Canlyniadau 101–120 o 400 ar gyfer nigel farage

Oeddech chi'n golygu Nigel garage?

4. Dadl: Mynd i'r Afael â Hiliaeth ac Anghydraddoldeb Hiliol ( 7 Mai 2019)

David Lloyd: Wn i ddim a wyf i wedi glanio mewn bydysawd amgen yn y fan yma. Oni chawsoch chi eich ethol yn aelod o blaid asgell dde ac onid ydych chi wedi cyfarfod â Nigel Farage yn ddiweddar?

Online Harms White Paper - Motion to Take Note (30 Ebr 2019)

Lord Knight of Weymouth: ...are not consumers of the mainstream, right-wing media that stir that particular pot, but they are consumers of Facebook. She describes Facebook as a “crime scene”, where the likes of Nigel Farage were able to oversee what she uncovered. Who knows how much money from who knows where was able to fund of a firehose of lies through Facebook ads. These were targeted at those who were most...

National Insurance Contributions (Termination Awards and Sporting Testimonials) Bill (30 Ebr 2019)

James Cartlidge: ...) Bill”, and think to themselves, “With all that is going on in the country—with these Union Jack and European Union flags outside, and all the talk about European elections, local elections, Nigel Farage back out on the stump and so on—is this really what we should be debating?” I would say that this Bill is important because, in its own way, it is the future of taxation in this...

Cabinet Office and the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster: European Parliament Elections: Candidate Intimidation (24 Ebr 2019)

Kerry McCarthy: ...this seriously. There will be so many of us in this House who have seen an escalation of threats and abuse in the current political climate, and there is a real fear—when we have the likes of Nigel Farage saying that the European elections are an opportunity to put the “fear of God” into politicians—that such people run the risk of stoking up that kind of intimidation and...

Exiting the European Union (Sanctions): Section 1 of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2019 ( 9 Ebr 2019)

Tim Loughton: no doubt that you will unleash a further tsunami of chaos and uncertainty from which none of us will benefit. If the EU elections go ahead, it is highly likely that the UK will elect an army of Nigel Farage “mini-mes”, who, I am afraid, will wreak havoc with the European Parliament and wreck your calculations about the balance of power within the EU. Let us be realistic: there is no...

4. Datganiad gan y Cwnsler Cyffredinol a’r Gweinidog Brexit: Y wybodaeth ddiweddaraf am drafodaethau Brexit ( 2 Ebr 2019)

David Rees: ..., i anrhydeddu ymrwymiad sy'n gweithio i Gymru mewn gwirionedd. Rwy'n cytuno â chi hefyd ynghylch yr iaith a ddefnyddir, ond fe wnaf i hefyd dynnu sylw, yn anffodus, at yr iaith a ddefnyddiwyd gan Nigel Farage pan ddywedodd ddydd Gwener diwethaf—'Dyma ni yn nhiriogaeth y gelyn'. Roedd yn cyflyru pobl yn erbyn y Senedd a seneddwyr, ac rwy'n credu bod hynny'n warthus i unrhyw wleidydd....

Brexit: The Customs Challenge (European Union Committee Report) - Motion to Take Note ( 1 Ebr 2019)

Lord Dykes: I am sorry to interrupt the noble Lord, as I agree strongly with his words, but in the context of what he was saying two sentences ago can he estimate the number of people who accompanied Nigel Farage on his long trip from Sunderland?

Commonwealth - Motion to Take Note (28 Maw 2019)

Lord Bilimoria: trade area that would account for, “more than 20% of all international trade and investment”. That would be brilliant, if it were possible. How realistic is it? Well, UKIP’s then leader Nigel Farage later described the manifesto as “drivel”, so let us move on from that. By the time the referendum came around, several prominent leavers including Boris Johnson and Daniel...

Eu: Withdrawal and Future Relationship (Motions) (27 Maw 2019)

Stephen Kinnock: ...Association/European economic area model offers just such a possibility. It respects the referendum result without wrecking the British economy. Not convinced? Well, it is worth remembering what Nigel Farage told a “Question Time” audience in 2016: “I hear people say ‘Wouldn’t it be terrible if we were like Norway and Switzerland?’ Really? They are rich, they’re happy and...

