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European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill (20 Rha 2019)

Richard Drax: ...a pleasure to see them all here, particularly on our side of the House. Years ago, before I was elected in 2010, I adopted a battle cry: “We want our country back.” In fact, it was so good that Nigel Farage nicked it, as he freely admits, when he was in charge of UKIP. That was not some sort of xenophobic, Union Jack-waving, isolationist standpoint. It was because, like many of my...

5. Datganiad gan Weinidog yr Economi a Thrafnidiaeth: Tata Steel (19 Tach 2019)

Ken Skates: na ddylem ni briodoli bai, ond yna defnyddiodd y cyfraniad fel manteisiaeth wleidyddol pur. Y gwir amdani yw—[Torri ar draws.] Y gwir amdani—[Torri ar draws.] Y gwir amdani yw bod Nigel Farage wedi siarad am yr angen i dorri'n lân oddi wrth yr UE trwy Brexit, a fyddai yn ei dro yn ein dychwelyd i dariffau a rheolau Sefydliad Masnach y Byd, a fyddai yn ei dro yn dinistrio'r sector...

Senedd yr Alban: Referendums (14 Tach 2019)

...let me be absolutely candid: I support independence for Scotland. I want Scotland to escape a position where our future is imposed on us by Boris Johnson, who is now having his strings pulled by Nigel Farage. The Tory party is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party. I do not want that to be Scotland’s future; I want the people of Scotland to have the...

Questions to the Mayor of London — Brexit: Brexit ( 6 Tach 2019)

Sadiq Khan: ...and arguments raised by prominent Brexiteers, from Boris Johnson [Prime Minister] to Michael Gove [Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster] to Liam Fox [Member of Parliament for North Somerset] to Nigel Farage [Leader, Brexit Party]. None of them talked about leaving the EU without a deal. Most of them talked about us being members of the Customs Union and the single market and being able...

Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Topical Questions ( 5 Tach 2019)

Harriett Baldwin: his opening remarks. We have not had a UK ambassador in Washington for four months. Can he update the House on when he expects that appointment to be made, and can he also rule out appointing Mr Nigel Farage to such a position?

Leaving the EU: Integrated Foreign Policy (30 Hyd 2019)

Bob Seely: ...reform to DAC, the OECD committee. To colleagues who think that I am hostile to DFID, let me say that I am genuinely not, and I am genuinely not hostile to 0.7%. Some people in this House, like Nigel Farage outside it, say, “We should pretty much scrap it. It is a disgrace that we spend more on overseas aid than on policing.” Actually, that is an embarrassing figure for us. I am not...

Senedd yr Alban: European Union Exit (30 Hyd 2019)

Michael Russell: ...the uncertainty. It would merely unleash on the population fresh and ever more complex, ever more acrimonious, disputes. There would be more of Boris Johnson, more of Jacob Rees Mogg, and more of Nigel Farage. What an appalling prospect. There would be a veritable continuous Halloween of sneering antidemocratic horrors on our screens, for another year, or two, or three. The withdrawal...

Early Parliamentary General Election Bill: Early parliamentary general election (29 Hyd 2019)

Tommy Sheppard: ...of Scotland. That is why it is right and proper that the Prime Minister should put his case before the electorate. I look forward to him being challenged—not just by Opposition parties, but by Nigel Farage so that we can see whether the deal he has come up with satisfies the real hard-right Brexiteers, for whom nothing will sate their appetite. As many people have remarked, the...

Early Parliamentary General Election Bill (29 Hyd 2019)

Caroline Lucas: ...a people’s vote because they know that that is the best way—indeed, the only way—to get to the bottom of this crisis and resolve it. All that a general election will do, frankly, is put Nigel Farage and the Prime Minister back in their comfort zones, giving them a stage—political insiders dressed up as rebels, whose agenda, frankly, is chaos—so that division will thrive. I want...

European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill (22 Hyd 2019)

Steve Brine: ..., to heal this country we have to move on from this in some way. In such a fractious situation, with such a close referendum result, we have to be generous in defeat and magnanimous in victory. As Nigel Farage said—and I do not quote him often— “For a civilised democracy to work you need the losers’ consent”. Fortunately, we can now have that because we are the dealers—the...

