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Oeddech chi'n golygu Nigel garage?

9. Dadl ar Adroddiad y Pwyllgor Deddfwriaeth, Cyfiawnder a'r Cyfansoddiad — Fframweithiau Cyffredin (12 Gor 2023)

Mick Antoniw: ...fframwaith sylfaenol a lofnodwyd yn 2017 ar bob achlysur. Ac efallai, mewn ymateb i sylwadau terfynol Peredur, a Rhys ab Owen yn wir, ar yr UE: efallai mai'r unig beth y gallaf ei wneud yw dyfynnu Nigel Farage, a ddywedodd, 'Mae Brexit wedi methu.' Diolch.

Home Department: Topical Questions ( 3 Gor 2023)

David Davis: Last week, Nigel Farage publicised the cancellation of his bank account under the politically exposed persons regulation, but he is only the latest of a number of people to have had their lives wrecked by that regulation. Recently, Lords in the other place tried to correct the policy, but with only partial success, because, I understand, of pushback from the Home Office and the security...

Senedd yr Alban: Brexit (Impact on Scottish Businesses) (24 Mai 2023)

Marie McNair: Brexit is failing businesses and damaging our economy. Even the old Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage, has said that it has failed. Does the cabinet secretary share my concern that leaders of the new Brexit party, Keir Starmer and Anas Sarwar, do not even have the courage or vision to abandon Brexit? Given that 70 per cent of Scots think that Brexit is a disaster, they do not even need to...

Senedd yr Alban: Scottish Connections Framework (23 Mai 2023)

Christine Grahame: ...will towards Scotland, which can be—and is—translated into economic benefits. That good will extends to our European neighbours—whom, of course, we did not want to leave. Interestingly, even Nigel Farage considers that Brexit has been a failure with no economic benefits. One might add to that the damaging economic consequences.

Prime Minister: Engagements (17 Mai 2023)

Mhairi Black: ...of it. Just today, the world’s fourth largest car manufacturer said that Brexit was a “threat to our export business and the sustainability of our UK manufacturing operations”. Even Nigel Farage can admit that Brexit has failed, so why can’t the Deputy Prime Minister?

Parliamentary Democracy in the United Kingdom - Question for Short Debate (25 Ebr 2023)

Lord Balfe: ultra-left party, as exists in most European countries. The House of Commons would be much stronger if the Green Party had a representation that came somewhere near its votes. I also think that Nigel Farage clearly has a following that is worthy of representation. You cannot talk about the strength of parliamentary democracy when you deny so many people a vote and a say in the way that...

Prime Minister: Engagements ( 8 Maw 2023)

Stephen Flynn: ...morning, this Tory Government said that the number could in fact be billions. That is complete and utter nonsense. May I ask the Prime Minister: from whom are his Government taking inspiration, Nigel Farage or Enoch Powell?

Russia’s Grand Strategy (19 Ion 2023)

Mark Francois: very telling in that respect.”—[Official Report, 6 January 2022; Vol. 706, c. 229-30.] At the time, some commentators laughed at us or derided us at hawks, but in the phrase immortalised by Nigel Farage, “they’re not laughing now.” Barely a fortnight later, Russia invaded Ukraine. Interestingly, especially given that Ukraine abandoned its arsenal of ex-Soviet nuclear weapons...

Lifeboat Services: Search and Rescue — [Philip Davies in the Chair] (10 Ion 2023)

Gavin Newlands: that the coastguard and the RNLI are not put in the position of having each day to save lives in the busiest shipping lane in the world. Some of the rhetoric deployed has been deplorable, and Nigel Farage compared the work of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and of the RNLI to “a taxi service for illegal trafficking gangs”. On the back of that, the RNLI received the most donations...

Senedd yr Alban: National Health Service (22 Tach 2022)

Emma Harper: ...staff from overseas to make Scotland and the NHS their home? Does he share my disappointment that Sir Keir Starmer seems content to use anti-immigration rhetoric that is on a par with that of Nigel Farage?