Brexit - Motion to Take Note (25 Maw 2019)

Lord Bilimoria: ...marched a few months ago. It was peaceful, with families and people of all ages taking part, from all around the country. The placards were terrific: “Even Arsenal are still in Europe”; “Less Farage, more fromage”; and, “I’m incandescent with rage—but I’m British, so I’m just holding up a sign”. In Parliament Square, we had speeches about the people’s vote. Tom...

European Union (Withdrawal) Act (25 Maw 2019)

James Cartlidge: ...and we would not need those houses. It sounds crazy, but I have got the emails to prove it, and colleagues will know it. Immigration was front and centre of the leave campaign. We remember Nigel Farage standing in front of a poster of the new Untermenschen. Mr Speaker, you know the meaning of that word—it has a very serious meaning. The poster showed a whole column of people and the...

Business of the House (Today): UK’s Withdrawal from the European Union (14 Maw 2019)

Charlie Elphicke: ...on the European Union to provide an exit from the backstop, either unilaterally or through a sunset provision. We must not have the affront of European parliamentary elections, which would see Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson elected. The hon. Member for Ilford South (Mike Gapes) would be elected as well. What we need is true democracy. We also need to see some integrity; not only should...

Uk’S Withdrawal from the EU (27 Chw 2019)

David Lammy: ...right hon. Member for Wokingham (John Redwood) has campaigned for a hard Brexit while advising investors to pull their money out of the UK. Lord Lawson of Blaby has applied for French residency, Nigel Farage has got German passports for his children, and Sir James Dyson has moved his company headquarters to Singapore. Mr Speaker, leave really did mean leave for these men. Let me say this...

EU Withdrawal - Motion to Take Note (13 Chw 2019)

Lord Wallace of Saltaire: Allow me to correct an error. Mr Juncker regularly appears before the European Parliament where in the past he has been heckled by Nigel Farage, who I am sure the noble Viscount feels is doing best to hold him to account. That is part of what the Commission has to do and the European Parliament is part of that accountability mechanism. Of course, the European Union is a 28-member country,...

Immigration and Social Security Co-Ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill (28 Ion 2019)

Anna Soubry: ...the rest of the country, people voted for a variety of reasons. It is true that immigration played an important part. I think that one of the darkest moments in this nation’s history was when Nigel Farage stood up in front of a poster that showed a long line of people who had certain features in common. First, they were mainly men. Secondly, they were fleeing war, rape and terror,...

Brexit: Parliamentary Approval of the Outcome of Negotiations with the European Union - Motion to Take Note (28 Ion 2019)

Baroness Ludford: ...allowing themselves plenty of opportunities to review and change their mind, insist on denying even one such opportunity to the voters. I say to the noble Lord, Lord Sterling, that it was in fact Nigel Farage who said that, if remain won, he would want a further referendum. Like the noble Lord, Lord Liddle, I would be interested in hearing from the Minister the latest on the manoeuvring to...

Brexit: Further Referendum - Question for Short Debate (17 Ion 2019)

Lord Adonis: ...time. The first is whether a no-deal WTO option is in fact credible, in the sense of whether it could actually be implemented. That is a significant issue, because the proposals put forward by Nigel Farage and others simply could not be implemented. They are not technically possible, and key proposals—particularly with respect to the border in Northern Ireland—would breach the Good...

Brexit: Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration - Motion to Take Note (3rd Day) (14 Ion 2019)

Lord Hamilton of Epsom: ...2022. That happens to be when we will hold the next general election. If we are still half in the EU, still trapped in a customs union, what chance does my party have of winning an election, when Nigel Farage will undoubtedly set up another party to campaign against us in marginal seats? He will guarantee our defeat.

European Union (Withdrawal) Act: [6th Allotted Day] (10 Ion 2019)

David Lammy: ...that we must not patronise them with cowardice. Let us tell them the truth. Let us tell them, “You were sold a lie. Parts of the media used your fears to sell papers and boost viewing figures. Nigel Farage and the right hon. Member for Uxbridge and South Ruislip (Boris Johnson) exploited the same prejudice to win votes. Shame on them. Immigrants have not taken your jobs; our schools and...

European Union (Withdrawal) Act: [5th Allotted Day] ( 9 Ion 2019)

Gavin Newlands: ...what the public voted for. What an utterly ridiculous assertion that is when leading leave campaign figures such as Daniel Hannan said that no one was talking about leaving the single market; when Nigel Farage repeatedly asked the public whether it would be so bad to be like Norway—I do not need to remind the House that Norway is a member of the single market; and when the former Foreign...

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