oed, 'Mae Brexit "dim cytundeb" yn debygol'. Ni ddywedodd neb hynny. Dywedodd pawb—dywedodd Nigel Farage hyn, dywedodd cefnogwyr Brexit hyn—'O, y rhain fydd y trafodaethau hawddaf yn y byd, bydd gennym ni gytundeb masnach rydd ymhen dim, bydd gweithgynhyrchwyr ceir yr Almaen yn ei...

Yemen: Legislating for the Withdrawal Agreement (10 Med 2018)

Jonathan Edwards: I am listening to the right hon. Gentleman’s point about the divorce payment. Is he making the case that Nigel Farage should be deprived of his pension pot?

Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill - Second Reading (and remaining stages) ( 4 Med 2018)

Lord Adonis: March without a deal. In saying this, Mrs May is parroting the critique of the Northern Ireland backstop which, disgracefully, is now par for the course among Brexiters. When I challenged Mr Nigel Farage about this in a debate last week, he said that the concerns about Northern Ireland were, “entirely got up by Barnier”, and that, anyway, Ireland was a “tiddly” country. This...

Leaving the EU: Women’s Rights ( 4 Med 2018)

Rupa Huq: ...admonitions from farming, finance and fisheries, but females have been largely absent from that picture, whether among the voices leading up to the decision—the human face of the campaign was Nigel Farage—or the negotiating teams that we see on the news, with the exception of the PM, of course. Olly Robbins is, sadly, not Olivia Robbins, but one of the men in suits. All we saw on the...

Brexit: Preparations and Negotiations - Motion to Take Note (23 Gor 2018)

Lord McNally: ...Brigade—we do not have to go on league after league regardless of the facts, regardless of the change in circumstances and regardless of what is put before us. I knew we were in trouble when Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg debated this. Nick raised a whole range of problems about Brexit and all were dismissed, rather in the way that the Minister dismisses questions that we put to him on a...

Referendums: Parliamentary Democracy - Motion to Take Note (19 Gor 2018)

Lord Cormack: ...was so close. We have to learn these lessons. I suspect that Mr Cameron, who chose the wrong time for the referendum, when people were confusing migration and immigration—remember that dreadful Nigel Farage poster of the Syrian refugees—made a promise not thinking that he would have to deliver. I think he still felt that he would be to some degree dependent upon Liberal Democrat votes,...

Domestic Gas and Electricity (Tariff Cap) Bill: Future Relationship Between the UK and the EU (18 Gor 2018)

Peter Grant: ...that is exactly what the hard Brexit campaign have been doing since the referendum was run. In fact, we have still not had a proper debate in this place about what exactly was the reason for Nigel Farage, even before the result was declared, conceding defeat and then changing his mind when the result was announced. It is possibly the only time in history that he has deliberately talked...

Taxation (Cross-Border Trade) Bill: EU VAT area and pre-commencement requirements (16 Gor 2018)

Stephen Doughty: It is very clear, as my hon. Friend says, who those Members are working with and what their agenda is. They are working with the likes of Nigel Farage and others who would like to see us crash out, so that they can deregulate the economy and change it into a Singapore-style tax haven on the edge of Europe where they can pursue their right-wing fantasies.

Universities: Contract Cheating - Question (11 Gor 2018)

Lord Foulkes of Cumnock: My Lords, does the Minister agree that cheating in universities is nothing when compared with the cheating in the EU referendum by Nigel Farage and his cronies? In the light of the report by the Electoral Commission, should the result of that referendum now be declared invalid?

The Politics of Polling (Political Polling and Digital Media Committee Report) - Motion to Take Note ( 3 Gor 2018)

Lord Foulkes of Cumnock: ...companies and the hedge funds, show that there was a secret conspiracy between the polling companies and the hedge funds to manipulate currency levels in order to make billions of pounds, in which Nigel Farage appears to have been one of the conspirators. His recent denials on social media, if anyone has seen them, have become even more desperate, which convinced me that he was involved....

6. Dadl: Brexit a'r Diwydiant Pysgota ( 3 Gor 2018)

David Rees: Diolchaf i'r Aelod am ildio, ac rwy'n gwerthfawrogi'r hyn y mae newydd ei ddweud am safbwynt UKIP. A ydych chi felly mor hynod siomedig â minnau bod eich cyn-arweinydd, Nigel Farage, ddim ond wedi mynd i un o 42 o gyfarfodydd y pwyllgor oedd yn ymdrin â physgodfeydd?

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