Western Jet Foil and Manston Asylum Processing Centres - Statement ( 1 Tach 2022)

Lord Foulkes of Cumnock: ...we have had a lot of rhetoric and promises but very little practical action, except for gimmicks such as the flights to Rwanda that have never taken place. Everything seems to be done to appease Nigel Farage and his cohort, unfortunately, and the awful racists who surround him. To ask the Minister a specific question, he said that he could not have anticipated the huge influx of...

Backbench Business: Post-Brexit Fisheries Management — [David Mundell in the Chair] (13 Hyd 2022)

Pete Wishart: ..., the Brexiteers offered an elixir that they claimed would cure a condition; in fact, it only ended up making the patient much worse. This Brexit was, in fact, as rotten as the dead fish that Nigel Farage threw into the Thames in his attempt to mislead and enlist an industry and a sector to his particularly malign and malevolent cause, because it was all just rubbish—we know that now....

Strategy for International Development ( 6 Gor 2022)

Chris Law: ...driven departmental merger, savage budget cuts and now this aid-for-trade strategy have put that beyond doubt. He has aligned policy more closely with the manifesto commitments made by Nigel Farage when he was leader of the Brexit party and UKIP; he has dismissed cross-party consensus in this Chamber; and he has U-turned on his own party’s manifesto and the Government’s legally binding...

Senedd yr Alban: Active Travel (17 Maw 2022)

Patrick Harvie: relation to the delivery model. There are substantive issues that we all need to grapple with, particularly on the role of local leadership. Some members used the debate to unleash their inner Nigel Farage and call for cycle lanes to be ripped up or to condemn particular councils for not ripping them up or for building them in the first place. If we wanted to, the Scottish Government...

Elections Bill - Committee (2nd Day): Amendment 24A (15 Maw 2022)

Lord Rennard: ...police forces to see whether the law had been broken, but only one constituency campaign resulted in a prosecution. In the constituency of Thanet South, the Conservative Party narrowly defeated Mr Nigel Farage, then of UKIP. The noble Baroness, Lady Wheatcroft, referred to the resulting court case on our first day in Committee. Three people were charged in connection with that campaign,...

Ukraine (15 Maw 2022)

Chris Bryant: ...been frozen as assets. I do not know why Arron Banks is not on the list, either—even Isabel Oakeshott now thinks that he is an agent of influence for the Russian state. I simply point out that Nigel Farage received £548,573 from Russia Today in 2018 alone—this is from the Russian state. We should not just be freezing assets; we should be seizing them. I do not think the Government...

Senedd yr Alban: North Sea Oil and Gas (Energy Security) ( 8 Maw 2022)

Mr Mark Ruskell: ...create a safe and secure world. Does the cabinet secretary agree that the UK Tory Government needs to invest urgently in renewables and insulation instead of listening to the likes of Liam Kerr and Nigel Farage, who would rather plunge households into poverty and lock us into a future of volatile gas prices and climate breakdown?

Nationality and Borders Bill - Committee (5th Day) (Continued): Amendment 174 (10 Chw 2022)

Lord Wallace of Saltaire: ...British sovereignty are selling a fast track to citizenship to dodgy people from dodgy countries. It has distorted the London property market to an extraordinary degree. The Minister will remember Nigel Farage complaining that London commuters hear more Polish and Romanian on their trains home than English. He did not remark that there are parts of Belgravia and Hampstead where you now...

Business of the House ( 2 Rha 2021)

Jacob Rees-Mogg: GB News is marvellous. I went on it with Mr Farage. The programme was called “Have a pint with Nigel” or something, and I took along my own cider, which we both enjoyed. I would encourage people to watch GB News, and to go on it. I think that the hon. Member for Na h-Eileanan an Iar (Angus Brendan MacNeil) would be a star performer, and I hope he will take people from GB News up to his...

Migrants - Motion to Take Note (25 Tach 2021)

Baroness Hoey: ...want to speak, and I am genuinely looking forward to listening to what more they think could be done. For too long, the mainstream media, with a few exceptions, have tried to ignore the issue. When Nigel Farage first took this up, about 18 months ago, and filmed what was happening at Dover, he was roundly condemned, but he pointed out then that a disaster was waiting to happen. If more had...

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