Brexit - Motion to Take Note (19 Hyd 2019)

Baroness Armstrong of Hill Top: ...the noble Lord. I profoundly disagree with a range of things he said. He started by asking what the position would be if the referendum had gone the other way. That was made extremely clear to us. Nigel Farage said, “If this goes the wrong way, the campaign for the next stage will begin immediately and we will continue with that”. The reality is that we are in this position because the...

Queen’s Speech - Debate (3rd Day) (16 Hyd 2019)

Baroness Quin: ...that Jacob Rees-Mogg should talk about “remainiacs”, as he did this week. I am also shocked by some of the language that is being used. I was shocked, perhaps not surprisingly, by a tweet from Nigel Farage, which showed a photograph of a large number of union jacks flying outside Parliament. It said: “Share this photo to wind a Remainer up”. As a remainer, I am not wound up by the...

4. Datganiad gan Weinidog yr Economi a Thrafnidiaeth: Paratoi'r economi yng Nghymru ar gyfer Brexit heb gytundeb ( 1 Hyd 2019)

Ken Skates: Byddaf yn gryno. O ran pwy sydd ar fai am y perygl o Brexit heb gytundeb, wel, mae'n amlwg y bu Nigel Farage yn dweud ers peth amser bellach bod angen torri'n rhydd, hynny yw, Brexit heb gytundeb. Bu'n hyrwyddo'r posibilrwydd o Brexit heb gytundeb ac ni fyddwn yn cytuno bod ymadael heb gytundeb yn ganlyniad i ni'n ymladd am y cytundeb gorau. Mae'r risg o ymadael heb gytundeb yn deillio o'r...

Business of the House: Principles of Democracy and the Rights of the Electorate (26 Med 2019)

Helen Hayes: ...the impact of Brexit on our economy, security, rights, and access to medicines. Instead she spent six months saying nothing but “Brexit means Brexit”, while the right of the Tory party, and Nigel Farage, moved into the vacuum and defined Brexit as the hardest, most extreme Brexit possible. It is a principle of democracy that we all seek to win the argument—that we seek to provide...

Prime Minister's Role in Creating a Safe Environment (26 Med 2019)

Kenneth Clarke: ...before 31 October, so that he can fight it before the chance of some untoward effects after that date. Also, I fear that the strategy is to fight it on the people versus Parliament platform that Nigel Farage invented and that we are imitating. Will my hon. Friend assure me that what happened yesterday was one of those occasions when people lost control of themselves and the House, not for...

European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 2) Act 2019 (Rule of Law) ( 9 Med 2019)

Geraint Davies: ...with Donald Trump talking about the Mexicans, the wall, the Muslims and the blacks. We have seen it in Germany with the Jews. Now we have heard it here, with people talking about the Europeans. Nigel Farage’s narrative has now been taken on by the Prime Minister when he says, “Oh, they voted leave three years ago and nothing could be simpler: just leave. The reason we’re not leaving...

Senedd yr Alban: European Union Exit (No Deal) ( 5 Med 2019)

Willie Rennie: .... Quite simply, he has made a cynical calculation that he can get the votes of the Brexit Party behind the Conservatives. It seems that a no-deal Brexit is the only thing that would convince Nigel Farage. The Prime Minister is forging a pact with Nigel, and the Scottish Conservatives have bought it hook, line and sinker. Forget the economy, forget prices, forget medicine shortages and...

Deferred Divisions: Early Parliamentary General Election ( 4 Med 2019)

Clive Efford: .... Those are the facts about what we have done. It does nothing to the negotiations of the Prime Minister. That is a complete fallacy. What is happening here is that this Government are being run by Nigel Farage—that is what is going on here.

Senedd yr Alban: Programme for Government 2019-20 ( 4 Med 2019)

John Swinney: ...Commons. It is supposedly under the leadership of a Conservative Government, but it looks, in how it is conducting itself, like leadership by a Brexit Party Government, with behaviour like that of Nigel Farage. The contrast between the two Governments could not be greater, which brings me to the substance of the programme for Government. My colleague Roseanna Cunningham opened the debate...

United Kingdom’s Ambassador to the United States: Leaked Messages - Question for Short Debate (25 Gor 2019)

Lord Wallace of Saltaire: ...are in the public interest—is something that even the Daily Mail should consider on occasion. I am also worried by what Tim Shipman said in the Sunday Times: “There are lots of rumours that Farage is choreographing this”. Farage was the first to demand that Kim Darroch should go. I noted a later report stating that when President Trump sent his congratulations to our new Prime...

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